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At the Feet of The Mother

The Loss of Balance

I don’t know why there is now a special inclination for dying in some sadhikas here.

The resolving to die is nothing new. Several sadhikas did it from time to time and started not eating for the purpose.

Work is usually considered a field where human beings forget their miseries and sufferings. Don’t you think people get the impulse of dying because their minds are not sufficiently preoccupied with work?

Those who get this are doing plenty of work. It is not the attempt at sadhana that makes them like that, but a want of vital balance which the adverse forces use. Even if they were doing no sadhana it would be the same.

About ‘loss of balance’ and the adverse forces using it in some sadhikas here: Will you kindly elaborate your statement?

Loss of balance produces disorder in the consciousness and the adverse forces use that loss of balance for attacking and wholly upsetting the system and doing their work. That is why people become hysterical or mad or filled with the desire to die or go away.

What I actually wanted to know was: How does a loss of balance in the consciousness come about? I suppose it happens only in the women.

More easily in the women than in the men but in some of the latter also. What produces the loss of balance is an inability to control the vital movements by the reason and an instability of the vital itself so that it sways from one feeling to another, one impulse to another without harmony or order.

What produces the loss of mental balance?

The loss of mental balance is due to…exaggerated ego, exaggerated sex, acceptance of a hostile force etc.

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