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At the Feet of The Mother

The Last Step, pp. 549-550 & Closing Remarks for the Canto Six

Opening Remarks
Savitri stands at the doors of the Unknowable awaiting the last step to annul herself completely or to be new made if such be the will.

Shadow of herself
This shadow of herself so close to nought
Could be again self’s point d’appui to live,
Return out of the Inconceivable
And be what some mysterious vast might choose.

This shadow of herself as if without substance or reality was on the verge of complete annulment in the great Nihil. Or this shadow could be a point of support to return out of the Inconceivable and be whatever the secret Will chooses in her.

As the Unknowable decreed
Even as the Unknowable decreed,
She might be nought or new-become the All,
Or if the omnipotent Nihil took a shape
Emerge as someone and redeem the world.

As per the decree of the Unknowable she might either merge in Nothingness vanishing without a trace or else be remade to manifest and represent the Omnipotent Wisdom to redeem the world.

Mystic cipher
Even, she might learn what the mystic cipher held,
This seeming exit or closed end of all
Could be a blind tenebrous passage screened from sight,
Her state the eclipsing shell of a darkened sun
On its secret way to the Ineffable.

Or perhaps she could discover what is held within the mystic Nihil that seems to be the last exit door for the soul trapped in the ignorance of earth nature. Perhaps it is a door to a tremendous passage screened from sight by the tremendous Light. Her state now seemed like that of a darkened sun that is on its way to collapse in the Ineffable.

Deep identity
Even now her splendid being might flame back
Out of the silence and the nullity,
A gleaming portion of the All-Wonderful,
A power of some all-affirming Absolute,
A shining mirror of the eternal Truth
To show to the One-in-all its manifest face,
To the souls of men their deep identity.

Even from this last verge her splendid being might flame back out of the silence and the annulment. She could be a gleaming portion of the All-wonderful, a power of the self-affirming Absolute, shining warrior of the eternal Truth so that she could become the transparent mirror and show to the souls of men the manifest face of the One-in-all and the deep identity with God.

White eternity
Or she might wake into God’s quietude
Beyond the cosmic day and cosmic night
And rest appeased in his white eternity.

Or else she might wake in the utter Hush and Quietude of God where there is no stir, no space and time, no cosmos, no day and night and rest forever content in God’s white eternity.

Mystic fathomless blank
But this was now unreal or remote
Or covered in the mystic fathomless blank.

But all these possibilities seemed now unreal or remote covered as it were in the mystic fathomless blank.

Infinite Nothingness
In infinite Nothingness was the ultimate sign
Or else the Real was the Unknowable.

It seemed an infinite Nothingness or else the Real was forever the Unknowable.

A lonely Absolute
A lonely Absolute negated all:
It effaced the ignorant world from its solitude
And drowned the soul in its everlasting peace.

A lonely Absolute negated all effacing the entire ignorant world from its solitude and drowned the individual soul in its everlasting peace.

Closing Remarks
Savitri stands at the doors of the Unknowable awaiting for the last and final step.


Closing Remarks for the Canto Six
Savitri has now completed the second great step of Her Yoga. After realising her soul and the opening of all her centres of celestial force to the universal consciousness, her consciousness climbs to the Transcendent and stands at the last door of exit or whatever may be the Will of the Transcendent Absolute and the Unknowable.

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