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At the Feet of The Mother

The Mother: You don’t need to have a strong will, just use mine

This saying of the Mother is based on the fact that it is always the Mother’s Force that acts in all things. However it is veiled and works from behind, often distorted as it passes through the different layers just as sunlight is diminished and deflected as it passes through the atmosphere and is even lost as if in a deep underground hole where only some warmth may be felt but not the light. Yet it is the Source of all life upon earth. If the sunlight were to be cut off or grows cold then life upon earth will vanish soon.

In a similar way, there is in reality only One Force, – the Mother’s Force but it works through the lower Nature of the Jiva, hidden and covered by the ego and desire-self. Besides by entertaining forces of darkness, and falsehood it is further covered as if we had entered into a dark hole of depression and despair. The Mother’s Force does reach there too but then it takes time and it is not quite the same as when the sunlight dances through a clear and tranquil sky.

Opening to the Mother’s Force means therefore to turn towards Her just as the earth turning towards the sun means day break and turning away means night. So too by turning towards the Mother by thinking of Her, meditating upon Her, calling Her Name, looking at Her photograph, reading Her books, turning to Her for Help, for Love, for Wisdom, for Security and Strength are all various means of turning to the Mother.

Our will too is only a delegate power like our mental knowledge, vital force are all delegate powers working in the lower nature. They have great limitations and are often distorted. But by offering them to her, by praying to Her to supplement our individual will by Her, by doing what we believe to be the best but with the attitude that Let Her Will be done and bring whatever is needed for our progress, we can open to Her.

On the other side by refusing to yield to depression and despair, by remaining quiet and not throwing up excitement and storms of passion or clouding our mind with doubts we open to Her and allow Her Force to work unhindered within us.

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