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At the Feet of The Mother

The Links in Space and Time, p. 267

Opening Remarks
These form makers lay down the links that tie down the freedom of the formless infinite. Thus their intervention creates the laws of cause and effect and the magic of patterns and numbers.

Figure and quality
Invincibly their craft devised for use
The magic of sequent number and sign’s spell,
Design’s miraculous potency was caught
Laden with beauty and significance
And by the determining mandate of their gaze
Figure and quality equating joined
In an inextricable identity.

These crafty form-makers fix the patterns of shape through the magic of numbers and signs. It is this world that some great mathematicians get in contact with thereby decoding the sign language of these cosmic form makers. Designs with beauty and symbolic significance are built and by their vision they join figure and quality thereby determining the final form of things.

Curves of law
On each event they stamped its curves of law
And its trust and charge of burdened circumstance;
A free and divine incident no more
At each moment willed or adventure of the soul,
It lengthened a fate-bound mysterious chain,
A line foreseen of an immutable plan,
One step more in Necessity’s long march.

The events and scenes of life are also stage-managed by these spectacular formateurs. Once fixed the circumstances lose the fluidity and freedom that walks with every turn of fate. The soul is then bound by it until it grows into its fullness whose power can then disrupt the fixed sequence and change destiny. Until then it remains bound to the mysterious chain of fate determined by these stage-makers and event-managers that weave the scenes of destiny. Thus all is woven inextricably with fixed links in a long chain through which the soul is pushed to move slowly in its forward march.

Huge Time-loop
A term was set for every eager Power
Restraining its will to monopolise the world,
A groove of bronze prescribed for force and act
And shown to each moment its appointed place
Forewilled inalterably in the spiral
Huge Time-loop fugitive from eternity.

It is these form-makers that fixe the time and term for the play of different powers that must enter and leave the scene in the great cosmic epic of creation. Thus a balance is kept between the different powers and their actions and each is kept in its proper place in a pre-determined manner. These loops of time through which these powers must move emerge from eternity and having done their bit sink down to let other time-loops arise like waves upon the cosmic ocean.

Closing Remarks
Sri Aurobindo reveals to us about the play of higher forces that fix the grooves of destiny for the individual and the collective march of mankind.

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