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At the Feet of The Mother

The Mother Arrives (1/7) A Hundred Years Ago

On the centenary of the Mother’s final arrival on the 24th April 1920

The Mother has arrived. She has come under very unusual circumstances as if there is something to learn and reflect. She is trying reveal to us something that we have not yet learnt since Her arrival a hundred years back.

She arrived a hundred years back with death and destruction and war trailing behind Her even as Her gaze and her Feet were turned towards Earth’s luminous future. The First World War and the Spanish Flu pandemic were the play of adverse forces to stop Her. Her coming meant a victory over the adverse forces for it is their task to stop the Divine Work and the Divine Manifestation. The eye of man knew it not but the cosmic forces knew it very well that Her second and final coming meant the beginning a New Age, an Age of Truth and Harmony, an Age of Divine Love governing the world which would mean the eventual annihilation of all these hostile and adverse forces. The work of these forces that obstruct the Divine Manifestation is only to show us the weak spots so that the realization can become more and more perfect.

But man learns his lessons poorly. Hence their reign is prolonged. But the Mother’s coming means that we shall, at least a few shall change track and enter the fast evolutionary curve. Once that happens then these few grow into few more and yet few more until there are enough people who choose the fast forward evolution for the earth and evolution to reach the tipping point. The fast forward evolution means an evolution no more in the shadows of ignorance and death but carried forward by the Divine Love towards the sun of Truth that is our true domicile and ultimate destiny. We have wandered here from the empire of the Sun and slowly grown acquainted with our new place called earth. It is our work-place where we build with the Divine Help and Grace the kingdom of Light and Truth that we carry within us.

The Mother is the physical embodiment of that Grace and Truth. Her coming meant an unveiling of this new agenda or rather the original agenda in new terms. That is why when speaking of the significance of 24th April, the day of Her final arrival in 1920, She revealed that it is a ‘the tangible sign of the sure Victory over the adverse forces.’ Indeed the coming together of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother meant the beginning of a new phase of earthly evolution. As beautifully revealed in Savitri:

 In a new act of the drama of the world
The united Two began a greater age.
[Savitri: 411]

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