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At the Feet of The Mother

The Mother Arrives (6/7) The task She has undertaken

On the centenary of the Mother’s final arrival on the 24th April 1920

Her final coming and choosing India as Her permanent Home is a sign that the sun of India’s destiny is bound to rise. On the one hand it means the coming together of the finest flowers of the western thought and mystic experience and the noblest type of the Eastern thought and spiritual experience. At a deeper level it means the coming together of the Iswara and His Shakti on the most material plane. Here these two who are one are divided by the mind into Purusha and Prakriti, soul and Nature, Spiritual life and material life, god and World. But in truth they are two sides or aspects of One Reality complementing each other.

This world is a manifestation of the Divine. Without the Divine it has no independent existence. On the other hand without the world the Divine is deprived of the very means of manifestation. Both are needed for the fullness of creation. But how is the material world going to manifest what It does not even know. Therefore the Divine Shakti that had gone forth into creation took the plunge into matter, assumed a physical earthly body so as to awaken matter to the conscious experience of the Divine. That is what she has descended here for. That is why She has come in our midst, chosen to live like one of us so that touched by Her Force, something of the matter constituting our body and not only our soul and mind and heart be uplifted and experience and express the delight and peace and light and power of the Divine. All other things are secondary to this one supreme goal. There are important, even indispensable steps and stages but this is the consummation. It is for this that She has come but the question remains, – the question that She asked humanity at the dawn of the New Year in 1963 and again in 1964:

1963: Let us prepare for the Hour of God.

1964: Are you ready?

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