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At the Feet of The Mother

The Moment Comes Close, p. 563

Opening Remarks
The moment of the prophecy of death draws close upon Satyavan and Savitri experiences with a foreboding vigilance keeping a watch over Satyavan.

The anguish of love
Love in her bosom hurt with the jagged edges
Of anguish moaned at every step with pain
Crying, “Now, now perhaps his voice will cease
For ever.” Even by some vague touch oppressed
Sometimes her eyes looked round as if their orbs
Might see the dim and dreadful god’s approach.

Savitri experiences anguish in her bosom as if it is being hurt by some jagged edges of a weapon giving her sharp pain. She was half in anticipation of the moment when Satyavan may suddenly cease to speak forever struck by death. Watching over anxiously she would feel a vague presence of the dim and dreadful god of Death and look out for him.

Satyavan had paused
But Satyavan had paused. He meant to finish
His labour here that happy, linked, uncaring
They two might wander free in the green deep
Primaeval mystery of the forest’s heart.

Satyavan paused for a moment. He thought of finishing his work so that after that the two of them can wander freely into the green forest and discover its mysteries.

The tree of destiny
A tree that raised its tranquil head to heaven
Luxuriating in verdure, summoning
The breeze with amorous wideness of its boughs,
He chose and with his steel assailed the arm
Brown, rough and strong hidden in its emerald dress.

A tall tree climbs to the skies as if enjoying the expanse of the blue sky. It seemed as if it was summoning the breeze to embrace its widespread boughs. Satyavan chose to axe this strong brown tree full of abundant leaves.

Wordless she watched
Wordless but near she watched, no turn to lose
Of the bright face and body which she loved.

Savitri spoke nothing but kept a watch so as not to lose sight of the bright face and body of Satyavan whom she loved so deeply, so completely, so passionately.

Her life was in seconds
Her life was now in seconds, not in hours,
And every moment she economized
Like a pale merchant leaned above his store,
The miser of his poor remaining gold.

Time was running fast for Savitri, in seconds rather than in hours. She was trying to conserve each moment like a pale merchant guarding his wealth as a miser saving his last remaining gold.

Closing Remarks
Savitri is alert and vigilant armed and ready for the moment of destiny.

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