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At the Feet of The Mother

The Law of Karma (TH 139)

When one has no jigyasa (seeking), then true knowledge does not come; one has only bookish knowledge. For example, without jigyasa, one knows superficially what is samarpan, but does he truly understands it? Sri Aurobindo says that the kind of Mother’s Samarpan to Him had never manifested in the history of mankind. We should read Mother and Sri Aurobindo with jigyasa, love, humility, and samarpan. This opens a door leading to knowledge, wideness, infinity, and Ananda.

Why is there grief and suffering on earth? Is it Karma or Divine Grace (Pragya) or both? Is law of Karma a crude mechanism of sin and virtue or is it a means for progress and evolution? Does one suffer due to ignorance? Should one accept a particular situation or try to change it? Speaker answers these questions in detail.

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