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At the Feet of The Mother

The Limits of Life, pp.195-196

Opening remarks
Vast and powerful though this domain of greater life is, it falls short of the ultimate Truth. It still moves in the encircling sphere of cosmic Ignorance. Its cry is unable to pierce through the veil that holds us back from God and Light and Truth.

The gap
Here is the gap, here stops or sinks life’s force;
This deficit paupers the magician’s skill:
This want makes all the rest seem thin and bare.

Here is the limit drawn by Nature for her domain. Lacking the ultimate Force, the Divine Force and the Divine Consciousness, it’s action is hampered and not free of error. It is this deficit that makes all its achievements collapse and seem vain and meaningless.

A half-sight draws the horizon of her acts:
Her depths remember what she came to do,
But the mind has forgotten or the heart mistakes:
In Nature’s endless lines is lost the God.

Though there is in life the seed of divinity. She has emerged from the Divine as a wave upon infinite seas and she remembers her origin and her depths are aware of her deep purpose. But she is unable to see how to reach out towards that. Her sight is limited and her heart is prone to error under the spell of ignorance. Yet in the frenzy of her search she creates endlessly but ends up vainly as if all her creations only end up losing the One she came to find and manifest.

To create her Creator
In knowledge to sum up omniscience,
In action to erect the Omnipotent,
To create her Creator here was her heart’s conceit,
To invade the cosmic scene with utter God.

The task undertaken by life, her spontaneous urge is to recreate her Divine Home here upon Earth, in the conditions and with the material provided by earth. She longs for Omniscience and Omnipotence and thereby create a humanity that is one with God. It is a daunting and challenging task.

The marriage of calm and bliss
Toiling to transform the still far Absolute
Into an all-fulfilling epiphany,
Into an utterance of the Ineffable,
he would bring the glory here of the Absolute’s force,
Change poise into creation’s rhythmic swing,
Marry with a sky of calm a sea of bliss.

Life labours here to transform all things into an all-fulfilling epiphany of God. She seeks to give voice to the Ineffable and establish God’s Glory here. We know God’s calm but there must also be God’s Bliss in each and every movement and motion of life.

Reconcile the Eternal and the Abyss
A fire to call eternity into Time,
Make body’s joy as vivid as the soul’s,
Earth she would lift to neighbourhood with heaven,
Labours life to equate with the Supreme
And reconcile the Eternal and the Abyss.

The will in life strives towards bridging the gap between heaven and earth. She aspires to transform this body into a tabernacle of God and a befitting temple of the Lord. She aspires to lift earth as a peer and mate of heaven. Extending between the Eternal and the Abyss she hopes to become a means to bring down the rains of heaven into the dark and dry abyss so that it too can blossom with the divine bounty and reflect God.

The single voice
Her pragmatism of the transcendent Truth
Fills silence with the voices of the gods,
But in the cry the single Voice is lost.

What she manages is to break the One into many aspects and fill the world with their voices. Yet the One cannot be created by combining the many. Therefore the One voice of the Divine, the single note of Truth is missing.

Nature’s vision
For Nature’s vision climbs beyond her acts.

There are greater realms that extend beyond her creations. Nature can see them from afar but has not yet the power to build them here.

Closing Remarks
This is the great and tremendous irony of life, her failure as well as her spur, to create life in the perfect image of God.

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