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At the Feet of The Mother

The Kundalini Shakti, pp. 528-529

Opening Remarks
It is the Divine Mother’s power that is hidden in the base of the spine as the Kundalini Shakti. The effects of its awakening are described.

Joining the head and base
In the flower of the head, in the flower of Matter’s base,
In each divine stronghold and Nature-knot
It held together the mystic stream which joins
The viewless summits with the unseen depths,
The string of forts that make the frail defence
Safeguarding us against the enormous world,
Our lines of self-expression in its Vast.

Awakened, the Kundalini Shakti as it is known in Indian yoga, can join our material with the Spirit which is the crown. As it moves upwards she awakens all the centres of consciousness and brings corresponding results. These centres are like knots that guard the individual from the cosmic consciousness. The Kundalini is the mystic stream that joins our depths below matter dipping into the subconscient with the viewless summits climbing towards the Superconscient. Each knot of consciousness is like a fort that guards us against the invasion of the vast cosmic consciousness and its forces that seek to express through the individual. These knots begin to open with the awakening of the Kundalini.

Image of the original Power
An image sat of the original Power
Wearing the mighty Mother’s form and face.

The mighty Mother took the form of Kundalini Shakti, an image of the original Divine Power assuming the form and face of the mighty Mother.

Flame-eyed mass of living force
Armed, bearer of the weapon and the sign
Whose occult might no magic can imitate,
Manifold yet one she sat, a guardian force:
A saviour gesture stretched her lifted arm,
And symbol of some native cosmic strength,
A sacred beast lay prone below her feet,
A silent flame-eyed mass of living force.

She sat silent, armed with the weapon and the sign. No occult power or magic can imitate her magic or might. One yet manifold she sat a guardian force with her arm lifted in a saviour gesture. As a symbol of some native cosmic strength a sacred beast lay below her feet as a silent flame-eyed mass of living force.

High celestial change
All underwent a high celestial change:
Breaking the black Inconscient’s blind mute wall,
Effacing the circles of the Ignorance,
Powers and divinities burst flaming forth;
Each part of the being trembling with delight
Lay overwhelmed with tides of happiness
And saw her hand in every circumstance
And felt her touch in every limb and cell.

All in her underwent a change as a result of the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti as it forced its way breaking the Inconscient’s blind wall effacing the fence of Ignorance. Divine powers and their Godheads began to emerge as each part trembled with delight overwhelmed with waves of happiness. It saw the Divine Mother’s hand in every circumstance and felt her touch in every limb and cell.

A glad uplift
In the country of the lotus of the head
Which thinking mind has made its busy space,
In the castle of the lotus twixt the brows
Whence it shoots the arrows of its sight and will,
In the passage of the lotus of the throat
Where speech must rise and the expressing mind
And the heart’s impulse run towards word and act,
A glad uplift and a new working came.

In the domain of the thinking mind whose centre is in the lotus of the head, in the castle of the lotus between the eyebrows where will and vision meet, in the lotus of the throat where speech rises to express the mind and the heart impulse expresses through word and act, a glad uplift and new mode of working came.

Closing remarks
This is the psycho-spiritual transformation that Savitri undergoes as a result of finding her soul and the awakening of the Divine Shakti opening her subtle centres.

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