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At the Feet of The Mother

The Mighty Work, pp. 335-336

Opening remarks
The Divine Mother asks Aswapati to continue with the mighty task, the timeless toil that he has chosen but for the moment to ask no more.

Helping the world
Leave the all-seeing Power to hew its way:
In thy single vast achievement reign apart
Helping the world with thy great lonely days.

The Divine Mother bids Aswapati to leave it to the evolutionary Power to emerge through man in its own way in due course of time. Meanwhile he can reign over the earth’s evolutionary journey as he travelled far into the future and way ahead of the rest. He can help the world even as none will be there near him to help the mighty task he has undertaken.

Not to merge the heart of flame
I ask thee not to merge thy heart of flame
In the Immobile’s wide uncaring bliss,
Turned from the fruitless motion of the years,
Deserting the fierce labour of the worlds,
Aloof from beings, lost in the Alone.

The Voice of the Divine Mother asks him not to merge himself into the lonely extinction of nirvana and the bliss of Brahman turning away from the long and difficult labour of the worlds.

Thy mighty spirit
How shall thy mighty spirit brook repose
While Death is still unconquered on the earth
And Time a field of suffering and pain?

His mighty spirit filled with compassion cannot rest while suffering and pain continue to haunt the fields of Time and death remains unconquered.

Godlike toil
Thy soul was born to share the laden Force;
Obey thy nature and fulfil thy fate:
Accept the difficulty and godlike toil,
For the slow-paced omniscient purpose live.

She reminds him that his soul was born to share the difficulty akin to the labour of the gods. He is fated to help mankind and his nature demands it too. Accepting this he must live for the slow-paced workings of the Omniscient Wisdom hidden in the heart of creation.

Closing Remarks
This is a prelude about man and his destiny being revealed by the Divine Mother to Aswapati.

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