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At the Feet of The Mother

The Ladder of Possibilities, pp. 176-177

Opening Remarks
Life is in perpetual motion. There is within it the Witness Spirit whose power drives and pushes it towards greater and greater heights. The kingdom of little life is but a step that evolves further into the kingdom of Greater Life.

Vaster hopes
This realm inspires us with our vaster hopes;
Its forces have made landings on our globe,
Its signs have traced their pattern in our lives:
It lends a sovereign movement to our fate,
Its errant waves motive our life’s high surge.

The Kingdom of Greater Life presses for expression upon earth. Its beings and forces have taken up human bodies to push the evolutionary urge towards greater heights. They inspires us with vaster hope, move us to labour for greater ends, bring in an impulse towards sovereignty and greatness that can challenge the guardians of fate.

All that we seek for
All that we seek for is prefigured there
And all we have not known nor ever sought
Which yet one day must be born in human hearts
That the Timeless may fulfil itself in things.

All our heart’s longings, those which humanity has felt and those which yet it must feel are there in these higher worlds that press upon earth for realisation. They are the source of our eternal longings and all the beautiful, high and noble things for which we aspire here.

Ladder of dream
Incarnate in the mystery of the days,
Eternal in an unclosed Infinite,
A mounting endless possibility
Climbs high upon a topless ladder of dream
For ever in the Being’s conscious trance.

These worlds are spread out within the One and hold within their kingdoms the possibilities of the future. They are not destroyed with the destruction of physical life and hence return back again and again to fulfil their forces and energies and powers.

Unseen end
All on that ladder mounts to an unseen end.

Thus do we climb step by step towards the Unseen through this ladder of Being wherein the One Divine expresses Himself in countless ways at each plane of consciousness.

Perpetual transience
An Energy of perpetual transience makes
The journey from which no return is sure,
The pilgrimage of Nature to the Unknown.

Nature is constantly churning us and moving us up the ladder towards the threshold door crossing which there can be no more fall but a constant progression. It is as if the entire creation is on a pilgrimage to meet the Godhead from which all has emerged.

Ascent to the lost Source
As if in her ascent to her lost source
She hoped to unroll all that could ever be,
Her high procession moves from stage to stage,
A progress leap from sight to greater sight,
A process march from form to ampler form,
A caravan of the inexhaustible
Formations of a boundless Thought and Force.

Through this ladder Nature climbs from peak to peak. With each ascension she discovers and unravels something new. With each ascension and new stage of progress its vision and understanding too progresses and new forms of thoughts and ideas emerge as she ceaselessly journeys upwards and marches ahead.

Closing Remarks
It is due to this ladder that evolution is possible. Each stage of ascension is fixed and inevitable in the very logic of creation and each step of the great unfolding is marked out.

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