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At the Feet of The Mother

The Lighthouse in the Night, p. 358. Closing Remarks for the Canto


Opening Remarks
We have now a final glimpse of the Divine child who is missioned to save earth and man.

Silent Warrior
A scout of victory in a vigil tower,
Her aspiration called high destiny down;
A silent warrior paced in her city of strength
Inviolate, guarding Truth’s diamond throne.

She has come down a warrior against darkness and death that reigns the world. Her soul is like a scout who keeps a vigil from the high towers over earth’s destiny. Her will and aspiration are ever engaged in bringing high destiny down for man. She is a silent warrior pacing in her solitary strength that she has embodied. Pure and inviolate she guards Truth’s highest seat.

Nectarous haloed moon
A nectarous haloed moon her passionate heart
Loved all and spoke no word and made no sign,
But kept her bosom’s rapturous secrecy
A blissful ardent moved and voiceless world.

Her passionate heart was as a nectarous full moon brimming with love for all creatures which needed no word or sign to be felt. It was kept in her bosom as a rapturous secrecy as a blissful and ardent voiceless world apart that moved.

Stream in Paradise
Proud, swift and joyful ran the wave of life
Within her like a stream in Paradise.

Life within her ran like a mighty, swift and happy stream as in Paradise.

Many high gods
Many high gods dwelt in one beautiful home;
Yet was her nature’s orb a perfect whole,
Harmonious like a chant with many tones,
Immense and various like a universe.

Many high aspects and powers of the Divine inhabited her beautiful being with perfect harmony like a chant with many tones in the vastness of her being rich with variety as the universe.

Heaven’s transparent light
The body that held this greatness seemed almost
An image made of heaven’s transparent light.

Her body which contained all this greatness was an image made of heaven’s transparent light.

Strange and starry head
Its charm recalled things seen in vision’s hours,
A golden bridge spanning a faery flood,
A moon-touched palm-tree single by a lake
Companion of the wide and glimmering peace,
A murmur as of leaves in Paradise
Moving when feet of the Immortals pass,
A fiery halo over sleeping hills,
A strange and starry head alone in Night.

Her body seemed to carry the charm of gods and goddesses seen in vision. It was a golden bridge spanning the two oceans of the inconscient darkness and the superconscient light. Solitary as a moonlit single palm-tree by the side of a lake. Companion of the wide peace, soft and gentle was her walk as the murmur of leaves in Paradise when the feet of the Immortals pass. She seemed as fiery halo over sleeping hills (a fire lit on the crests of inert earth), a stranger to the fields of earth, a head shining as a solitary star alone in Night.

Closing Remarks
Savitri, the embodied Divine Mother is here to save. She is human and yet stands alone and apart as a star watching over earth’s destiny.


Closing Remarks for the Canto
This Canto reveals to us the secret of Divine Birth upon earth in a human body. Though it is like any other birth as far as the outer processes are concerned, there is a difference from the inner point of view. The Avatars body is prepared from the same material nature and yet it is prepared in a way as to help in the fulfillment of the mission. It is a conscious Birth, the conscious descent of Divine upon earth. Earth and material Nature prepare themselves to receive Her. They sense the coming of divinity before man does and respond with joy. The gods too watch from above the mystery of the Divine intervening directly in the human play.


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