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At the Feet of The Mother

The Mother Arrives, p. 334

Opening Remarks
Aswapati has arrived at that high point or rather the highest point in his journey where he is to have the Divine Mother’s Darshan in Her Supreme status, a rarest of rare Grace. He has come here to seek the boon for earth and men.

The sacred stir
Then suddenly there rose a sacred stir.

A sacred stir in the atmosphere announces Her arrival for whom he has waited and come thus far.

The touch of delight
Amid the lifeless silence of the Void
In a solitude and an immensity
A sound came quivering like a loved footfall
Heard in the listening spaces of the soul;
A touch perturbed his fibres with delight.

As She arrives filling the silent void and the immense solitude in which his being was plunged, Aswapati experiences the footsteps long sought and loved with all his being. The soul heard Her steps and a touch perturbed his fibres with delight. The delight of the Divine Mother is not easy to bear for mortal nerves.

A boundless heart
An Influence had approached the mortal range,
A boundless Heart was near his longing heart,
A mystic Form enveloped his earthly shape.

Her Influence had approached him and a boundless Heart of Love was felt near his heart. A mystic form, the form of the Divine Mother, enveloped his earthly shape. So we see how at first a sacred stir is felt, then the touch of Her Bliss begins to pervade the atmosphere, then an Influence, a heart of boundless Love and finally the mystic Form comes near.

Her contact
All at her contact broke from silence’ seal;
Spirit and body thrilled identified,
Linked in the grasp of an unspoken joy;
Mind, members, life were merged in ecstasy.

All broke into a tremendous thrill at Her contact. The Spirit and body came together in an unspoken joy. Mind and all his other parts were merged in ecstasy. Her Presence is felt as a sudden Bliss pervading all the parts of our being.

Intoxicated with nectar of delight
Intoxicated as with nectarous rain
His nature’s passioning stretches flowed to her,
Flashing with lightnings, mad with luminous wine.

Intoxicated with the nectarous rain that followed Her coming, his nature and all his passions stretched and flowed to Her in flashes of lightning. He was drunk with the luminous wine of Ananda, the Somarasa, nectar of the gods.

Limitless heaving sea
All was a limitless sea that heaved to the moon.

All limits were gone as he had entered the realm of the limitless and all in him heaved towards Her as the sea towards the moon.

Divinising stream
A divinising stream possessed his veins,
His body’s cells awoke to spirit sense,
Each nerve became a burning thread of joy:
Tissue and flesh partook beatitude.

A divinising stream filled his veins. His body’s cells awoke to the Light and Ecstasy of the Spirit. His senses woke up to a new seeing and perceiving at Her touch. Each nerve burnt in joy. Tissue and flesh too shared this beatitude and delight.

Unplumbed subconscient caves
Alight, the dun unplumbed subconscient caves
Thrilled with the prescience of her longed-for tread
And filled with flickering crests and praying tongues.

Even the subconscient depths were thrilled with the prescience of her longed-for tread to redeem their darkness. They were filled with fiery points that were in a state of prayer.

Body answered to her power
Even lost in slumber, mute, inanimate
His very body answered to her power.

Even his very body, mute and inert, lost in slumber answered to Her power.

Closing Remarks
All thrilled with her contact and longed for touch.

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