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At the Feet of The Mother

The Many Gods and the One, p. 300

Opening Remarks
The many gods are aspects of the One. As creation descends towards lower and lower levels each of these gods seems to assume a separate personality. But in the Divine Consciousness they are all harmoniously united in the One. They are the many aspects of the One Divine who is infinite in His Existence, consciousness and Bliss.

Sun-eyed Guardians
Above him he saw the flaming Hierarchies,
The wings that fold around created Space,
The sun-eyed Guardians and the golden Sphinx
And the tiered planes and the immutable Lords.

Above the Overmind or rather at the very gates of the Supermind there are these Powers that are the guardians of the Truth. There one can glimpse the golden Sphinx that guards the gates of eternity. There one can see the flaming powers of the immutable Lords who govern the different aspects of creation.

Wisdom waiting on Omniscience
A wisdom waiting on Omniscience
Sat voiceless in a vast passivity;
It judged not, measured not, nor strove to know,
But listened for the veiled all-seeing Thought
And the burden of a calm transcendent Voice.

There one finds the Wisdom that draws its powers from the Omniscient and sits voicelessly in a state of vast passivity to receive what is transmitted from Above. This Wisdom neither judges nor measures nor strives to know. She simply sees and listens to the all-seeing Thought and the calm Transcendent Voice of the Supreme.

All that can be known
He had reached the top of all that can be known:
His sight surpassed creation’s head and base;
Ablaze the triple heavens revealed their suns,
The obscure Abyss exposed its monstrous rule.

This is as far as the greatest seer, yogi or tapaswi can reach. It is the apex of all knowledge. There Aswapati could glance all creation in a single look as one watching all things from a vantage height. The triple heavens of the three higher worlds revealed their glory and the obscure abyss too shown its monstrous energies. This blaze of the triple heavens are the highest points of Earth, Mid-worlds (vital) and the Mind worlds.

Ultimate Mystery
All but the ultimate Mystery was his field,
Almost the Unknowable disclosed its rim.

All was known except the Ultimate Mystery. He could glimpse the rim of the Unknowable here.

Self’s infinities
His self’s infinities began to emerge,
The hidden universes cried to him;
Eternities called to eternities
Sending their speechless message still remote.

Each part in us, though limited and labouring here, has its origin in some aspect or power of the Divine. It is for this absoluteness that it yearns. Here Aswapati begins to experience the emergence of these infinities. He was drawn towards the eternal worlds of Truth and started receiving messages from these hidden domains.

A million energies
Arisen from the marvel of the depths
And burning from the superconscious heights
And sweeping in great horizontal gyres
A million energies joined and were the One.

He witnessed there the dance of a million energies that rose from the depths and swept from the heights and moved in wide circles around the One.

Flowed towards one sea
All flowed immeasurably to one sea:
All living forms became its atom homes.

All the countless forces of creation moved towards the One living centre and core of all things. Each form was Its dwelling place.

Panergy that harmonised
A Panergy that harmonised all life
Held now existence in its vast control;
A portion of that majesty he was made.

The One held all the cosmic forces and energies and powers in a harmonious and vast embrace as countless aspects of the One though He Himself was not constituted by them. Aswapati joined this wonderful dance and became a part of that majesty.

The unoblivious Ray
At will he lived in the unoblivious Ray.

He began to dwell in the Light that cannot be obscured. It is a state of total and complete awareness.

Closing Remarks
Aswapati has arrived at the station of consciousness where all creation is rushing towards the One who is also the Infinite holding all the cosmic powers harmoniously within Him. These are the great gods who are seen at the apex of creation.

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