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At the Feet of The Mother

The Lost World-Rapture, pp. 118-119

Opening Remarks
What has been described so far is of course not the whole picture. Life, in its origin, is Divine and is born from the Bliss that built the worlds for housing God’s joy.

Eternal home
Yet pure and bright from the Timeless was her birth,
A lost world-rapture lingers in her eyes,
Her moods are faces of the Infinite:
Beauty and happiness are her native right,
And endless Bliss is her eternal home.

Yet there is hope. Behind all this restlessness, behind all these highs and lows in its endless seeking for joy there is subtle and profound mystery. It is this that Life was born from the higher hemisphere. It is as aspect of the Divine and has leaned down upon earth from its native Home of Beauty and Bliss. Like all powers of the Divine, it has strayed into this ambiguous field and has to struggle against the dark Inconscience and face the constant opposition of Death, yet it refuses to give up since deep within it carries the memory of eternity and infinity.

Antique face of joy
This now revealed its antique face of joy,
A sudden disclosure to the heart of grief
Tempting it to endure and long and hope.

It is this heavenly origin and divine birth that is now being revealed to Aswapati. It is because of this that life refuses to give up and endures and hopes despite the struggle and even failures and fall.

Image of a happier state
Even in changing worlds bereft of peace,
In an air racked with sorrow and with fear
And while his feet trod on a soil unsafe,
He saw the image of a happier state.

Aswapati now witnesses that even in darkness and danger and sorrow and fear this joy stands behind seeking for happiness while all the time carrying it within.

Kingdoms of a griefless life
In an architecture of hieratic Space
Circling and mounting towards creation’s tops,
At a blue height which never was too high
For warm communion between body and soul,
As far as heaven, as near as thought and hope,
Glimmered the kingdom of a griefless life.

Indeed there are heavens of Life-worlds that touch human hearts even as they reach very high and far towards creation’s peaks. It is these high realms that Aswapati witnesses now.

An archipelago of laughter and fire
Above him in a new celestial vault
Other than the heavens beheld by mortal eyes,
As on a fretted ceiling of the gods,
An archipelago of laughter and fire,
Swam stars apart in a rippled sea of sky.

Aswapati now beholds these high worlds of life where laughter and luminous force are natural. As bright and fiery stars these worlds swam high in etheric Space.

Spheres of strange felicity
Towered spirals, magic rings of vivid hue
And gleaming spheres of strange felicity
Floated through distance like a symbol world.

To his inner vision these worlds appeared as magical and beautiful exuding a strange ethereal joy.

Blissful for ever
On the trouble and the toil they could not share,
On the unhappiness they could not aid,
Impervious to life’s suffering, struggle, grief,
Untarnished by its anger, gloom and hate,
Unmoved, untouched, looked down great visioned planes
Blissful for ever in their timeless right.

These worlds are high above, far beyond human suffering and grief. Untouched by suffering and gloom and anger and hate and all the littleness and distortion that life experiences here, these worlds remain absorbed in bliss uncaring about all else.

Absorbed in their own beauty
Absorbed in their own beauty and content,
Of their immortal gladness they live sure.

They remain plunged in their beauty and delight, secure about their state.

Musings from eternity
Apart in their self-glory plunged, remote
Burning they swam in a vague lucent haze,
An everlasting refuge of dream-light,
A nebula of the splendours of the gods
Made from the musings of eternity.

Far above our suffering earth these worlds exist bathed in their splendor and power and glory drawing their breath from the broodings of eternity.

Closing Remarks
Thus we see here an early and summary description or rather an overview from afar of these Life-Heavens full of rapture and glory and power of the high gods.

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