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At the Feet of The Mother

The Missing Piece, p. 196

Opening Remarks
The sense of dissatisfaction that haunts all life can be solved only if we discover the missing piece of the human puzzle. It is the Divine. Without discovering this central piece, life will continue to swing between joy and sorrow, temporary satisfactions followed by dissatisfactions.

All she can
A life of gods in heaven she sees above,
A demigod emerging from an ape
Is all she can in our mortal element.

All that life here can envisage is the splendours of heavens above and a slow and struggling evolution of man from the ape and the spiritual being out of man. She cannot conceive of any other possibility in our frail and mortal bodies.

The peaks of greater life
Here the half-god, the half-titan are her peak:
This greater life wavers twixt earth and sky.

Life here, upon earth, is caught midway between the undeveloped titan and the god. What we have here are not the original types of these beings as we find in their native worlds but some touch or influence or even an incarnation that is unable to express itself fully in a body built by physical matter. Drawn by the gods above while rooted to the earth below, this life is caught between two seemingly contradictory pulls, one towards the heavens high and another towards the earth.

A poignant paradox
A poignant paradox pursues her dreams:
Her hooded energy moves an ignorant world
To look for a joy her own strong clasp puts off:
In her embrace it cannot turn to its source.

The paradox is the inability of matter and the ego-self to hold and fulfil her dreams. Its very embrace limits and thereby imprisons our being. This limitation created by the littleness of the ego-self only makes us loose the joy that comes through a widening and expansion into the limitless. Either the ego can try to possess the joy of life and thereby loose it by limiting it. Or else it must release itself from the prison of ignorance and turn towards the very Source of all things in the wideness above.

Astray its significance
Immense her power, endless her act’s vast drive,
Astray is its significance and lost.

Though life labours with tremendous energy and power at its disposal, although she drives into far domains, yet she moves and drifts as if aimlessly. Despite the vast labour she misses the mark, the goal, not knowing what it is and how and where is it to be found.

Soil of yearning
Although she carries in her secret breast
The law and journeying curve of all things born
Her knowledge partial seems, her purpose small;
On a soil of yearning tread her sumptuous hours.

Without this central purpose, her knowledge seems incomplete. Although she knows the law and course of things here within her breast, yet it seems that all that she is given are a moments of yearning than finding and the consequent fulfilment.

A leaden Nescience
A leaden Nescience weighs the wings of Thought,
Her power oppresses the being with its garbs,
Her actions prison its immortal gaze.

The iron grip of Inconscience holds back her flight. Her powers weave a dense and thick robe around the soul that oppresses and prevents her free expansion. Her actions only strengthen the bars that imprison her sight.

A Wisdom lacks
A sense of limit haunts her masteries
And nowhere is assured content or peace:
For all the depth and beauty of her work
A wisdom lacks that sets the spirit free.

Great though her works are; haunted by limits she is unable to find peace and the wisdom that can set her soul free into the limitless Beyond.

Closing Remarks
This is the irony and the tragedy of life that having so much yet she is condemned to have nothing. A term and limit are set for all her creative potential and the central piece of her great and tremendous puzzle is missing.

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