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At the Feet of The Mother

The Mantra, p. 375

Opening Remarks
What follows is a wonderful description of the mantra since what Aswapati has just spoken inspired by the celestial voice is in itself a mantra releasing its secret power to fulfil what is being said.

Seed of all the things
This word was seed of all the thing to be:
A hand from some Greatness opened her heart’s locked doors
And showed the work for which her strength was born.

A word or phrase uttered in a moment of inspiration acts like a mantra. It becomes a seed that stirs within and create ripples and effects in the direction intended by the originating force. The word just spoken by Aswapati became as a mantra to open the doors of Savitri’s heart and showed her the work for which she has come.

The power of the mantra
As when the mantra sinks in Yoga’s ear,
Its message enters stirring the blind brain
And keeps in the dim ignorant cells its sound;
The hearer understands a form of words
And, musing on the index thought it holds,
He strives to read it with the labouring mind,
But finds bright hints, not the embodied truth:
Then, falling silent in himself to know
He meets the deeper listening of his soul:
The Word repeats itself in rhythmic strains:
Thought, vision, feeling, sense, the body’s self
Are seized unutterably and he endures
An ecstasy and an immortal change;
He feels a Wideness and becomes a Power,
All knowledge rushes on him like a sea:
Transmuted by the white spiritual ray
He walks in naked heavens of joy and calm,
Sees the God-face and hears transcendent speech:
An equal greatness in her life was sown.

When one repeats the mantra in a state steadfast in yoga, its message may not be fully understood by the mind. The brain tries to hold on to it and the sound stirs the cells. A body of words and sounds is dimply felt as the mind muses upon the thought. Bright hints of meanings emerge but not the full truth. Then a time comes when the mind falls silent. It is this moment that the soul seizes upon the rhythm of the mantra and it is from there that it’s occult secret power spreads on to the sense, feelings, mind, vision and even the body. Our being experiences an ecstasy and undergoes an immortal change within. A wideness and power grows within and he becomes the vessel and vehicle of a tremendous power. The doors of knowledge open and it pours down upon him in radiant streams. Thus transmuted by the streams of light released by the mantra, the inner heavens of calm and joy open their doors and one can easily enter these deeper and higher states and worlds. One sees the face of God everywhere and hears His voice inspiring his tongue. Such a greatness was sown in Savitri by the words of his father.

Closing Remarks
These beautiful lines reveal to us all about the power of the mantra in a single long passage.

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