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At the Feet of The Mother

The Mind of Infinity, pp. 326-327

Opening Remarks
The Mind had discovered its heights from where it fell. It became the Truth-Mind.

Playground of miracles
The Spirit’s white neutrality became
A playground of miracles, a rendezvous
For the secret powers of a mystic Timelessness:
It made of Space a marvel house of God,
It poured through Time its works of ageless might,
Unveiled seen as a luring rapturous face
The wonder and beauty of its Love and Force.

The Spirit’s neautrality became a background for the conscious play where secret powers of the Timeless met in a Space that was the marvel house of God. It poured through Time its rapture and beauty and love and force without any veils. Life there is a perpetual miracle, a meeting ground of powers of the One.

The eternal Goddess
The eternal Goddess moved in her cosmic house
Sporting with God as a Mother with her child:
To him the universe was her bosom of love,
His toys were the immortal verities.

It is here that one beholds the Divine Mother in Her radiant Splendour as the Supramental Mahashakti. She sports there with the Ishwara and holds the universe close to Her bosom of love and offers him immortal verities as toys for play.

Its divine place
All here self-lost had there its divine place.

All that struggles here and is lost in the maze and haze of ignorance has its divine truth in that realm.

The sovereign truth of all
The Powers that here betray our hearts and err,
Were there sovereign in truth, perfect in joy,
Masters in a creation without flaw,
Possessors of their own infinitude.

The Powers that have strayed here from their straight course and distort the Divine Will here were found there in their sovereign truth and perfect joy. They were masters in a flawless creation having shed off their limitations and possessing their infinitude.

Splendid sun
There Mind, a splendid sun of vision’s rays,
Shaped substance by the glory of its thoughts
And moved amidst the grandeur of its dreams.

The mind that has fallen blind here under the spell of ignorance reclaimed there its splendid vision in the supramental light. The mind also reclaimed its power shaping substance by the glory of thoughts . It moved amidst the grandeur of its dreams drawn from the Truth – Consciousness.

Wonder dream-notes
Imagination’s great ensorcelling rod
Summoned the unknown and gave to it a home,
Outspread luxuriantly in golden air
Truth’s iris-coloured wings of fantasy,
Or sang to the intuitive heart of joy
Wonder’s dream-notes that bring the Real close.

What we call as imagination here is a power of truth-formation there. It creates things drawn from the Unknowable and gives it a form and shape in the supramental world. It set into motion rhythms of joy in wonder dream-notes.

Ideas the crowd the Infinite
Its power that makes the unknowable near and true,
In the temple of the ideal shrined the One:
It peopled thought and mind and happy sense
Filled with bright aspects of the might of God
And living persons of the one Supreme,
The speech that voices the ineffable,
The ray revealing unseen Presences,
The virgin forms through which the Formless shines,
The Word that ushers divine experience
And the Ideas that crowd the Infinite.

The Supramental world brings the unknowable near and gives it a body of truth. It builds the shrine of the One, and fills the thoughts and mind and happy sense with the light and might of God and translates the Supreme into forms of living persons. These are the first forms uncorrupted and pure, before plunging into the ignorance. The speech voiced the ineffable and the rays revealed unseen Presences shining through forms. The Word ushered divine experience and Ideas crowded around the Infinite as thousand possibilities in a simultaneity of vision. Each form there was a shrine of Truth from where idea and speech and action emerged.

Closing Remarks
It is a perfect description of the Supramental world where the finite meets the infinite and relative and partial and limited discovers its truth and divine origin.

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