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At the Feet of The Mother

The Last Transformation, pp. 318-319

Opening Remarks
This supreme sacrifice is followed by the final supramental transformation that takes us into the utter Unity, purity and Infinity of the Divine.

One last step
A last and mightiest transformation came.
A last and mighty transformation now comes upon Aswapati as a result of this supreme heroic act. He has already experienced the psychic and spiritual transformations. Now with the supramental transformation, his soul would completely emerge fully and freely even in the most outward surface nature.

Empire of the immanent Divine
His soul was all in front like a great sea
Flooding the mind and body with its waves;
His being, spread to embrace the universe,
United the within and the without
To make of life a cosmic harmony,
An empire of the immanent Divine.

All nature now turned into a conscious instrument of the Soul within. His mind and body were flooded by divine waves arising from his soul-depths. His entire being grew into vastness embracing the universe. The within and outside were one single movement, one single harmonious Truth. His life was turned into an empire of the immanent Divine. It is with this supramental transformation that we become whole and complete and integrated and one.

Tremendous universality
In this tremendous universality
Not only his soul-nature and mind-sense
Included every soul and mind in his,
But even the life of flesh and nerve was changed
And grew one flesh and nerve with all that lives;
He felt the joy of others as his joy,
He bore the grief of others as his grief;
His universal sympathy upbore,
Immense like ocean, the creation’s load
As earth upbears all beings’ sacrifice,
Thrilled with the hidden Transcendent’s joy and peace.

Indeed his being had now grown one with every being ending the illusion of separateness. The life and thoughts and feelings of others were felt within as his. The joys and griefs of others were his own. His vast universal sympathy bore a load of creation as the immense ocean and the wide earth bears all creatures load and their sacrifice. All his being was thrilled with the hidden Transcendent’s joy and peace. Evidently, the supramental transformation follows the cosmic consciousness. It is only when we have become, in our consciousness as vast as creation itself that a free play of the supreme divine can take place within us.

The utter Unity of God
There was no more division’s endless scroll;
One grew the Spirit’s secret unity,
All Nature felt again the single bliss.

The division had ended and all grew into a single Unity, a single movement of the Spirit. All Nature felt the single bliss of the Divine. It is the experience of One Sacchidananda in this lower triplicity of nature itself, in all its activities and levels.

No barrier or cleavage
There was no cleavage between soul and soul,
There was no barrier between world and God.

There was no more any separation between soul and soul. The world and God became true and one.

Closing Remarks
All of Aswapati’s being is now completely under the Divine Influence. His nature stands transformed and fulfilled even as his soul.

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