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At the Feet of The Mother

The Missing Piece, pp. 187-188

Opening Remarks
Though the larger vital worlds are endowed with much more power and possibilities than we can imagine upon earth, yet there is something crucial missing there. Though large in scope, powerful in action, yet it lacks oneness and hence it is still a world of ignorance.

The ultimate oneness
And yet the ultimate oneness was not there.

The ultimate oneness is the oneness of the Spirit that dwells in all things.

An inner wall
There was a separateness of soul from soul:
An inner wall of silence could be built,
An armour of conscious might protect and shield;
The being could be closed in and solitary;
One could remain apart in self, alone.

The free and spontaneous interchanges of the vital world do not amount to oneness. A wall of separateness could be created by an act of consciousness, a surrounding aura of power and energies could envelope and protect. The beings could cut themselves off from other beings and stay apart in themselves, alone.

Identity was not yet
Identity was not yet nor union’s peace.

There was a free mixing and mingling, exchange of materials but not the identity and union of two forms and types of consciousness to become one which alone can create harmony and peace.

All was imperfect still
All was imperfect still, half-known, half-done:
The miracle of Inconscience overpassed,
The miracle of the Superconscient still,
Unknown, self-wrapped, unfelt, unknowable,
Looked down on them, origin of all they were.

Because the spiritual oneness is not yet there, it is not possible to build a perfect society or communal living based on vital association and interchange of emotions through sympathy and understanding. All these things may be good as half-way homes for the ascending soul of man but not the final solution. These means may reduce the strong grip if Inconscience upon our lives yet it is not enough to make individual and collective life perfect. That can only come about through a still further ascension, beyond cosmic vital and cosmic mind into the Superconscient that is the Source and origin of all things.

Name and form
As forms they came of the formless Infinite,
As names lived of a nameless Eternity.

The beings of this world, though large and powerful, still wore a limiting form and assumed a limiting name defining their qualities and sphere of action. They had emerged out of the formless Infinite and were aspects of the Eternal in whom alone their differences could be reconciled and harmonised.

Unfinished sum
The beginning and the end were there occult;
A middle term worked unexplained, abrupt:
They were words that spoke to a vast wordless Truth,
They were figures crowding an unfinished sum.

These beings knew not their own beginning or end though they filled the mid world. They knew not what new possibilities still could manifest out of the Unmanifest. The ultimate Truth escaped them still in some wordless vast.

None knew
None truly knew himself or knew the world
Or the Reality living there enshrined:
Only they knew what Mind could take and build
Out of the secret Supermind’s huge store.

None knew the true nature of things or their own deeper truth as to how they came into existence. Their knowledge was a delegate or borrowed light and power of the secret supermind and not some original self-born force.

A riddling answer
A darkness under them, a bright Void above,
Uncertain they lived in a great climbing Space;
By mysteries they explained a Mystery,
A riddling answer met the riddle of things.

Ether of ambiguous life
As he moved in this ether of ambiguous life,
Himself was soon a riddle to himself;
As symbols he saw all and sought their sense.

Moving through this world, Aswapati begins to share their riddling nature even as he sees them as symbols and tries to discover their inner sense behind the symbolic realities they represent.

Closing Remarks
Though powerful and vast these beings are not the ultimate Truth and should not be thus mistaken. Though they are above our humanity and much more powerful than us, yet they remain fixed to their station and their type without the possibility of further evolution.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.