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At the Feet of The Mother

The Mother Arrives (1/5)

But thou hast come and all will surely change:
I shall feel the World-Mother in thy golden limbs
And hear her wisdom in thy sacred voice.
The child of the Void shall be reborn in God,
My Matter shall evade the Inconscient’s trance.
My body like my spirit shall be free.
It shall escape from Death and Ignorance.

This is the feeling that stirred the heart and mind and soul of Satayavan, even as he beheld Savitri, the Divine Mother come to him in her carven car. He is suddenly filled with hope and trust and knows that her coming itself is a sign and an assurance that all will be accomplished and fulfilled for which he has waited and aspired for long.

Indeed it gives us the inner significance of the Mother’s coming and her meeting with Sri Aurobindo, first on the 29th March 1914 and then permanent return on the 24th April 1920 after a sojourn of few years away from her Lord due to the first World War. The return of these days in cycle of Time is also an occasion to reflect on its inner and deeper significance, to resolve that we live in the truth of this coming, to rededicate ourselves and to give ourselves unreservedly to Her and Her Work. This too is beautifully epitomized in these lines of Savitri uttered by Satyavan once he has experienced the full significance of Savitri’s coming into his life:

 Lay all on her; she is the cause of all.

 The coming of the Divine Mother to meet the Lord and Master of the Supramental Yoga, her eventual final return are events of such magnitude that the centuries will toil to express and fulfill their full significance. For Sri Aurobindo, it meant a removal of certain obstacles on the Path and the possibility of a collective realization as he noted in one of his letters as to how with the Mother’s  coming not only certain obstacles sitting on his path were removed but there opened up a distinct possibility of a collective realization. He notes this in one of his letters:

It is not clear what your Guru meant by my sitting on the path; that could have been true of the period between 1915 and 1920 when I was writing the Arya, but the sadhana and the work were waiting for the Mother’s coming….

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