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At the Feet of The Mother

Sweet Mother: Luminous Notes


Introductory Notes

My deep gratitude to our beloved Mother.

But what is our gratitude? What is our self-giving to Her? These are but imperfect mumblings, stressed for a moment and then swept away the next; full of an ardour and an aspiration that rise only to be dissolved immediately by the foamy waves of our desires and sensations. What are our efforts before the Grandeur that we perceive, the wonder of all that She has done for us, of all that She has attempted for us, of all that She has prepared and arranged for us! I can neither describe nor comprehend.

She who always wanted and continues to will the best for us all, She who chose to see only the good or the divine in us, in spite of our enormous defects, She who saw only what awaited us in the future, what we would be capable of, the Truth that is concealed within us, it is to Her that I call — She who is all for us. What have we done for Her? She who loved to gather us around Her, She who has passed through ordeals more dolorous than we can ever imagine, faced innumerable dangers in order to protect us, sacrificing Herself in order to make us conscious of ourselves; She who in one glance could know everything, She who is limitless, — what can we tell of Her?

Her look that pours forth endless compassion, Her touch vibrant with far-off symphonies, Her fragrance from which emanate all fragrances — it is not strange that we can never describe or unveil Her, that all our efforts are but obscure gropings.

However, somewhere deep in our being, where we faintly perceive Her vibration, when Her Presence becomes more living to us, we feel a profound gratitude which surges up in moments of solitude. And our being asks more and more of Her Love, yearns more and more to serve Her, aspires more and more to become one with Her. Only if all this could constantly find expression in our acts and words, would we truly be worthy of Her.

Many a time we had the occasion to see Her and to speak with Her. Whether it was for a minute standing before Her in silence or for hours together, She could touch the deepest part of our being and open it to Eternity.

She consented to stoop down to our level in order to lift us up. She wanted only to spread Love in this torn and divided world. She attempted constantly to change us. If She ever found a speck of love in our enormous ego, happily would She envelop us with Her Love, tirelessly.

Yes, it was only this that She wanted, and She gave us everything, both materially and spiritually, so that we could say in all simplicity, MA(मा), and accept Her in our hearts. For this She worked day and night, unceasingly, without rest, with the hope and vision which She wanted to express. It was this that She was preparing — souls strong enough to conquer all, capable of everything, ready to launch themselves into the great Adventure, unbelievable though it seems.

Perhaps we are not intrepid enough, not devoted enough; perhaps somewhere we lack the true faith, perhaps we did not give ourselves totally to be carried in this great current that She alone can direct.

Maybe we did not understand Her well. Unknowingly perhaps, in our zeal to progress, we made Her false promises, promises which slowly petered out in our daily obsessions, without our knowledge. Maybe we insisted on our will, forgetting Hers in the process. If She now gives me a chance, wouldn’t I do everything for Her!

She has given to every one of us the chances of his life and in spite of ourselves, She has poured down on us Her Love, She has protected us against all evil and mishaps. She always encouraged us, pushed us forward and blessed us by Her Grace. And as for me, I received, out of her gracious bounty, everything in abundance.

Anyway, among Her children, each one of us represents a type. I had the occasion to approach Mother for diverse reasons: either for some work or for some inner help or as a captain and always as Her child. I listened to things sublime, I lived in ecstatic moments, felt some peerless happiness and perceived in her eyes a gaze that stretched more and more towards Infinity.

Unforgettable, yes; and it is still so vivid…

I used to tell Her everything, even the most ordinary things…. I have roused Her dissatisfaction at times and She has appeared sometimes a little severe, more often intimate, or teasing, yet full of love, but always encouraging in Her effort to make me conscious.

She always gave us means to surpass ourselves more and more. She saw the great possibilities in all of us — or we may say that She saw the Divine in all. She revealed Herself — the One Unique — to each one in his own way and according to his receptivity and filled his being with Her marvellous delight. It was a smile… a bliss… a Divine Ananda that penetrated and pervaded the being.

What I have seen,
What received, and recall,
has no end…
My store is replete
with endless bliss…
How often would I lean
to gather Her kiss;
how often would fall
at Her feet.

This collection is an attempt to express a little of all that She has done for us.



These conversations were held in French. They were noted down from memory, except for the ones on pp.3-6, p.26 and p.28 which were recorded on tape. Occasionally, the Mother spoke in English. These words are indicated between asterisks: *…..* .






Every month since 1967 I used to take to the Mother a calendar with paintings of flowers and She would write a prayer on it. This talk was held in the month of February, 1972.

The Mother looks at the previous prayer, and asks me to read it.

Is it January?

Yes, Mother — it is January.

Read what is written here.

“In this year of Sri Aurobindo’s centenary, let us strive to be worthy of Him…”

And then?

“…by following His teaching faithfully in order to prepare the advent of the superman. Happy New Year.”

What flower is this? (pointing to the painted flower)



A [another disciple]: This is ‘Superhumanity’? The name of this flower is ‘Superhumanity’?

Which flower is it?

This flower — it is the white dahlia.

Dahlia! Yes, yes.

(The Mother writes the prayer for the month of February and below it She writes “OM”)


With the help of OM one can realise the Divine. OM has a transforming power. OM represents the Divine.

A: Yes, it represents the Divine. It represents the Divine. OM, but OM is the sound?

The sound — *They say that all the aspirations of the world when going towards the Divine make O…..M, like that.* (The Mother chants the word)

Yes, Mother.

*And then, that is why they say “OM”.*

A: Mother, please say it once again. Please say it again.


A: OM, it is fine, Mother, it was very beautiful.

(Mother laughs)

A: Mother, once more, please.

O…..M. … *It is like this everywhere.* O…..M. O…..M.

A: Yes, Mother.

*Look here, I was in France some, I think, sixty years ago. There was a Frenchman who came back from the Himalayas, who had stayed there some time, and he gave a lecture, and I listened to the lecture, and in the lecture he said that when he was deep in the Himalayas, there was a Sannyasin, whom he didn’t know, [who] came to see him and told him only this “O…..M” and that he was completely changed. And then, when he said “O…..M”, I felt the same change in me,… as if the Divine was coming in. O…..M.*

Voilà. Good, good. Keep the secret.

You will recall this: O…..M. O…..M. That’s all.

O…..M. It must be manifested. If anything goes wrong, repeat OM, all will go well.

* * *

(About OM, the Mother once wrote to a child,
“…the Signature of the Lord”.)


The Mother’s Signature


Do you know what this means? (Mother points to Her signature)

No, Mother.

No? Wait. I’ll show you. (Mother draws a bird above the signature) Do you see it?

Yes, Mother.

This is a graphic representation of the signature. It means: *The Bird of Peace Descending upon Earth. It has its wings tilted towards the earth.* It is coming down to the earth. You see the angle of its wings and how it is descending towards the earth? It is to bring Peace. It is the messenger of Peace. *The Bird of Peace Descending upon Earth.* You see?

Yes, Mother, but…

Now I will explain to you how this bird corresponds to the signature. (Mother shows the sketch of the bird) Look, first, this is the tail of the bird. Here are the two tips of the tail, and I extend it as the wing which is seen like a curved line. You have seen the tails of birds, they are like this.

Yes, Mother.

So, with these two tips of the tail and one wing, it is one part of the bird. And this is the other wing. They are large wings. And these are the eyes which are represented here by these two points. And here is the head.


Sketch done by the Mother explaining Her Signature


One sees the bird appearing from far, that is why one sees only the eyes that shine and not all the details of the figure. It has very large wings and it is inclined like this to one side, that is why its body is hidden. One does not see its body, it is hidden behind its large wings. And from far one sees only its two eyes and the beak and all that. Because it is only the eyes that shine — the eyes reflect the soul. They are important, the eyes. So it is like this: the tail joins with one wing and this is the other wing, and these two points are the eyes. (Mother points out all these on the sketch)

Now, do you see it?

Yes, Mother, it is true.

Did you know this?

No, Mother, and it is interesting.

This is the symbolic representation of the Bird of Peace Descending upon Earth. Instead of drawing the whole bird each time, I have made a symbolic drawing which represents this bird. You can see clearly this is the bird in flight which is descending towards the earth. It is still far, but one day it will alight upon the earth. Then, there will be Peace. This, then, is the significance of my signature.

It comes from another world to bring Peace down here. Do you understand?

But, Mother, it has nothing to do with… “Mira”… Your name?

No, absolutely nothing. Nothing to do with all that. It is only people who give stupid interpretations. It is because they imagine this way and attach a significance in conformity with their imagination. It has nothing to do with my name.

But, Mother, I have seen on Your photos, some old photos, where You have signed “Mira” with this signature in the beginning.

Nonsense, it has nothing to do with it. “Mira”, (Mother writes) it is like this and has nothing to do with my signature. These are only baseless imaginations. (Mother draws) The signature is this. It is *the Bird of Peace Descending upon Earth*. And not all these stories. Do you understand?

Yes, Mother.


The Mother’s Photographs


“I am in the photographs”


Mother, what is there in Your photo?

What do you mean?

What does it represent? What is there in Your photos?

Don’t you know what is there? (Mother smiles) It is I who am there. I am myself there in the photo.

But in what form are You there?

In all the forms I am there. It depends on the photograph. It depends on many things, for in each photo I am different. To each individual to whom I give it, it is a different aspect of myself. At each moment I am represented by a different form, a different attitude, and to each one and for each one it is a different thing. It is never the same.

To someone it is the aspect of Kindness, to another, it is another aspect of Calm, of perfect Serenity, of Mercy, of Compassion, of cosmic Truth, of eternal, infinite Consciousness, or else the aspect of Power, of Humility and of divine Sweetness and so on, which is represented in the same photograph.

It varies with each individual, each instant and each attitude, it is something new. It is constantly changing. I am never the same. It depends on the indications and many things. In each photo I am different and to each one I reveal myself in a distinctly different way which is right for him.

Usually in a photo it is one of my infinite states of Consciousness and varied moods of expression caught eternally in a moment — the Universal Mother in Her infinite forms. It is for you to find out which of my aspects predominates in each photo — what strikes you when you see the photo.

You must feel and find it. In each photo it is a different aspect of myself which is revealed. It is an entity that is present. It is not a picture on a piece of paper, but a living Presence, a vibrant Force and an Entity or an Emanation which is projected and which has a power of action and formidable means of execution.

Anyway, it is a part of myself, materialised, concrete, which reveals itself in such a way that the Force can act through the photo itself, because there my Presence is living and a portion of myself is manifested in the photo.

It also depends on the person to whom I give the photo, on what he needs, at what moment, for what reason and why; all this plays a very important part. That is why it is never the same personality or the same aspect which reveals itself. But it depends on many things, according to his state of consciousness, his temperament. In fact, it varies constantly. For you it may be one thing, while for another it may be completely different, although being the same photo. That is how it is. But why do you want to know this?

Because, Mother, the other day when I brought the photos I sent for A’s son, I wanted to know what exactly is there in Your photos.

My child, me, I am there in the photos. Exactly what you see here now: the whole, like this, I am there in the photos. What I am, it is there in the photos. Only, in each photo a different aspect of myself reveals itself. All the same it is I who am there.

It is said, Mother, that it is Your emanations which are in the photos and…

Yes, that is true, it is my emanations that are there.

Not You in Your entirety?

I am present, in my emanations, I am there, like this, the whole… But why do you want to talk about or discuss this subject?… It is not a subject of conversation.

But, Mother, I want to know.

We will see…. Yes, I am present as you see me, in my totality. I am in the photos. Isn’t that enough?

Yes, Mother.

… It is time.

Au revoir, Douce Mère.



‘Adoration and Obeisance’


‘Adoration and Obeisance’


What is it?

Mother, it is Your photo.

Ah! My photo? Do you want me to sign it?

Yes, Mother. But, Mother, why are You doing pranam in the photo? Why and to whom?

Don’t you see that I am greeting the Truth? This is the necessary posture. It is the attitude of adoration and humility. I wait patiently for the day when Truth will be the sole guide. And it is so important, this attitude. If the earth wants the Divine Truth to be established, in its entirety, this is the attitude it must take. This is the only thing which can save the earth.

To remain in this attitude and aspire upwards. The earth must learn to salute the Truth with this attitude. This is adoration as well as obeisance. This is what it must learn; it represents much more, something profound and sublime.

Mother, please write this explanation, here.

No, all this I cannot.

Then, please write just ‘Adoration et Obéissance.’

This, I can. …

(Mother writes below the photo:)

Adoration et obéissance

This is all right. Now you know what it means.

Yes, Mother.



‘The Gaze of the Divine Consciousness’


My child, I did not call you yesterday as I would be seeing you today. You understand?

Yes, Mother.

I am seeing you now, that is why I did not call you.

It is all right, Mother.

Give me your notebook.

Today it is this, Mother, the prayers. (I give the calendar with the prayers to the Mother)

Oh… (Mother reads the first prayer for January) And this, what is it? (Mother points to the painting of a flower) Ah, I know, it is the ‘Promise of Realisation’.

Yes, Mother.

It is good. Hmm.

(Mother concentrates and then writes)

Have I signed the last one?

Yes, Mother. And You have forgotten to put the date.

Shall I put the date also?

Yes, Mother.

Is that all?

Yes, Mother. Mother, these are the photos that you had sent me.

But I have already sent the photos. You did not receive them?

Yes, Mother, these are the ones that You had sent me.

Ah, it is all right.

Mother, You forgot to sign them.


‘The Gaze of the Divine Consciousness’


[Widen my consciousness and purify it so that it
may reflect the Divine Consciousness without
deforming it.]


Hmm. (Mother concentrates on a photo) Tell me, what did you feel when you looked at this photo? When you received these photos you looked at them, didn’t you?

Yes, Mother.

What did you feel? It did not evoke something in you? Like this, when you concentrated on this photo, what was the impression you had? Did you not feel anything?

Yes, Mother, in this photo it seems to me that You are looking deep within me, there, in the psychic. It is a look that penetrates…. But, …it is not a tangible experience.

No, but each time I look at this photo, it gives me a marvellous and concrete feeling. Naturally, I know what it means, but still, each time that I look at this photo, I feel first of all that this is not an ordinary look: it is not I who am looking but it is the gaze in identification with the Divine Consciousness. It is the gaze of the Divine Consciousness which penetrates deep inside, there, in the psychic, and from there it radiates in the whole body, like this, everywhere. It is a gaze that penetrates; when one looks one feels that it touches the psychic and from there radiates in the whole body. It is so living a gaze. Me too, when I look, I feel as if seized by the Divine Consciousness which goes directly into the psychic. Everyone who has even a slightly developed consciousness can feel it. It is an extraordinary gaze, full of power because it is the gaze of the Divine Consciousness. Me, I know what it is, but when I concentrate on the photo, this look penetrates the psychic. It touches the psychic, and you know, the psychic is a portion of Him, and from there it radiates all around. This force which penetrates spreads like this in the body. And those who have a developed consciousness can feel this very easily because it is a direct gaze which penetrates into the psychic being. You understand?

Yes, Mother.

Now, don’t tell me that you also, you felt a similar thing, cunning boy.

But, Mother, I had already told You what I felt. I only said that it is a look which penetrates deep inside.

Yes, yes, it is all right. I was teasing you.

But now I know what it is, after You explained it to me. Truly, it is something.

Yes, it evokes a profound sentiment, it touches there (gesture) and awakes the consciousness which spreads everywhere. It rises from the psychic.

Mother, and the other one? (photo of the Mother at the Balcony)

The other one? I have the impression that it is… you tell me, what does it tell you?

Mother, it seems to me it is Your own form which appears behind You.

Yes, truly it is that. It is not me. It is someone whom I know very well. I met her in another world. She was there. It is not me. It has come out well, it has been caught well in the photo. It is this vague impression of another world which is trying to establish its influence little by little. It is exactly this, because I know her very well. I have often met her. In fact, I have explained all this, in detail, in the Bulletin((( Bulletin of Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, February 1968, also Collected Works of the Mother, Vol. 11, pp. 102-05.))) which is going to come out.

Yes, Mother.


Terrace Darshan — November 24, 1967


How do you know about it? Have you read it already?

Mother, it is because I too saw You in two forms at the Balcony. I had told You this and You had explained it to me.

Ah, yes, yes, I remember. There are, like you, some people who saw me in two or three forms. It is exactly what you had told me, I remember now. She visited me at the Balcony. It is a form, a state of consciousness. It has come out well. It is this that I have explained in the Bulletin. You will see. But this, what you have said, is right.

Mother, will You write on this paper: “The gaze of the Divine Consciousness?” I will paste it below this photo. (showing Her the first photo)

Again, you are going to do some publicity?

No, Mother, never.

No, I do not want you to show this to everyone. I want them to feel for themselves, what it means, you understand?

Yes, Mother, it will be only for myself.

But I should not write all this…. Well, give me.

(Mother writes:)

[The gaze of the Divine Consciousness]


Yes, it is truly the gaze which goes till there (the psychic). Is it all right?

Yes, Mother. …Mother, I have brought some more photos. Will You sign them?

But what is all this? Where did you get them?

Mother, I do not have a photo of Sri Aurobindo, that is why…

But look, you have them now.

Yes, Mother. Will you… ?

Who has given you all these photos?

As I do not have photos of Sri Aurobindo. I have brought…

But look, you have them.

Will You sign them, Mother?

No, I do not sign on Sri Aurobindo’s photo.

No, Mother?


At least You can put the date, Mother.

No, He is not bound by dates. He is above all that. No, I do not put anything. But here, on my photo, I can sign.

This one has already been signed, Mother. But the other set, You could sign here. (I give her one of Sri Aurobindo’s photos)

This one, no.

But Mother, why? Moreover You and Sri Aurobindo are the same, so, You can always sign, isn’t it?

Yes, but…

But, Mother, when one sees the photos, one sees You being united with Sri Aurobindo. Then is this not true?

Yes, He becomes one with me. Sometimes He is in me, sometimes He is outside me. From time to time, He is here, and again He is not here, or else He is in ten places simultaneously. At the same time, He is in many places. Like this, He is in me also.

Then it is the same thing. Therefore You can sign, Mother, because for me You and Sri Aurobindo are the same.

My child, there are things which one cannot say, which one cannot pronounce, leave aside write. That is why, I cannot sign. Because it is not done. Materially, it is not possible. In some other plane of consciousness it could be done but not materially. You understand, I cannot.



‘The Example to be followed’((( There is no record of what the Mother said about the photo.)))


The Vision of the Future


(Mother looks at one of Her recent photographs)

It is good. It is a recent portrait of me.

Yes, Mother.

(Mother concentrates on the photo for a long time)

Mother, what was it that You were seeing for such a long time?

I was seeing something.

Mother, what does this photo of Yours represent?

You want to know?

Yes, Mother.

Shall I write it here?

No, Mother, here, below the photo.

(Mother writes:)
‘La vision de l’avenir’
[The Vision of the Future]



‘The Vision of the Future’



“A Moment of My Eternal and Infinite Being”


Mother, in what attitude You are here in this photo?

Mother, what does this photo of Yours represent?

Mother, in which form are You here?

It is one of the thousands of appearances. It is one of those thousands of appearances. It is one of Her thousands of appearances.

In which appearance? It represents something?

Of course, it represents something.

Yes, Mother. What is it? Because it is so beautiful.

What do you find in this photo?

I find it magnificent, in a trance…

It is not easy to express… that is why I am asking You.

There are thousands, thousands of appearances…

Mother, You do not want to tell? …

… Each one sees according to his receptivity.

There is nothing absolute like that. You see according to your receptivity.

Guide me, Mother.

It is a moment of my Eternal and Infinite being. A moment of my Eternal and Infinite Being.


Balcony Darshan



The Eternal Mother


Mother, what does this photo represent? (indicating Her photo)

It((( It is not certain which photo the Mother is referring to here.))) represents me.

Yes, but it is one of the diverse…

It depends on one’s receptivity.

It can represent a physical body.

It can represent the eternal mother…

It depends on one’s receptivity…





(Savitri’ in Sri Aurobindo’s handwriting)




Savitri — “The Truth of Tomorrow”


The Mother spoke many a time on Savitri, its importance and its profound help on the path of integral yoga. She said it could have a direct impact on the soul.

The Mother has explained in detail how Savitri can be a constant companion in our ascent towards the Truth. She has shown how to read Savitri, how to find there the answer to all our problems. She has advised meditation on Savitri. She has revealed how by the help of Savitri one can kindle the psychic flame, the flame of aspiration — in fact how one could orient oneself towards the Goal. She said that many sublime steps could be realised on the spiritual path in order to seek and unite with the Divine, by the help of Savitri.

She emphasised: Savitri is self-revelatory. No one can explain the real meaning of Savitri, or grasp it fully with the mind, however much one may have studied or delved into it.

The Mother once said: Who can explain Savitri? No one. It is not possible. It is not possible for man with his parcelled knowledge, not with his mental knowledge which only adds one bit to the other in order to understand, that dissects with his poor and clumsy logic, that formulates with his limited and insufficient understanding in order to reproduce in an incoherent and bizarre way something which he has not understood properly…. No, it is not possible. And especially Savitri. It is not possible… Savitri surpasses all his knowledge. Let us wait something like three hundred years and then we shall see. And that too will not be for everyone, but a selection of élite among men who would have crossed the barrier of the ego and all that to become ready for the descent of this new race. It is only these who would be able to understand Savitri and not before. But to prepare oneself one must be pure and conscious of the Presence. Then, as you advance on the way, Savitri will be revealed, not before.

On another occasion, She said that one ought to read Savitri aloud and slowly, so that the mantric effect created by its profound vibration, its rhythm, its music penetrate directly the body, the muscles, the nerves, the cells, and into the very being.


The Best Way to Read Savitri


…Yes, this is the best way to read Savitri. One sees as clear as the day….

One can read the words very easily…. Like this, one closes the eyes and one sees clearly, everything. It is this that I advise people who would like to do something as perfectly as possible, as carefully as possible; then, the thing to do is to close the eyes and see the things, and I am sure that you will do it much better than seeing like this, ordinarily, with your eyes. Generally, I tell those who have something very difficult to do, a very minute work where one needs a lot of concentration, then, “If you want to do as best as possible, do it with your eyes closed. You will see the details much better when you close your eyes, and also the corresponding things will follow one after the other much more easily and with exactitude. And you will do it much better and with more confidence. But you must see it in front of you.”

This is what I do when I have a very difficult work to do. I close my eyes, and I see the things more clearly, each thing in its place, and I do it very easily because the corresponding things come one after another, exactly in their place. I have no need to search or fumble. It comes automatically, and I do it much better and also much faster than if I had to do the same work, seeing like this. It is a much better way to do the work by closing the eyes.

As I have explained to you, with the eyes closed, one can do the things much better than by the ordinary way of seeing and concentrating. One develops a sort of vision which is much more precise than this one (with the ordinary eyes). And I tell you, this is the best way to read Savitri, because one comes in contact with something much superior to us, — that which governs this subtle world. And the things are infinitely clear up there. That is why one understands better, and it comes like a revelation….

Mother, talking of Savitri, I remember that you had spoken to me about Savitri, it was a long time back. I tried to note that down, what You had told me.

(In a teasing tone) I spoke about Savitri to you?

Yes, Mother, things that I have never heard before or I have never read. It is truly something new. I have given the text to Nolini-da. If You have some time, could You go through it, Mother?

But, I have spoken on Savitri?

Yes, Mother.

Ah! Yes, I remember, it was a long time ago that I spoke.

Yes, Mother.

It was downstairs, there, in that hall, near Sri Aurobindo’s room.

Exactly, Mother.

Yes, I remember. And then?

If You have some time, Nolini-da could read it to You, for Your corrections.

But, what is it that I had spoken to you on Savitri?

Wonderful things, Mother, things that I have never heard.

Is it? And then, what have I to do?

Correct it, Mother.

You have it here, now?

No, Mother. It is with Nolini-da.

Oh, it is not with you, now?

No, Mother, with Nolini-da, and if You have some time, You can go through it, Mother.

No, I have no time with Nolini. It is impossible. Oh! The letters. And I have other things to do. No, it is not possible…. Then?

Don’t know, Mother. But, it would have been good, if You had heard it, Mother.

But, how?

It is so beautiful that I have no words to express it. It is fantastic.

But, what is there that is so fantastic?

Things I have never read or never heard spoken about Savitri.

Tell me something that you call so marvellous.

Yes, Mother, it is truly marvellous.

What? Tell me.

Mother, in the morning, when You used to hear Sri Aurobindo read Savitri to You, what He had written during the night, You used to hear wonder-struck because they were the same experiences that You had the previous night. He had put in verse exactly the experiences that You had the previous night.

But what is there so fantastic in all this? Yes, it is true. But I do not find that it is fantastic. It is quite natural, there are other things also that He has done in Savitri, which will appear fantastic to you. I have also spoken so many things concerning the importance of Savitri and what it represents. But it is like this, I do not find anything fantastic in what you are recounting.

But Mother, it is something… something new.

(In a teasing tone) But what is there new in this? I do not find it.

But for us, Mother, it is. I have never heard all this. That is why it seems to me so fantastic.

(In a teasing tone) But what do you know? What do you understand? Nothing.

Yes, I admit, Mother. But all the same, You have told me many things on Savitri. It was extraordinary, Mother.

Yes, Savitri contains a lot of extraordinary things. I know well. (Again, in a teasing tone) But do you think that I tell ordinary things, commonplace and without any value?

No, Mother, I do not say that, but this, it was incomparable.

Know well that I always speak extraordinary things, things unfathomable, which come to me from above, like this (gesture) — the truth of tomorrow — *which is beyond human comprehension.* I have only to open myself like this (gesture) and it descends and flows through my lips. I do not formulate anything with this — the mind. It comes directly from above and I speak under this inspiration.

Next time, bring that to me, I shall see what is new in it.


*      *

This is how that talk on Savitri came about….


When I went to see the Mother on my 26th birthday, She spoke to me first about kindling the psychic flame. Then She spoke about Savitri. She had spoken to me about Savitri earlier, but this time, it was in a special way, for it was a complete teaching that She revealed. I remained as quiet and as concentrated as I could, in order to assimilate Her words.

Back home, I wanted to note down what the Mother had explained to me about Savitri. But something within me kept saying that the task was too difficult, that I would not be capable of rendering it, that it was too beautiful and much too extraordinary and that I would spoil it all. So I put aside the idea of writing down what the Mother had explained.

Years passed, but some phrases kept echoing in my mind, words like: “I have launched myself in a rudderless boat upon the vastness of the infinite.” The Mother had spoken to me these magical words of Sri Aurobindo. And likewise there were many others which came floating in occasionally. But even then, I did not like the idea of noting them down. Then, one day, I was advised by Nolini-da to put down what the Mother had told me, and I began my work.

However, seven years had passed. It was a work which I would not have ventured even in my dreams to undertake. I could only try to be as docile and receptive an instrument as possible. I then concentrated and what the Mother had told me, began to come back gradually: “Each verse of Savitri is like a Mantra which surpasses all that man possesses by way of knowledge and is arranged in such a way that the sonority of the rhythm leads you to the origin of sound which is OM…. It is the most beautiful thing He has left for man, the highest possible.” So, slowly, bit by bit, almost the whole of it was written down, in French.

Later on, I read to the Mother this report written from memory. She heard it and gave Her blessings. She intended to work anew on the text and make some changes. She started the work but perhaps the time to reveal everything had not come and the circumstances did not allow Her to finish.

The Mother found this report — ‘Compte-rendu noté de mémoire’ as She called it — ‘very useful’. She once wrote to a disciple: “…years ago I have spoken at length about it to Mona Sarkar and he has noted in French what I said. Some time back I have seen what he has written and found it correct on the whole.”

In the following pages, we give the English translation of the conversation on Savitri as well as a few others related to it, to give a completer picture.

[A report noted from memory]


Savitri – A Revelation


Mother, this is about Savitri, what You had spoken to me.

Oh, about Savitri?

You had asked me to bring it today. You wanted to hear it, to see if it is correct or not, if there is something to correct.

To correct? I do not know, but let me hear it. Read it…. (Indicating the sheets of paper I had with me) It is all this?

Yes, Mother.

Well, start.

(I then read out to the Mother the full text of my recollection of what She had spoken earlier about Savitri.)


*      *


Do you read Savitri?

Yes, Mother.

You have read the whole of it?

Yes, Mother, I have read it twice.

Have you understood all that you have read?

Not much, but I like poetry, that is why I read it.

It does not matter if you do not understand Savitri, read it always. You will see that every time you read it, something new will be revealed to you. Each time you will get a new glimpse, each time a new experience; things which were not there, things you did not understand arise and suddenly become clear. Always an unexpected vision comes up through the words and the lines. Every time you try to read and understand, you will see that something is added, something which was hidden behind is revealed clearly and vividly. I tell you, the very verses you have read once before, will appear to you in a different light each time you re-read them. This is what happens invariably. Always your experience is enriched, it is a revelation at each step.

But you must not read it as you read other books or newspapers. You must read with an empty head, a blank and vacant mind, without there being any other thought; you must concentrate much, remain empty, calm and open; then the words, the rhythms, the vibrations will penetrate directly to this white page, will put their stamp upon the brain, will explain themselves without your making an effort.

Savitri alone is sufficient to make you climb to the highest peaks. If truly one knows how to meditate on Savitri, one will receive all the help one needs. For one who wishes to follow this path, it is a visible help, as though the Lord himself were taking you by the hand and leading you to the destined goal. And then, every question, however personal it may be, has its answer here, every difficulty finds here its solution, indeed there is everything that is necessary for doing the Yoga.

*He has crammed the whole universe in a single book.* It is a marvellous work, magnificent and of an incomparable perfection.

You know, before writing Savitri Sri Aurobindo said to me *“I am impelled to launch on a new adventure; I was hesitant in the beginning, but now I am decided. Still I do not know how far I shall succeed. I pray for help.”* And you know what it was? It was — before beginning, I warn you in advance — it was his way of speaking, so full of humility and divine modesty. He never… *asserted himself.* And the day he actually began it, he told me: *I have launched myself in a rudderless boat upon the vastness of the Infinite.* And once having started, he wrote page after page without intermission, as though it were a thing already complete up there and he had only to transcribe it in ink down here on these pages.

In truth, the entire form of Savitri has descended “en masse” from the highest region and Sri Aurobindo with his genius only arranged the lines — in a superb and magnificent style. Sometimes entire lines were revealed and he has left them intact; he worked hard, untiringly, so that the inspiration could come from the highest possible summit. And what a work he has created! Yes, it is a true creation in itself. It is an unequalled work. Everything is there, and it is put in such a simple, such a clear form; verses perfectly harmonious, limpid and eternally true. My child, I have read so many things, but I have never come across anything which could be compared with Savitri. I have studied the best works — in Greek, Latin, English and of course in French literature, also in German and all the great creations of the West and the East, including the great epics; but I repeat it, I have not found anywhere anything like Savitri. All these literary works seem to me empty, flat, hollow, without any deep reality — apart from a few rare exceptions, and these too represent only a small fraction of what Savitri is. What grandeur, what amplitude, what reality: it is something immortal and eternal he has created. I tell you once again, there is nothing like it in the whole world. Even if one puts aside the vision of the reality, that is, the essential substance which is the heart of the inspiration, and considers only the lines in themselves, one will find them unique, of the highest classical kind. What he has created is something man cannot imagine. For, everything is there, everything.

It may then be said that Savitri is a revelation, it is a meditation, it is a quest of the Infinite, of the Eternal. If it is read with this aspiration for Immortality, the reading itself will serve as a guide towards Immortality. To read Savitri is indeed to practise Yoga, spiritual concentration; one can find there all that is needed to realise the Divine. Each step of the Yoga is noted here, including the secret of all other Yogas. Surely, if one follows sincerely what is revealed here in each verse one will finally reach the transformation of the Supramental Yoga. It is truly the infallible guide who never abandons you; its support is always there for him who wants to follow the path. Each verse of Savitri is like a revealed Mantra which surpasses all that man possesses by way of knowledge, and I repeat this, the words are expressed and arranged in such a manner that the sonority of the rhythm leads you to the origin of sound, which is OM.

My child, yes, everything is there: mysticism, occultism, philosophy, the history of evolution, the history of man, of the gods, of creation, of Nature; how the universe was created, why, for what purpose, what destiny — all is there. You can find there all the answers to all your questions. Everything is explained, even the future of man and of the evolution, all that nobody yet knows. He has expressed them in beautiful and clear words so that spiritual adventurers who wish to solve the mysteries of the world may understand it more easily. But the mystery is well hidden behind the lines and one must rise to the required level of true consciousness to discover it. All the prophecies, all that is going to happen is presented with a precise and wonderful clarity. Sri Aurobindo gives you here the key to find the Truth, to discover the Consciousness, to solve the problem of what the universe is. He has also indicated how he has opened the door of the Inconscience so that the light may penetrate there to transform it. He has shown the path, how to liberate oneself from the Ignorance to climb up to the Superconscience; each stage, each plane of consciousness, how one can scale them, how one can cross the very barrier of death and attain Immortality. You will find the entire route in detail, and as you go forward you can discover things altogether unknown to man. That is what Savitri is, and yet much more. It is truly an experience — reading Savitri. All the secrets that man possesses, he has revealed them, as well as all that awaits him in the future; all this is found in the depths of Savitri; but one must have the knowledge to discover them, — the experience of the planes of consciousness, the experience of the Supermind, even the experience of the conquest of Death. He has noted all the stages, marked each step needed in order to advance in an integral way in the integral Yoga.

All this is his own experience, and what is most surprising is that it is also my own experience. It is my sadhana which he has described. Each object, each event, each realisation, all the descriptions, even the colours are exactly what I saw and the words, the phrases are also exactly what I heard. And all this before having read the book. I read Savitri many times afterwards, but earlier, when he was writing he used to read it to me. Every morning I used to hear him read Savitri, at night he would write and in the morning read it to me. And I observed something strange, that — day after day, the experiences he read out to me in the morning were those I had had the previous night, word for word. Yes, all the descriptions, the colours, the pictures I had seen, the words I had heard, all, all, I heard it, put by him into poetry, into miraculous poetry. Yes, they were exactly my experiences of the previous night which he read out to me the following morning. And it was not just one day, but for days and days together. And every time I used to compare what he said with my previous experiences and they were always the same. I repeat, it was not that I had told him my experiences and that he had noted them down afterwards, no, he knew already what I had seen. It is my experiences he has presented all along and they were also his experiences. It is, moreover, the picture of our adventure together into the unknown or rather into the Supermind.

These are experiences lived by him, realities, supracosmic truths. He experienced all these as one experiences joy and sorrow in a physical manner. He has walked in the darkness of inconscience, even in the neighbourhood of death, endured the sufferings of perdition, and he has emerged from the mud, the world-misery, to breathe the sovereign plenitude and enter the supreme Ananda. He has traversed them all, these realms, borne the consequences, suffered and endured physically what one cannot imagine. Nobody till today has suffered like him. He has accepted suffering to transform suffering into the joy of union with the Supreme. It is something unique and incomparable in the history of the world. It is something that has never happened, he is the first to have traced the path in the Unknown so that we may be able to walk with certitude towards the Supermind. He has made the work easy for us. Savitri is his whole Yoga of transformation, and this Yoga, it is for the first time that we see it appear in the earth-consciousness.

And I think that man is not yet ready to receive it. It is too high and too vast for him. He cannot understand it, grasp it, for it is not by the mind that one can understand Savitri. One needs spiritual experiences in order to understand and assimilate it. The more one advances on the path of Yoga, the more one assimilates and better. No, it is something which will be appreciated only in the future, it is the poetry of tomorrow of which he has spoken in The Future Poetry. It is too subtle, too refined, — it is not in the mind or by the mind, it is in meditation that Savitri is revealed.

And men have the audacity to compare it and find it inferior in inspiration to that of a Virgil or a Homer. They do not understand, they cannot understand. What do they know? Nothing at all. And it is useless to try to make them understand. It will be known what it is, but in a distant future. It is only the new race with the new consciousness which will be able to understand. I assure you there is nothing under the blue sky to compare with Savitri. It is the mystery of mysteries. It is a *super-epic,* it is super-literature, super-poetry, super-vision, it is a super-work even if one considers the number of lines he has written. No, these human words are not adequate to describe Savitri. Yes, one needs superlatives, hyperboles to describe it. It is a hyper-epic. No, words express nothing of what Savitri is. There are no proper adjectives to describe what Savitri is, at least I do not find them. It is of immense value — spiritual value and all other values; it is eternal in its subject, and infinite in its appeal, miraculous in its mode and power of execution; it is a unique thing, the more you come in contact with it, the higher will you be lifted up. Ah, truly it is something! It is the most beautiful thing he has left for man, the highest possible. What is it? When will man know it? When is he going to lead a life of truth? When is he going to accept this in his life? This yet remains to be known.

My child, everyday you are going to read Savitri; read properly, with the right attitude, concentrating a little before opening the pages and trying to keep the mind as empty as possible, absolutely without a thought. The direct road is through that — the heart. I tell you, if you try to really concentrate with this aspiration you can light the flame, the psychic flame, the flame of purification in a very short time, perhaps in a few days. What you cannot do normally, you will do it with the help of Savitri. Try and you will see how very different it is, how new, if you read with this attitude, with this something at the back of your consciousness; as though it were an offering to Sri Aurobindo. You know it is charged, fully charged with consciousness; as though Savitri were a being, a real Guide. I tell you, whoever wants to practise Yoga, if he tries sincerely and feels the necessity, he will be able to climb with the help of Savitri to the highest rung of the ladder of Yoga, will be able to find the secret that Savitri represents. And this without the help of a Guru. And he will be able to practise it anywhere. Savitri by itself will be his guide, for all that he needs he will find in Savitri. If he remains absolutely quiet when he is faced with a difficulty, or when he does not know where to turn in order to go forward and how to overcome obstacles, for all these hesitations and these incertitudes which overwhelm us at every moment, he will have the necessary indications, and the necessary concrete help. If he remains absolutely calm, open, if he aspires sincerely, always he will be as if led by the hand. If he has faith, the will to give himself and the essential sincerity, he will reach the final goal.

Indeed, Savitri is something concrete, living, it is all replete, packed with consciousness, it is the supreme knowledge above all human philosophies, all human religions. It is the spiritual path, it is Yoga, Tapasya, Sadhana, everything, in its single body. Savitri has an extraordinary power, it sends out vibrations for him who can receive them, the true vibrations of each stage of consciousness. It is incomparable, it is truth in its plenitude, the Truth Sri Aurobindo brought down on the earth. My child, one must try to find the secret that Savitri represents, the prophetic message Sri Aurobindo reveals there for us. This is the work before you, it is hard but it is worth the trouble.

(After having heard the full text, the Mother said:)

It is good. Only, I do not remember what I had said. I never remember what I speak. When I speak, it comes down like this (gesture). I speak of things which come down, for the moment, like inspirations and then it is over. When I have spoken once, I do not remember at all. All disappears from my mind. It is so strange that I do not remember the thing that I have spoken just a moment ago. It is like this, my child. When I speak, I say many things which come at that moment, and the next minute — it is gone. That is why I do not remember what I had told you. Well, I do not know. I do not know what I had said. I do not remember anything at all.

But, Mother, how do You find this?

I find it very good. It is all right. Is it you who have written it?

Yes, Mother, I have noted down what You had told me.

Is it your French?

What You had told me, that I have written and then Nolini-da has corrected a bit.

It is good. As an appreciation of Savitri it is correct. This is Savitri. But I do not remember what I said. That is why, I can say nothing. But all that is said here seems to me correct. It is true. It is good, my child.

Mother, do You have something to comment?

To comment? No, my child, the substance of what you have written, seems to me correct, as it should be, but some personal things… some personal things that have been written… about that, I can say nothing because I do not remember anything at all.

Mother, all that You had told me, I had noted down a bit at that time and then I wrote from memory what You had told me. I have tried to be faithful to what You had told me.

It is all right, my child.

Perhaps, I do not know…

Whether you have added something of your invention?

I do not think so, Mother.

You do not think so?

Perhaps there is something missing, something which I have not written. I do not know. But I have tried my utmost to keep exactly to what You had told me. Naturally, it is seven years later that I have written it and it is long, Mother. I do not know. But I don’t think, Mother,….

No, it is all right. It is good. (Mother writes “Blessings” on the last page of the typescript.)

You want to write something more, Mother?

No, it is all right, I have given my Blessings. It is all right, like this. What is the date, today?

It is 5th November, Mother. (Mother adds the date on the typescript.)

No, it is all right, the appreciation is good, it can go.

Do I keep it here, if You want to correct it afterwards?

No, my child, take it, it is all right. What shall I correct? I do not remember anything at all. No it is all right. Where do you want to give it?

Do not know, Mother.

We can…

Mother, Nolini-da wanted to read this to his class.

Yes, it is all right. He can very well read it. All right, good.




A Letter of a Disciple:



I heard that you have recently written a long letter about Savitri, I am extremely eager to read it immediately. Can You send me a copy, or let me know from whom I can have it?



The Mother’s reply:

I have written no letter on Savitri lately. But years ago I have spoken at length about it to Mona Sarkar and he has noted in French what I have said. Sometime back I have seen what he has written and found it correct on the whole. It may be that you heard of.

Nolini may have a copy.

The Mother




The Extraordinary Power of Savitri


Some days when I went to the Mother, if She found that something was not all right with me or something was tormenting me, She would ask me the reason for it. Often I could not reply. Then She would say: “Let us see if we can find out what is disturbing you.” She would take up Savitri, concentrate for a while, open it with a paper cutter and pinpoint a passage. Invariably the lines contained the answer to my problem and I would feel relieved. She told me to try it out for myself.

On one occasion, the Mother spoke to me about the extraordinary power of Savitri.

Later I noted down what She had said, and took it to the Mother.


What is it again?

It is a small thing on Savitri that You had told me. Do You want to hear it Mother?

Yes, read it.

(I read to Her what I had noted down)


*      *


If you are depressed, if you feel miserable, if you do not succeed in what you do or else if what happens is always the contrary of what you expect, however much you try — if it has come to such a pass that you lose your temper, life becomes disgusting and you are unhappy, then immediately take Savitri and, after a moment’s concentration, open it at any page and read. You will see that all your misery disappears like smoke. And you will have the strength to overcome the worst sorrows; you will no longer feel that which was tormenting you. Instead, you will feel a strange happiness, a reversal of consciousness along with the energy and force to conquer everything, as though there was nothing impossible. And you will feel this inexhaustible joy that purifies everything. Read just a few lines and that is enough to establish the contact with your inmost being. Such is the extraordinary power of Savitri.

Or else, after having read, if you concentrate very deeply, then too you can find the solution to what was tormenting you. You have only to open Savitri at random and without thinking and you will have the answer to your problems.

Do it with faith and simplicity, the result is certain.

(When I read out to the Mother my transcription in French of this passage, She took the text and corrected the mistakes. A portion of the corrected version is reproduced on the next page)

But this is not French; one cannot say: “the most worst sorrow”. You understand. “The most” is already a superlative and again you write “worst”. It is not correct. In French, one cannot put two superlatives. It is not possible. Correct it. Take this pen…. One can… give it to me, I will correct it. (I give the paper to the Mother) There are quite a few mistakes. (Mother corrects them)


Portion of a typed page corrected by the Mother


You can read everything now?

Just here, Mother. (I point out the place which is not clear to me. The Mother makes it clearer.)

Is it all right now?

Yes, Mother.

You will re-type it and show it to me after having inserted the corrections I have made. So many mistakes. When are you going to learn to write French correctly? It is all right now, but show it to me after you have retyped it.

Yes, Mother.

Besides, I have the English translation also…. It would have been better if I had corrected the other one, (the talk on “Savitri – A Revelation”) as I have done for this one. It needs some corrections, only it is very long. And I do not have the time.

If you write big, like this, (Mother shows how to do it) and a space in between for the correction, then I shall see it next time. I will correct it bit by bit, not the whole thing in one day, but only a portion. Like this, in a few days, I shall finish correcting it. But write it down big like this. (gesture) It would be better if I correct it. So many mistakes in French. Yes, bring it to me the next time.

Yes, Mother. And Mother, you could also add a little what I remember very vaguely ‘Why Savitri has descended, and how Savitri is beyond Time and Space.’ You can add this, Mother, so that it becomes something complete.

Yes, I shall see, you can bring it to me next time, a part; I will correct it. It needs to be done. All right.



*      *


(When I went to the Mother a week later…)


What is it?

It is on Savitri, what You had corrected last time and You had told me to re-type it and bring it to You.

It is good, I am keeping it here.

Ah, you have brought all this? (Mother looks at the big sheets on which I had copied out the text of the long talk) Have you written everything?

No, Mother, one third only.

Ah, let me see. But there is no space here to keep it on the table. You have written on the other side also?

Yes, Mother.

If it had not been like that, we could have folded it to see better. No, it is too large for this table. It is better that I correct it later. Yes, I think that I will correct it later. I will return all this next Sunday, after having corrected it. It is better like this, because I have everything I need to work comfortably. I have the light fixed behind me, so that I may see better. Here, (on this small table) I cannot work. There, I have all that I need. I shall correct it later. It is much better that way.

Mother, are the letters all right, are they big enough for you to see?

Yes, I can see it all right, I can read it easily. Only if it was a bit thicker, like this, then it would be better. But you have a thick pen, like this? You want one? I have plenty.

No, Mother, it is all right.

Then, how are you going to do it?

I shall see, Mother.

Take this, I have plenty. I give you a gift. But let me see if it is thick enough or not. Ah, it is not very thick.

Yes, Mother, what I have written is much thicker.

But it does not matter; usually, I can read this. I think, it is darker.

Yes, Mother.

Then, if you write with this, I can read easily.

But, Mother, You will not need this pen?

No, it is all right, I have enough of them. I give it to you as a gift.

Thank You, Mother.

If you write like this, I can read. There is no difficulty.

Don’t You think I should make them a little more thick?

No, it is perfectly all right. It is well done. Then, I shall correct it during the week and on Sunday next, it will be ready.

But, Mother, if You finish correcting before, then can I send You another part?

No, my child. It is perfectly all right, all this, I do not know if I will have the time to correct it. I shall see, I will try to finish it before Sunday. I do not know if I will have the time. Anyway, I shall see. It is not necessary that I correct it, because I know very well what it contains. I have heard it twice. It is perfectly all right, like this. But you know, they have asked me to read it, so that they can record it on tape. It will be for the 29th February [1968], and as it stands, it is not for the public. If they had not asked me to read it, I would not have touched it, because I have already heard it, and I passed it. It is perfectly all right what has been written. It is a correct appreciation of Savitri.

I will work on the French then we shall translate it into English with all the changes, and it will then be ready so that I could read it for the recording. I think I will finish correcting all this before Sunday, if I have the time. And I will return all this to you when I see you on Sunday, and in the meantime, you can prepare another portion….Well, you can bring the rest. I will try to finish correcting these.

I will give you a copy when I shall finish correcting. But the things that are there, I have heard them, and I have given my “blessings”. It is perfectly all right what you have written. It is correct. But it is not for everyone, that is why I will change it a bit.

Yes, Mother, that would be better. You will do something marvellous with this. And then You will also add what is missing.

I shall see. Good, it is all right.



Savitri — “All is Explained Well”


Well, well, I have corrected some thing that you had given me. Not the whole. I have corrected six pages. But is this French? I have made a lot of changes. Have you brought the rest?

Yes, Mother.

It is good, I will correct slowly, but it takes time.

Mother, will You also add something?

Oh, the other one!((( The talk on p. 59))) I will insert it somewhere appropriate.

But you know, the one who has typed it has made several mistakes. Oh, so many mistakes. I have corrected it again. And I shall have it re-typed and then I shall give you a copy.

… In fact, I have corrected it, and I shall have it retyped, and then I shall give you a copy.

Yes, Mother.

And the other one((( The talk on pp. 45-54))), I have just started, it will take a lot of time.

That does not matter, Mother.

There is a lot to correct.

Yes, that You could correct. But Mother, You must add some things that are missing, so that it may become a marvellous thing and absolutely complete.

I will see what I can do with this.

Yes, Mother, You will do this, much better.

I hope.

And Mother, You will at least add this: “Why Savitri has come down?” This You had told me, but I do not remember very well. Will You add this, Mother?

Why Savitri has come down?

Yes, Mother.

But it is written in the book. All is explained well…. No? (Mother laughs)

Mother, You are…

But everything is told there, then why do you want me to explain all this?

And You will add, Mother, clearly, who is Savitri. You. And how Savitri transcends time and space — it is an Eternal Book.

I shall see, my child, if at that time the inspiration comes to me. I shall do as He wants. It will be as He wants. I shall see, my child, I can say nothing. Let me correct it, it will not be done so quickly. And when it will be finished, I shall return your copy with my corrections. You will be happy in this way.

Yes, Mother.

What I shall do, I do not know All depends at that time, and how I do it. At least it will be something better, that I am sure. We shall see…. We shall see. It is not so urgent. (after a long silence) All depends on the inspiration….

Well, you can keep all this (the big sheets on which I had copied out the Savitri talk in big letters) on the table. I will see them little by little.

Mother, I have written with the pen that You had given me.

It is good, keep them there. I do not know when it will be finished. Once I start to correct, I make lot of changes. We will see how it stands at the end.

Mother, naturally it will be something very beautiful, and if You add something, it will be absolutely complete.

We shall see, well, it is time.



*      *


(Two pages of the corrected text)


Mother, I hope You have corrected a little more of it.

Ah, my child, it will take some time. There are lots of things to correct. I have other work to do and I do not have the time. Do not expect it so soon because I take my own time and it is not something urgent. But we shall see. We shall see what can be done with this. The other one, the one I corrected the other day, that too I shall try to include in this, in the one I am correcting now, on Savitri.

Yes, Mother, it will be good.

We shall see. I think, after I have finished correcting it, it will be a little better than what it is now. I think it will be better.

Evidently, Mother, it will be something marvellous. And if You could add why Savitri has descended, what I had requested You, then it will be something incomparable.

I do not know, my child. I can say nothing in advance. What comes to me when I correct, I do it. I cannot say what I shall do. If it comes at that moment I shall do it. That’s all…. We shall see.



The Mother corrected about six pages. In 1974 Champaklal-ji gave me back the whole manuscript, including the pages She had corrected.




To Correct One’s Defects


Look carefully into yourself and see what is it that revolts, which part of the being does not collaborate. Concentrate properly in order to apply the force there, and we shall see. Firstly, one must be able to distinguish the part that is not in harmony, then to go there, deep, to find the cause. Then you will do this operation of pouring the Peace and the Force so that it changes. Once you decide that nothing in your being ought to contradict the aspiration of your deepest truth, you must try all possible means, even force, in order to get rid of that. So there will be nothing to worry about, for with the will to realise comes the power to overcome everything. All that was blocking disappears immediately. But one must have such a will — or develop it, — that admits nothing, absolutely nothing, no beating about the bush….

I mean: “I want this and nothing but this, it is clear as daylight.” No wavering, you understand. Once you have decided, you aspire sincerely, constantly, so that it becomes the most important thing in your life. So I wonder what is there that one cannot realise. Everything, everything, and like this one takes up one thing and as long as one has not realised it, one pursues it with an unrelenting will, an obstinate resolution so as to become the master. Then one takes up another and another, having always faith in the Divine who alone can overcome, and lead us there.

Whether it is to correct a defect or a weakness in oneself, one pursues it with the same vigour and the resolution to reject it out of oneself once and for all. Or else, to launch towards the spiritual consciousness, one overcomes the obstacles with the same élan. One must take such a resolution which does not allow any of these tricks to repeat themselves a second time. One could knock against a wall or make a mistake once, without knowing it, but to repeat it a second time is shameful, it is unpardonable.

Whether it is a thought to be eliminated or an impulse to be conquered, one must approach them with the same ardour and meticulousness in order to cast them away from oneself once and for all, to eliminate them completely with a rigorous strictness. For they are very clever, very cunning and they find formidable and well-calculated tricks and means, clothed in delightful and pleasant appearances, with very sweet and subtle ways, in order to distract us, to lure us, so as to make us fall into their inextricable traps and make us their slaves….

They have a very pleasing appearance and know very well how to exploit our weakness. They are incredible: they have a perseverance and they are patient as well as alert. That is why one has to be very scrupulous and honest. One must be very careful. And beware of these malicious and destructive suggestions. They are dangerous, truly bad, they come disguised to charm us.

They are remarkable, and find means to lower the consciousness. One must be very careful and be on one’s guard against these suggestions which advise you very sweetly with the gentleness of a sage: “Oh, it is nothing; you can repeat it once again, after all, it is not a fault. Look, it does not lead to any harm. You can begin, just to see. Moreover, one does not want to go so far as to become a victim, like the first time. Just try a bit, only to skim on the surface, then we will draw back before we are engulfed. Oh, come on, have a little courage! After all it is not such a big thing.”

They are remarkable, these mental and vital suggestions which nudge you, nudge you gently to commit stupidities. And once one gives in to these peculiar suggestions which tempt you by saying: “What, Mona? Don’t you have the courage, aren’t you brave, don’t you even want to try this? Look, you are not a baby anymore. What? Don’t you want to prove to yourself a little of what you can do, of what you are capable? No?…” Like this, there will be a thousand advices. If you know how to protect yourself against these misfortunes or rather these mischiefs, you are saved. Otherwise, if you take a small step towards them, a slight movement in order to listen to them and try just a bit, I tell you that it is over. Instead of trying a bit, there will be something that will push you until you become miserable and are covered with filth. Once under their influence you will be drawn into the abyss, whatever you may try. There is no way to get rid of these tiny beings that surround you avidly to take the least opportunity to jump on your back. That’s how it is; all the time there are forces spying on us, watching us, hovering around us, in order to find the least opportunity, an imperceptible occasion — if there is a little gap in our armour, immediately they attack us with a vengeance.

As soon as one begins doing yoga or purifying one-self, there are always these hostile forces which come to disturb our work. They are amazing and find means to lower the consciousness. One must be very careful and be on one’s guard against these malicious suggestions.

As long as there is a single part that does not obey the central being, the work of transformation cannot be done, cannot go on…. All the parts of the being must be purified and they must obey only the central being. To find the Divine Presence which alone can help us, to abandon ourselves in His hands to be guided — this is the only refuge.


An Advice


If ever you are seized by a vital impulse whatever it may be, anger or a sexual urge, vanity or any kind of pettiness or meanness, or movements that seize us, then immediately react with violence and tell it to its face: “Go away! This filth cannot enter a child of the Mother.” If it still persists, you strike blows at it, real physical blows (gesture) in the air, until this movement disappears.

Or else, you call me: “Come, help me, Mother,” and immediately you will be freed from these vital movements,… “and may the Peace descend into me.”


To be Guided


… Do not think that I shall do everything for you.

But, Mother, that’s what I am aspiring for: that you take charge of me and act through me.

Ah, that is different. When you have made the effort and you are able to open yourself to me, then only I will do everything, not for you personally…. But the One who is within, there, (indicating the heart) it is the same thing that He does, only it will be me who will be acting through you then.


To Know How to Relax


You see, one has to know how to relax, then one does not get tired. After the day’s work one has to relax, without thinking, and enter into eternity. And one can recuperate from all kinds of fatigue. But one has to know how to relax, like this (Mother makes a gesture as if She were lying with Her arms outstretched, looking up at the sky) and say to the Lord: “I am Thine.” And you remain quiet, without moving. And then you will see the result. You will never get tired.


The Head and the Heart


I will tell you a secret; if you follow it, it will help you very much in your life.

Always act from your heart, and not from the head, and you will see that everything changes its perspective if you can put this into practice. It is a good lesson. This attitude will teach you… or reward you very much in your life. What, have you understood?

Yes, Mother. But sometimes I cannot distinguish between the two.

What, you do not know how to distinguish between the heart and the head, after having lived here for so many years? What do they teach in the school, not all this?

But, Mother, all this, one has to cultivate by one-self.

Then you should have made an effort. I can well understand, in Europe or in the West, the first thing that a little child is taught, it is the outer life. He is told that all that surrounds him, that is his life. He must take advantage of all the benefits, of the joy, in what is around him. But here, it is exactly the opposite. You are told that the only thing which exists is within yourself. It is the only aim of your life: to find the Divine.


Mental Silence


Mother, how to silence the mind? How to quieten the mind completely?

Ah! this is very easy. It is the first step in yoga. There are some means which are very effective. First of all, you must sit quietly, without moving, absolutely quiet, and try not to think about anything at all. Absolutely nothing, and try to concentrate there — in the heart. You catch hold of all the threads of thought, the sensations, and the impulses without letting a single one escape, and try to concentrate there (the heart) very deeply. If you do that for a few days, then you suddenly notice that the head does not think any more, and a kind of peace gets established. There is the queer sensation that nothing exists around you. That is the beginning. And if you can feel the Presence, or the flame of aspiration, then you can throw all these movements into the Flame and the Flame burns brighter. Only, if you can feel the flame of aspiration or the Divine Presence, then it blocks all the passages and you find yourself before an immense silence.

Or else, another method is to detach yourself from the thoughts coming from outside, and to try to reject them, saying: “They are not mine, these thoughts, therefore they have no access to me.” Ever conscious of the central being, you must reject far from you the thought that comes, not letting it enter into you. Because the thoughts, the impulses, the sensations come from outside and you block them completely: “No, not here, not here, no passage to come in.” And you start rejecting them, one after another: “No, not that, not that, go away, not here. You have nothing to do here. Get out,” in such a manner that you reject all that comes. And if you can continue and remain vigilant, the silence comes and the mind gets purified. But you must insist on it very much and become very severe until you can detach yourself from the thoughts. (gesture)

As to the mechanical thoughts which have nothing to do with what is around us, but they go on due to the force of habit, you must open yourself upward, like this (gesture), and aspire for the Peace to come down. It is the only way to efface all the thoughts and entirely purify the system.

Or else, if all this seems too difficult, you can do the opposite, and think about what is beautiful in the world. Instead of thinking bad things… having these common thoughts, and all that, you think: “How full of compassion, how benevolent is the Divine! How full of Love is the Divine! How beautiful is the Divine creation — the rising of the sun, the setting of the sun! The vast sky full of sweetness. And what a grandeur, what a harmony is there in Nature — all her beauty and magnificence! What is this miracle that animates the stars? And so on… How resplendent are these colours and the light mingling together! What a marvel I perceive! What a beauty! What is this Power that thrills me with its joy? What is this Peace that bathes me with sweetness? What is this grandeur that I don’t understand? What is this mystery that remains concealed? Reveal thyself. I bow to Thee.”

You see the good side of the creation and what the Divine has made, and you open yourself to the Divine influence, thinking of nothing else but that. You look at the vast sky that surrounds us, and how the boundless Divine sweetness is embracing us. To remain in such a state is already something, and when you become aware of what is this mystery that is to be solved, then you start finding the solution. As it is said: “Beautiful thoughts bring beautiful things.”

These are means which are more or less good, and each person has to find the way that suits him best. But the best way is to be touched by the Grace, then it is like the electric current that passes, and everything disappears immediately and you find yourself before an immense silence, ineffable, all-powerful.





Bonjour, Sweet Mother.

(Mother gives me some flowers)

You think you have courage?… What? You do not?

I think, Mother, I have some courage. Yes, I have; but what must I do, Mother?

Doing something is not enough. One has to endure with courage till the end. Then we shall see what you are capable of. (silence)

It is strange… it is not to accomplish any kind of work at a given moment, neither to think about sublime things and concentrate all one’s will in order to arrive at some results or even a temporary success, but it is for the entire life, during each second of one’s existence on earth, that one must be vigilant and conscious of the inner Truth. To aspire constantly towards Him alone with an unfaltering faith, you understand? (silence)

And it is even more strange when one begins to think and to reason, but without doubting what is this Truth which is to be found. You are asked to abandon yourself entirely into His hands, and He will lead you to the final goal. “But what are those hands that I do not see? and to whom should one surrender oneself? and above all, where is the goal? where the Truth that is to be found? I have never seen Him. I have never known Him. Where should I go? What must I do? I do not understand at all what I am told to do.”

That is the difference between this and an adventure where one launches oneself for the conquest of something material, to arrive at a certain goal, as, for example, to climb the summits of the Himalayas, or go round the world or even go to the moon. It is a goal which exists. You follow a path and you arrive there. It is physically there. By difficult and tortuous means, you reach the goal. Perhaps it is a challenge to Nature, but it is a visible and concrete thing for which you have the means at your disposal. You need this, and this, and that, you get them, or you go to the bazaar to buy all the materials which are indispensable requirements for your adventure. And then, with the help of friends who are as enthusiastic as you are, you cover the route. And it is announced that this man has conquered the Himalayas, or the depths of the oceans, and so on. You have a given aim which you have studied scientifically, and you reach it. That’s all. Yes, one needs courage, patience, and ingenuity and a thorough study. Usually, one knows beforehand what has to be done, with only a fraction left to the unforeseen and to chance. But all that also is well calculated beforehand. If one can endure the route then one reaches the goal. It is the will to go on which is your only inner help.

But for this spiritual adventure or the conquest of oneself, it is completely different. To begin with, you have no support, no idea, no direction, no orientation. You have only heard someone talk, someone in whom you have an absolute confidence and who not only possesses the Truth but manifests it entirely. He has the key to open the door of Eternity and guide you to the complete transformation. If you follow Him, you have nothing to fear, for the Grace will protect you and lead you to the ultimate goal. But you must have an ardent faith in what He says, and in the thing to which He invites you. You have to be convinced, down to the very cells of your body, in all the parts, that what He utters is nothing but the Truth, and to tell yourself: “If I follow what He says I am sure to find Him. This is the path, this is my help, it is He who is the goal; even if I do not see Him, if I do not feel Him, He is always there within me and around me to guide me.” It is with this confidence that you should abandon yourself. And it is then that He will do everything for you. It is this faith that has to be developed, it is this faith that you must establish within yourself. If you have this conviction: “He will do everything for me, I have only to ask Him sincerely and with patience…” you will see that He does everything for you. But it is more ardent, more true than a conviction, it is an absolute trust, a faith in the Divine.

And, little by little, one sees whether one can really launch oneself into a divine life, call Him, so that He may help us and guide us in so many ways from behind a veil. So much Grace bathes us in our hours of difficulty, in our moments of despair. In our hopelessness, he stretches His hand and pulls us out of the difficulties and conflicts. Smilingly, He reassures us to make us feel something like a Presence. It is the inner support of the central being which vibrates in our acts and our thoughts. When it is well established, one perceives something like a hand that guides us more and more. Finally, it is He who establishes Himself more completely. It is He who guides. It is He who acts through you. There is no separate self then. Everything works by His Will. The more faith you have, the more you seem to be led by Him. This is what holds you in spite of all difficulties and misfortunes.

Life is without worry for him who has faith in the Divine. A faith which, at first, seems doubtful and invisible, becomes a reality full of hope. Faith in the Divine gives faith in life, the raison d’être of the whole existence.

Faith, faith, faith. The more faith you have, the higher will you be lifted. In absolute surrender is found the faith in the divine trust.

The faith which animates, the faith which pulls you out of the dark and unbridgeable gulf and lifts you to the full light, seems sometimes to retire or to waver, and so plants a doubt in you. It is but a test, a suggestion and an appearance. Sometimes, you think it is the worst that is happening, just the contrary of what you are aspiring for; it seems that everything conspires against you.

But if you can detach yourself and remain calm during these painful hours, maintaining an unwavering faith, and simply say with an open heart: “It is He who is responsible for me; all that happens to me can only bring the best. I must not worry,” — if you can keep this faith, then the help will come to you, just in time, when everything seems lost. And what a Grace lifts you up into regions of Peace, through His infinite benevolence!

You know, the Divine… the Divine will never fail you … will never fail you. Have trust in the divine faith.




The Subtle Worlds


Eh, Eh! (in a teasing tone) I thought you had evaporated as you were not here a moment ago. Yet, I saw you when I passed by maybe ten minutes back.

Mother, I went downstairs for some work.

But I thought you had disappeared, melted… gone. I could not see you, but I felt that you were somewhere in the room — a part of your being which you had left behind was looking at me. That is why I was wondering whether you had been transformed so quickly, or whether you had melted away!

But, Mother, I did not feel that a part of my being had detached itself from me. I did not feel anything, or see anything.

Oh, my child, it happens often and I constantly see beings, consciousnesses, concentrated parts of the being, subtle bodies, all kinds of elements and movements — aspirations, desires, complaints, and all sorts of things around me — someone who comes asking me for help, others for relief, for protection, for Grace, for my blessings, and all kinds of things, and so on.

It is not only miserable instances or unpleasant stories that I have to hear all the time. No, there are beautiful things too, and joyous meetings of souls, pure thoughts, noble aspirations that come directly to me and all kinds of interesting things that happen around me. It is a real game that takes place before me, so varied and interesting. I sometimes smile to myself when I hear all these stories they tell me. I ask one of them here, another there, then another — what he wants, and I give him what he needs. I bless them, one after another, relieve them, protect them, pour a little peace and love on each according to his need, his aptitude and his receptivity, so that each one may be touched by the Grace and may go back happy and satisfied. That is what I am constantly doing in spite of my usual work. And physically it is hard to meet everyone. But in that domain everything happens very quickly and simultaneously. I am not limited by what is called time or space. You understand, I do many things at the same time without anybody seeing them, or being aware of them. You see, you are not conscious of what is happening, not even what has happened in you. And how can you know all that is happening all around? Be conscious and receptive. Look and open yourself towards the vast horizons. Open yourself towards the heights, towards what is true and lasting. Do not remain engulfed like an ox tied to its rope, turning round and round in its rut. Even if the sky were to fall on its head, it would not realise it. Such is its fate, its condition. Oh, when will you all wake up, shake off this torpor, this unconsciousness and this ignorance, be touched by the flame to soar into that life? When? When will that blessed and wonderful day come? I wonder and I wait. Let us see. (silence)

(In a teasing tone) What, are you still there? Not disappeared or transformed once again, as you had melted? Can you show me that trick once more? Do you want to disappear like that into thin air or else transform yourself?

Of course, I want to transform myself, Mother.

Do you think you can transform yourself?

If you give me the means and the help, Mother.

Do you think that I am not giving them to you? I am happy if someone follows me. And I am constantly giving, to prepare souls so that they may transform themselves.

Then, prepare me in that way.

Only if you collaborate. It is not a question of a will that aspires for the transformation only for five minutes a day and is sleeping most of the time. No, one must be able to aspire constantly and at every minute collaborate with the Divine. A constant vigilance and an aspiration to live in my Consciousness, this is the base. Then one can advance or begin walking on the path towards transformation. Only, to begin. To transform oneself, that is still far away and very difficult. However, one begins to take the first steps towards transformation: To feel me in all circumstances, firmly established in me. Then I am there to help you and, little by little, to push you little by little towards this unknown goal.

And existence will have a meaning if all this is transformed in an effort towards the Divine. It is this that I am working on. If you have an unflinching will and an aspiration that always wants to rise towards the heights, untiringly, always in pursuit of the Truth, well then, launch yourself on this path of transformation that I have traced with Sri Aurobindo’s help. This is of all things the most true. Open yourself to me. It is my help alone that can lead you to the ultimate goal. Wake up a little to this new life. Time presses. And nothing is more interesting than this. It is a game, it is an adventure, it is a mystery where the “I” does not exist. One is completely immersed in the Divine, absolutely identified with the Divine — the divine exploring his kingdom, or the Divine exploring Himself to express his identity.


Dates and the Combination of Numbers



Bonjour, Sweet Mother.

Something to say?

(This conversation took place on 12.6.66. During the course of the previous conversation Mother wanted to know on which day of the week 4.5.67 would fall. I give Mother the paper on which I had written: Thursday 4.5.67)

Oh, it is a Thursday! 4.5.67 falls on a Thursday.

Yes, Mother.

It is very well. It falls on a good day. It is good. Then I shall see you on that day. Come to see me at three o’clock, do you understand? (Mother writes on a piece of paper: “Mona at three o’clock”) I am keeping it here in my notebook for interviews. And next year it will be transferred to the new notebook, I shall write it down. It is quite in advance … you will remember?

Yes, Mother. (I give Her two more notes.)

That is my birthday in 1968, 21.2.68, and it is a Wednesday and this, a Thursday: 29.2.68. Well. I keep them both. It will be useful for me later. Well. I shall see you on these days, but it is not necessary to write it down now.

And you, are you all right? You know, I am not asking you if you are feeling better, or whether physically everything is all right or not, or whether everything is normal or not. All that, I know well; in fact, I know it better than you, because I see things that you cannot see. All that does not interest me; I know all those things very well. I know well what is happening in you, inwardly. But I want to know what you are capable of I want to know up to which level of consciousness you are aware, what you can retain. Or to which level of consciousness you have access. It is a question of what you are working on now and opening your consciousness to, so that you feel the effect. That is what I want to know from you when I ask you: “How are you?” I want to know what you are conscious of, how far you are able to assimilate in you the Force I am pouring constantly. That is what is important for me, and not what happened to you, or if you are feeling uneasy and so on. That is not what I am asking you.

I want to know really in which plane you are conscious of the work that is going on within you. You understand now why every day I ask you — it is to know your state of consciousness and the amount of progress you are making or what you are conscious of.

Mother, do the numbers 4.5.67 have an occult significance?

Occult, yes. (in a teasing tone) But that is quite common. 4.5.67… what can there be so special about it?

4.5.67 — it is a very rare combination, we do not often come across it. It exerts an extraordinary power on the earth-atmosphere, as for example to bring down something. Recently there was a very interesting combination. It was 6.6.66. Four sixes — this represents the complete square of the creation. Six is the number which represents creation. Four sixes — this is very rare. Such a date occurs only once in a century. Lately we had 5.5.55, and as for 7.7.77, when it will come — we do not know, it will be at least a long time for this combination to occur.

But 6.6.66 is very important. You know, the ancient cabalists used to say that God took six days to complete the creation of which the sixth day represents the Creation — and you know the others. And on the seventh day He rested — which is not true… for on the seventh day, after having completed the Creation, He stretched Himself in absolute realisation to see His work better. It is the eternal rest in an immobile and absolute realisation. That is why it was wrongly believed that it was a rest but it was the realisation of Himself that He had undertaken. The Supreme does not rest. It is a wrong notion. In truth, He plunged into Himself for other realisations, towards infinite progress. This will never end. It is for this that He always moves forward towards something new. For Him too there is something still to realise. That is how it is… it moves forward.

You see then, four sixes, it is very important, for that completes the square of creation. (Mother draws a square on the table with Her finger) On that day someone was born here — here, I mean someone who lives here with us in the Ashram. I am not speaking of other places — naturally, there were many who were born elsewhere — but for us what is important is that he was born here, in this atmosphere and specially on this date…. It is interesting — how these dates which have an occult significance influence the physical domains also.

Somebody else also had an experience on this day and, besides, it was at six in the evening. There is an additional six which makes five sixes — which is still more significant. I do not know where his letter is (Mother looks for it) and I do not remember exactly the experience he had. However…

4.5.67 — what does this signify? Do you know? Manifestation, Power, Creation, Realisation. Four is Manifestation, five is Power, six, Creation and seven, Realisation — quite a combination! This is what you must aspire for, what you must realise. You will see what it is. It will be a great day — something will descend… something… the beginning… (some words here were not audible) of the Divine.

Then there is 5.6.78 — no, first there is 7.7.77, but that also — it is very far.

No, Mother, it is only eleven years from now.

But for the combination 4.5.67 we have still to wait for the event…. And 5.6.78 — that too is a very important occasion.

But, Mother, there is still one very important date which You have left out — it is 21.2.78.

Oh, yes, that is my centenary. I will be a hundred, then; yes, in ‘78 I will be a hundred.

Yes, Mother, it is more important for us.

Yes, we shall see then what we can do. I shall be there to see what happens. It is an event in life to be present at a hundred and compare… yes, a hundred years, it is a long time….

And 5.6.78 — that too is an occasion. More than all that, there is the number 8 which represents a double manifestation or a double protection. Well, we shall see what it brings us.

(I give an offering in an envelope. Mother gives me back the empty envelope)

You can keep it, I do not need it. You can use it to send a letter. Or you can keep it, it will be useful to you.

But shall I take it without anything, Mother?

You want to fill it with something! What do you want, my child? What can I give you? A blessing?

Mother, something written by you.

(Mother chooses a card) Oh, well, this one is beautiful. It is a paper cut in the shape of a leaf. And it is well done, look. Isn’t it? So, I write down the date: 6.6.66 — my blessings. This date is over already, but it does not matter. Find out what it means and act accordingly. To accomplish the square of creation by realising it. It is well. I will see you on Sunday.

Au revoir.


The Reign of Truth


Have you seen this?

No, Mother.

(Mother gives me a card with a painting and this message)



It is the year [1966] that begins. Like Dramatic Dawn, it will be sudden and sure of its manifestation. It will be so quickly and so suddenly established — as you can see on the card — that nobody will be able to perceive it. Or only a very few people. It was dark a moment ago, then all of a sudden it will be like this — all illumined. (showing the card)

And then, you see this — Truth, it will be established after “Dramatic Dawn”, this year towards the end or a little before, but this year, certainly. The reign of Truth will be established although there may be difficulties and upheavals. The Truth will be established this year.


The Palms


Bonjour! All right? (Mother smiles) What? Is it all right?… Fine?

Mother, you know whether everything is all right or not.

Yes, that I know; what I see, I know. It is all right on the whole, I know that, but what you feel, that you must tell me. What do you feel? Is it all right?

Yes, Mother, it is all right.

All right? What is all right? I have put something, did you feel it?

Yes, Mother.

All right, it is good.

But, Mother, I do not know what it is.

I do not know either (in a teasing tone)…. Well, I was seeing whether you were receptive… and I am satisfied with the result. It is all right…. And your knee, is it better?((( My knee was operated upon about six months back.)))

Yes, Mother, on the whole it is all right, but from time to time it hurts.

Ooh! Does it hurt when you are walking? But can you bend it and do all these movements? (Mother shows by bending Her arm)

Yes, Mother.

Then it hurts without any cause?

Yes, Mother, from time to time.

While walking?

Yes, Mother.

(In a teasing tone) Then, you must have caught rheumatism.

What, Mother?


I do not think so.

I do not either. Then it is all right.

Mother, the other day I had a dream. I came to You… and here, on the palm of my hand, You wrote “blessings” and put Your Signature.

(Mother looks at my hand with a magnifying glass) Yes, show me the other hand. This one is the right hand, isn’t it?

Yes, Mother.

Show me the other one. (Mother looks at both the hands together) It is all right. Well, you have good hands. And I had written “blessings” here?

And also Your Signature.


Yes, Mother.

You saw this during the night?

Yes, Mother…. Tell me, Mother, what did You see in my hands? (Mother smiles)

It is all right, you have good hands. It is good. You know, the hands show the material destiny. It is all right.

But what is good?

That was for me, not for you….

Mother, what kind of destiny does the forehead show?

I do not know.

But there are people who can read the destiny on the forehead.

Yes? That I do not know… do not know.

There was a man who could tell one’s destiny just by looking at one’s face. He used to say that it is written on the forehead.

I do not know. I have never heard of that. Maybe he had some visions and he could see the vital or the subtle physical….

Mother, this bump over here (the Mount of Venus at the base of the thumb) — what does it represent?

Ah! this is a very good thing. A real help for the yoga.

But, Mother, people tell me that it is bad, that it is the sexual force.

People know nothing and they are always talking nonsense. You should not listen to them. I tell you that it is very good. This energy which is within you, if you can turn it towards the spiritual goal, what would you not accomplish! No, it is very good.

But, tell me, Mother, what is there that is special.

That is my concern, it is not meant for increasing your pride and your ego. What I wanted to know, I know now.

But Mother, You knew that already.

Yes. It was only for confirmation, not for announcing.

Then what is the use if I do not know it?

Find it out yourself, and that is enough. I tell you that you have good hands. That is all. I am satisfied.

Mother, what are these lines that cut the life-line?

That is nothing.

But people say that they mean some serious illnesses or some attacks upon life.

Oh, no; these lines parallel to the life-line are always there, and they annul everything. Then, there is the mystic cross which protects.

Yes, Mother. (Mother shows another line on my palm)

It is the line of accomplishment.

Yes, Mother, it is said to be the success-line.

That is another way of saying it. There are different schools that say exactly the opposite.

It is Cheiro who says that. This one is the heart-line, this the head-line, the life-line, and this one is the success-line.

But there are others who say just the contrary. And it varies from school to school. And what does he say besides that?

He says that the left hand is the hand of birth, we are born with these lines. They show what we receive from our parents. It is hereditary. And this one, the right hand, is the hand of destiny, it shows the future, what will happen to us. The left hand is fixed, while the right hand changes. And for women, it is just the opposite.

No, no, it is the same thing for both men and women. It is true that this is the hand of destiny, the right hand. And it changes with the effort and yoga. Even the lines of the left hand change, what we have received from our parents, that with which we were born. Everything changes when one knows how to exert one’s will; and here (Mother refers to the Ashram) it does not indicate the truth. Here, it has no importance.

(Observing the Mother’s Palm) For You, Mother, this bump is so prominently marked (Jupiter at the base of the forefinger); it is the spiritual centre. And look how the heart-line enters the spiritual domain.

Yes, because the heart-line is under the spiritual influence.

And these three lines above — which join the heart-line?

In the books, they would have said this in another way. They would say that it is the influence of Mercury, or I do not know what. But I say that these three lines represent the mind, the vital and the physical which are dominated by the heart-line which is under the spiritual influence. This is the spiritual influence which governs the mind, the vital and the physical, with the heart-line completely under its influence.

And Your success-line, Mother, touches the mystic cross, and goes up to the spiritual centre. It is so big!

Yes, it is all this that I have accomplished by the spiritual force. You know, I have noticed a strange thing; it happened twice in my life. The lines and the marks that were on my hand were completely erased twice. And new lines appeared, distinct lines which did not correspond to those of the old hand. It was as if they belonged to someone else. They were so different. This has happened twice in my life, a complete metamorphosis of the hand, with absolutely new lines. As if it were a new birth. And the old ones completely erased. One would say that the hand belonged to someone else. All this was not here before — these lines that you see now are new ones, they appeared after the second time. And always there are some small changes. Constantly, for everybody, it changes a little. And for me, there was a radical change.


The Mother showing a mudra.


But here (in the Ashram), it is not the indicator. These lines show only the material destiny. And here, it is not always true, for there are other more sublime mighty powers which exert an influence upon our life. That is why the hand does not show the truth. When one does yoga, one can have an absolute control over the hand and one’s destiny.

And Mother, Your life-line goes down to the wrist, and these parallel lines that protect are always there, isn’t it?

Yes, in fact, materially it is like that; this is the result of the Ignorance, (Mother indicates Her body) where the destiny of man dominates, and usually it is marked on the hand. But for me, all this was erased and I am above, and destiny or Ignorance do not control anything. It is the Lord alone, — who is above all this, — who is guiding me. At each step, it is He who is commanding me. And I am not bound in any way by… how shall I say?… human ways governed by the Ignorance. If it is necessary for the work, I shall be there as long as He has need of me. It is not my own will nor anybody else’s will which is guiding me. I only execute what the Lord wants of me.




It is your birthday tomorrow?((( The original French version of this talk was read out to the Mother.)))

Yes, Mother.

How old will you be?

Twenty-six, Mother.

I shall see you tomorrow then, and give you something special. You will see, I do not mean a material thing — that, I shall give you, a card and all that — but something…. You will see tomorrow. Now, go home and prepare yourself quietly so that you may be ready to receive it.

Yes, Mother.

Do you know, my child, what “Bonne Fête” signifies, that is, what we wish here on the birthday?

Like that, I know what it means, Mother, but not the special significance You want to tell me.

Yes, it is truly a special day in one’s life. It is one of the days in the year when the Supreme descends into us — or when we are face to face with the Eternal — one of those days when our soul comes in contact with the Eternal and, if we remain a little conscious, we can feel His Presence within us. If we make a little effort on this day, we accomplish the work of many lives, as in a lightning flash. That is why I give so much importance to the birthday — because what one gains in one day is truly something incomparable. And it is for this that I too work to open the consciousness a little upward so that one may come face to face with the Eternal. My child, it is a very, very special day, for it is the day of decision, the day when one can truly make a tremendous progress, when one can unite with the Supreme Consciousness. For on this day, the Lord lifts us up to the highest possible region so that our soul which is a portion of this Eternal Flame, can unite with it and absorb from the Source.

This day is truly an opportunity in life. One is so open and receptive that one can assimilate all that is given. I can do many things, — that is why it is important.

It is one of the days when the Lord Himself opens wide the doors for us. It is as though He were inviting us to further revive the flame of aspiration. It is one of the days which He gives us. We too, by our personal effort, could attain to this, but it would be long, hard and not so easy. And this — this is a chance in life — the day of Grace.



(Mother’s comment at a later date)

*It is an occult phenomenon that occurs invariably, without our knowledge, on this particular day of the year. The soul leaves behind the body and journeys up and up till it merges into the Source in order to replenish itself and absorb from the Supreme, Its Power, Light and Ananda and comes down charged for a whole year. Then again and again… it continues like this, year after year.*


(On another occasion, Mother explained)

This experience generally takes place on birthdays, but one is not at all conscious of it. It happens invariably; the soul rises, leaving behind all the terrestrial baggage and merges in the Supreme to be replenished by the Supreme power and comes back again here below, to continue living in His Beatitude. But since one is not conscious, one perceives nothing.





The Mother has given names to about 900 flowers, revealing their true significance, explaining what they represent in the earth consciousness, their spiritual value and their deeper meaning corresponding to the inner life.

The Mother has said that flowers are very receptive, and She used them as a means to transmit to us the needed help, communicating with our psychic by giving us particular flowers with the spiritual qualities required.

We too offered Her flowers that expressed our aspiration. This exchange of flowers was a means of communication on the psychical plane and one of the ways in which She worked on our subtle being.




(Mother gives me ‘Concentration’((( ‘Concentration’ — Euphorbia milli, crown of thorns))) flowers and a bunch of ‘New Birth’((( ‘New Birth’ — Oreganum marjorana, sweet marjoram))) leaves)


Here is a bunch of ‘Concentration’ and of ‘New Birth’.

To concentrate for developing the intelligence, for developing the inborn faculties which are hidden in us….

To concentrate is to find oneself. It is the quest, the means to follow. It is the shortest way to achieve something. One has only to concentrate — but deeply — and toc! You get the thing, the word, the idea, the feeling, the place you want to discover, the plane of consciousness, and with perseverance, the Self, and with a constant effort, — the Soul. To concentrate in order to find the soul. One can achieve everything with the help of concentration.

But one has to know how to concentrate, and for each plane there is a degree of concentration. To know how to concentrate is to acquire the power to withdraw from other things except the one thing you wish to achieve.

You know what you should do to start with. You sit before a wall and say to yourself: “Let my mind be as white as the wall.” Then, if you see a little black point on the wall, — or anywhere else, — a point, you start to concentrate on this point, with a fixed gaze, without having any other thoughts in your mind, without moving, without wavering, as if you wanted to envelop it with your hypnotic look. Then you will see that you begin to have a relation with this point and that nothing exists around. Only the point exists, and you are drawn, as if by a magnet. Your gaze penetrates. And gradually, the black point no longer exists in your vision. You are concentrating very hard. But instead of a black point, there is a luminous point; as if the appearance of everything was changing. The black point has become a luminous point. And one sees other movements just around this luminous point. Then, one sees only the luminous point and nothing else around. And a sort of deep relation is established. You will try it and tell me.


The Mother in Japan, 1918


Then, if one learns to concentrate further, really concentrate with intensity, one perceives that it is not oneself who is concentrating, and that the ego no longer exists, but that a completely detached will, — without thought, nor flickering, like an emptiness but well sustained by the aspiration, — is acting through the so-called self. For the Self seems to be hidden. But the concentration is well directed, deeply fixed there, within (indicating the psychic centre), not being disturbed by the exterior, discovering regions of happiness where the divine sweetness reigns. Layer after layer, one discovers planes of consciousness and one leaves behind one subtle body after another, passing from one plane to another till there is no resistance and the soul is before us without intermediary and without outside support. And one discovers the soul in its plenitude. If one starts to live in this state, it is then that one lives perpetually a new birth. At each moment, one discovers a new life, a new aspiration, a new light and a new love. It is always from newness to newness that one advances. It is this that is life.

One has to know how to concentrate by going there, deep within, to find the inner seat from where one should aspire more and more, and, at the same time, reject all that disturbs — the impulses, the sensations, and the thoughts. All that does not belong to us has to be rejected so that we may be pure in order to identify ourselves with the Divine Consciousness.

Three stages that help one another: to concentrate, to reject, and to aspire to identify oneself with the Divine.





Bonjour, Sweet Mother.

Well, today it is a bit special. In fact these two flowers go very well together: ‘Concentration’((( ‘Concentration’ — Euphorbia milli, crown of thorns))) in the ‘Aspiration’((( ‘Aspiration’ — Nyctanthes arbor-tristis, night jasmine))) … But do you know how to aspire? Do you aspire a little?

Yes, Mother, but…not with much result.

Ah! You want results before knowing how to aspire?

No, Mother, but…

Do you know what aspiration is?

Yes, Mother.

And from where must one aspire?

From there, Mother (indicating the heart).

It is good. But do you perceive something there? (heart)

It is very vague, Mother, not so precise…. Sometimes…

Do you know where the aspiration comes from?

Yes, Mother, from the heart and from the psychic.

Yes, my child, rather from the psychic; the true aspiration, it is from there; but first, one starts from the heart. Are you in contact with your psychic?

No, Mother.

No! It is strange. I thought you had learnt this at least. There is much to learn. So, as long as you are not in contact, you can begin by aspiring from the mind, saying: Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, and ask precisely what you want, as, for example, Peace, or “Let Peace be established in me.” Then you concentrate in silence and you remain open. You will see that you will be flooded with Peace.

Then you concentrate in the heart, and you aspire to come in contact with the flame, the psychic flame, the purifying flame and go there, very deeply, and remain silent and open like this (Mother opens Her hands like a flower above Her head). Once there — but one must sincerely make a great effort to find it, — you come in contact with the central being; everything else becomes silent, and one has the feeling that “the Divine does everything for me”. One is seized by an immutable joy, peace and freedom. And then nothing in the world is interesting any more except the aspiration that links with the Divine.





Bonjour, Sweet Mother.

Here, four ‘Transformations’.((( ‘Transformation’ — Millingtonia hortensis, Indian Cork Tree))) (Mother gives me the flowers one by one) This is for the mental transformation, this, for the vital, this, for the physical, and this, for the psychic. This is a whole programme — to transform the different parts of the being. You know, I am not satisfied with an effort to make the Peace come down into the system, or even to realise the Divine. It is not enough to change your consciousness by a higher consciousness. There must be a radical transformation of each part of the being. To change them is not enough. It is not a mere change I want. I want a complete transformation, and nothing less. To make the New Consciousness — the Supramental Consciousness — come down into the being and everywhere in the body, to transform each part. It is this that I want, to transform all this. (indicating the body)



‘Eternal Youth’ and ‘Eternal Smile’



Bonjour, Sweet Mother.

Here, take this, I have kept something for you carefully; as soon as I received these flowers this morning, at once I thought of you: “It will be something for Mona when he comes to see me.” I kept them separately. Do you know what they signify?

Yes, Mother.

This is ‘Eternal Youth’,((( ‘Eternal Youth’ — Hibiscus miniatus, salmon orange))) and this one is ‘Eternal Smile’.((( ‘Eternal Smile’ — Hibiscus miniatus, white))) These are two flowers that complement one another, two flowers that are very essential for a complete life.

If one remains eternally young and if one can smile eternally, then one has taken a great step towards transformation. When one is above the fetters of the ego and the desires, one begins to smile and when one can constantly aspire to progress, then one remains young. Here are two sure means to reach the goal. Do not waste time. Become an optimist and follow the direct path. There is nothing to ponder about.






(Mother enters with a tray of ‘Devotion’((( ‘Devotion’ — Ocimum Sanctum, Tulsi))) leaves in her hand, calling out in a playful mood)

Who wants ‘Devotion’?… Who wants ‘Devotion’?… I give it to the one who asks for it. Who wants it?… (Mother distributes it to those who were present. She then asks me in a teasing tone) Do you want it?… You want it? Do you care for all these things? Does it mean anything to you, or are these only words? Look! No effect. It is a block of stone! No reaction at all. What?… Do you want it? Don’t need it? No?

But, Mother, didn’t you feel, didn’t you hear what I want?

Cunning fellow that you are, here. (giving me some leaves) Can’t you speak? What are you made of?

Don’t know, Mother, but it is Your fault.

My fault, but why?

Because You made me like this. You have made me, so, You know.

But I have not forbidden you to ask me for something.



You told me: “When one is silent before You, one receives well.”

Ah! Really, you are… (Mother smiles and leaves the room)


“Be Like a Flower”



Bonjour, Sweet Mother.

Take this. (Mother gives me a flower) Do you know what it is?

Yes, Mother: ‘Aesthetic Beauty’.((( ‘Aesthetic Beauty’ — Ipomoea, Morning Glory)))

How tender and fresh it is…

Mother, are You giving it to me so that I may cultivate aesthetic beauty, or is it because it corresponds to a part of my being?

It is in answer to the aspiration from the very depths of your being that I give the flowers. It is a need or an aspiration, it depends on the individual. It may fill a void or else give an impetus for progress, or find the inner harmony in order to establish peace. Do you understand?

Be like a flower. One must try to become like a flower — open, frank, equal, generous and gentle. Do you know what it means?

Not exactly, Mother.

The flower is open to all that is around it — Nature, light, the rays of the sun, the wind, etcetera. It exerts a spontaneous influence on all that is around it. It radiates a joy and a beauty.

Frank: It hides nothing of its beauty. It lets it emerge freely, openly, frankly. What is within, what is in its depths, it brings out so that all can see it.

Equal: It has no preference. Everyone can enjoy its beauty and its perfume without rivalry. It is equal and the same for everybody. There is no difference, or anything whatsoever.

Then, Generous: How it gives without reserve and without restriction, the mysterious beauty and the characteristic perfume of Nature. It sacrifices itself entirely, even its life — to express this beauty and the secret of the things that it contains.

And then, Gentle: It is so tender, sweet, also close and affectionate towards us. Its company makes us so happy. It is always cheerful and happy.

Happy is he who can exchange his qualities with the profound qualities of the flowers. Try to cultivate in yourself these refined qualities.

I give you flowers so that you may develop the divine qualities they symbolise. And they can directly transmit to the psychic all that they contain, without admixture. They possess a power and a very subtle and deep influence. Do you understand?

(In a teasing tone) Now, it seems to me that you wish to become like a flower or else cultivate these qualities.

And, you know, each flower symbolises an aspect, an emanation, an aspiration and a progress in the terrestrial evolution.




The March Past


From the mid-forties till the end of 1958, the Mother used to come almost every evening to the Playground for the March Past, to take the Salute. She would stand for the Salute, in the same place where we have the map of undivided India. One by one, the groups would file past Her. This action had a profound and deep significance. She also supervised the other physical education activities.

The Mother has explained what she tried to do during the March Past. She says: “…the March Past …is… a way of opening oneself to the energy, the universal energy, to prepare for the action… the March Past is for stimulating the receptivity of the body to the energies for realisation. It is based upon something which is expressed in all kinds of ways; but it is a kind of admiration… a spontaneous and also charming admiration for heroism, which is in the most material physical consciousness.” (CWM, Vol. 7, p. 259)

After the exercises all the groups would stand in attention, in a formation around the Mother who stood in front of the map. This was the ‘concentration’ about which the Mother says: “I try, first, to make the atmosphere as calm, quiet, unified as possible, as though I were spreading the consciousness out wide, like this; (gesture) and then from far above I bring down the Force as much as I can and put it upon you as strongly as I can… it is a collective work… it is a work of unification which I do…” (CWM, Vol. 7, pp. 258-59)


The Mother taking the salute in the Playground


“I am There Every Evening”


Bonjour, Sweet Mother.

Bonjour, my child. Tchch! I wanted to tell you something.

What is it, Mother?

I don’t remember. It slips from my memory. It escapes me. Just at the moment when it was necessary that I tell you, it escaped me. But since a long time I wanted to tell you. When you are not here before me, it is at that moment that I remember, and when it is necessary…

But what is it, Mother? If you try to recollect a bit…

Oh my!… yes, yes, I remember. I wanted to tell you: “You know, every evening I hear you.”

I hear your voice when you are giving orders for the marching. (Gymnastic Marching) It is clear and distinct. I can hear clearly when I pay attention. I hear you almost every evening. And sometimes I hear the band. But it is funny, because every evening I tell myself: “I have to tell him about this phenomenon. He has a voice which reaches here, till my room.” And I clearly hear your orders when you conduct the marching.

Really, Mother?

Yes, it is true.

Maybe it is the wind which is blowing this way, that is why….

Yes, maybe. But I see you also. It seems that everything is going on as usual.

Yes, Mother, exactly; only, the difference is that You are not present there.

I am there every evening to take the Salute. But who told you that I am not there? Yes, physically I am not there. But I am present in another body, in another aspect, I am present there to direct in another way. And those who have the vision or the will to see, see me clearly, just as I am here now before you. Do not remain under the illusion that I have abandoned you all. Never. Every evening, I see you, and I smile to myself: “Maybe he does not know that I am watching him, stealthily seeing him…” And you are not aware of it.

Do not remain engulfed in unconsciousness. Try to develop this capacity to see me. It is time that one turns within a little.


The Mother watching Gymnastic Marching in the Playground


“I Am There Doubly Present”


Mother, now that You are not coming to the Playground for the March Past, what should be our attitude?

The same as if I were present there. In fact, I am present there more than I would be if I were there physically. For even being there physically, I might still say that I was not there, because my consciousness would go to other places of the world where I had been called or where I had some important thing to do, according to the need.

So you see, being there for the March Past, I was not actually there for the March Past…. Only, the body was there physically, and my consciousness was far away and occupied with important things to be done in the world. They saluted me, but I was not aware of what was happening. It was not so every day, but most of the days, when I had to leave because there were important things to be done, decisions to be taken.

And now it is completely different, for I am there every day for the March Past, and never do I miss it. Once I have been told the time and that my presence is essential, every day I arrange things in such a way that a part of my consciousness which has been informed awakes and automatically detaches itself from me and is present in the Playground to take the salute. It is done without thinking, or remembering but by the Consciousness that is in charge of this activity, and is present there invariably. This is how I work out the day to day things without being disturbed.

But then, you are not there with your entire consciousness, as it is only one part of it that comes?

My child, as many times as one may divide… each part of my consciousness has the same intensity or the same power as my whole consciousness. The Truth does not get diminished when it is divided. And, besides, I am present everywhere in the world, in each atom. And once I am informed, I am present there consciously. So it means that I am there, ‘doubly present’, you understand?

Yes, Mother.

A Presence which is everywhere and another conscious Presence when I am informed. I am always there to watch you, and I can hear your voice very clearly when you are giving the orders. Now, tell me, at what time did you say that the March Past begins and also the Concentration, so that I may know the exact time.

At quarter past seven in the evening, there is the March Past, and at quarter to eight, the Concentration.

Well, now I will not forget. I have clearly fixed the time in the consciousness which must be present there. It is good. The order has been given.

Keep your eyes open so that you do not miss me. I shall be there present without fail.

Well. Au revoir.

Conscious… above all you must try to see me….

We shall see.


The Mother taking the salute in the Playground


Becoming Conscious
Through Physical Education


Mother, there is a football match against…

I have no objection, whether you play a match or not. The fact of playing does not concern me if it does not help you all to become conscious, if it is only to repeat the same mistake a thousand times and you do not come out of it a little more conscious. That is why I am insisting so much on it.

Playing a match has no importance if it is not for acquiring some experience that makes you progress a little. If you do not take even the minimum advantage of what the sports or the games offer, what is the use of playing? That is why I insist — be a little conscious of what is happening all around. Physical education is a concrete test from which you can learn, and learn quickly and at every moment what life is offering us. It is a direct means of acquiring experience in life. Not the life of a shirker, but the life of one who knows how to fight, one who knows how to stand on his feet, one who learns to overcome the difficulties.

Physical education gives us not only good health and a supple, strong, plastic and well-balanced body, but it also gives us some undeniable psychological qualities, like endurance, courage, cheerfulness, and the will to perfect oneself, and most of all, this spirit of cohesion, of good will — what is called in English ‘sportsmanship’ and ‘team spirit’. They are so important, these qualities that sports bring to us. A good sportsman is almost yogic in his attitude. He gives us the impression of being an unflinching conqueror, a hero of legend who knows how to appreciate the good qualities of others, and who never plays a bad trick on another. He is honest with himself, rarely conceited, and he never tolerates jealousy. He gives the impression of someone who is trying to overcome his ego. He knows how to behave well and gains the respect of others. He is generous and fair towards others. What else do you need? If you can develop these qualities, it is already much for one life.

Physical education strengthens the system, regulates life, brings a balance and a harmony in the daily life. Discipline and confidence are indispensable to develop the sporting faculties. It helps to sharpen one’s senses and to develop the power of concentration, of endurance and many other things — the list of good qualities is endless — like the control over the body, its movements, its extraordinary development. And what the sportsman can achieve and endure is really fantastic, miraculous, incredible, and of a very high degree of perfection. And in our life, physical education is like a challenge to the tamas and the unconsciousness. Without it, life loses a great deal of its charm. It is indispensable for a harmonious and well-ordered life.

But it has to be done with the true attitude and the conscious will to progress, to perfect oneself, to give an aim to one’s life, to harmonise the different parts that clash with one another, to practise physical education diligently and attain some specific results, while you become conscious… conscious. It is in the positive and concrete application that the joy of sports is found. And the result is instantaneous. If one takes the trouble, one can master and prevail over the situation. But one has to want it, and want it truly. It is fantastic what one can achieve. With the help of physical education one can get rid of many illnesses and defects that were pronounced incurable. And in the field of sports — the dedication and effort they put in — in order to exceed or even transcend themselves… is unbelievable. It seems to me that they are tapping another source. It is unlimited… one cannot imagine. They have been able to do this.

One has to learn to direct the consciousness where it is needed, in order to avoid disastrous consequences or accidents. One learns to open oneself to the consciousness, and one guides the body so that it is alert, so that it does not blunder, so that it does not forget in the excitement, how it must remember at each movement, in each step, the true attitude and try to become conscious. Always conscious, conscious and alert, — then one can avoid all sorts of accidents. Evidently, it is a very hard and assiduous training, but I tell you that one can avoid all sorts of accidents and attacks if one can become conscious and calm, conscious of each part of the being, each element and cell of the body. It is in this way that the body must be trained and made conscious gradually, to aspire so that the consciousness enters into each part of the being, the skin, the muscles, the cells… into the entire system. If one trains in this spirit, to develop the inborn faculties, then one discovers many hidden things which are indispensable for a harmonious life and for a solid foundation in the yoga. It is not without a purpose that I am telling you to practise physical education with the true attitude for preparing a strong foundation for the yoga.

And yet you do not pay any attention, you do not take any trouble to follow this properly, and you lack the spirit in which it ought to be done. You do not make the effort to progress, to become conscious. You lack very much this conscious will to progress, to do better and better, to perfect yourself in another way, a way that none has tried. However with all this advice, these words of guidance and the essential help, I do not see any difference; I do not see any difference between you and those who are practising sports elsewhere. The same habits, the same things that motivate an ordinary man, even the common things, you repeat them, — carefully, — the same mistakes without being aware of the stupidities you are committing. I do not understand why you do not want to go beyond, why you do not want to do better and in another way. Why don’t you have this urge within you? What is lacking in you?


The Mother at the Sports Ground


After having repeated this a thousand times — or how many times I do not know — I still see, after a match, there is one who has broken his arm, and another who is limping, and many other unpleasant stories which I am ashamed of repeating; but all that does not change anything in your being, or help you to surmount these unconscious occurrences. When will you wake up a little and say vehemently: “No! It is enough, no more accidents, no more of these unconscious acts and these ignorant stupidities. It is finished. I must become conscious, more and more conscious, I must try obstinately and have this will to act to purify myself and become conscious.” Then you will see who is with you, helping you, protecting you. And nothing can touch you. But you must aspire to open yourselves to my Consciousness, and then you will see the difference. You have no idea what you are missing, what is eluding you, although it is so close to you all.

Well, take a leap and try to receive a tiny drop, and you will see the difference. One drop is enough. One drop of Peace and Consciousness is enough. It can flood the whole being with its presence, however tiny it may be. And one starts vibrating like the blade of a sword.

Then you will feel that something is upholding you, guiding you, pushing you forward, making you progress. It is this consciousness which has to be manifested in the body. Well, with this you can be sure that there will be no accidents because it drives out from us all semblance of unconsciousness. This is what I want — that my children find and live more and more in this consciousness. Then I will have nothing to worry about because I know what the result will be. And this is what I am working out in your consciousness, you understand, but with very little result.

It is not that I am against matches. On the contrary, I know very well how they can help to form a benevolent character. I know and admire the fine qualities they help to develop, and how this energy, this force and this spirit of a conqueror are necessary in life. I do not know how many times I have told you to participate in the competitions, the tournaments, with the true attitude and the right spirit. I am well aware of the benefits but a way has to be found to avoid these accidents. We shall see.

Well! I am astonished why you do not react against this epidemic. It is a malady and a dull laziness that drags you in spite of the Force I am sending. You must rouse the being once and for all so that you may be freed from this unconsciousness. Try to develop this will in yourself so that it may collaborate with my Force. This is what you must try to do constantly since it is my Force that will protect you. Aspire to become an instrument of the Force, and it will do whatever is necessary. These are opportunities, but you should know how to take advantage of them.

(Mother gives me some ‘Aspiration’ flowers) Here are some flowers to be distributed. They are charged with a force meant to awaken you all to the consciousness. Keep them carefully. And explain to the others before the game that the Mother has sent the flowers and she does not want any accident or anything of that sort. Concentrate a little, and we shall see.


“A Complete Game”


Can’t you play football without hurting yourselves? What, can’t one do better than that? Accidents! Every day there is something, an accident or an unpleasant story. Someone is limping, another one has broken his arm, yet another has twisted his ankle, and many others… the list is endless. What, there is no end to all this. That is the condition. Can’t one be a little more conscious? All of you are in such a deplorable condition. You are wallowing in the mud, and you do not want to do anything better.

But, Mother, what to do?

So, is this the effort you are making to be conscious?

Sometimes we try, and soon we forget.

Ah! You do not react against this unconsciousness!

But, Mother…

No, there is no excuse. (silence)

Mother, the only way is to stop football — if football is the cause. If You want, You could stop football, and we will see whether accidents still occur or not. You could stop football.

Ah! My child, that, never. I can never take such a decision. For it is a very good game requiring tremendous endurance and physical capacities. And it is so beautiful when it is played well. I remember, I saw a match with a team from Calcutta and it gave me a very fine impression.

Yes, Mother, it was ‘Mohun Bagan’.

Yes, yes, it was so beautiful and spectacular. It was a flawless game of a very high quality. What unity, what cohesion amongst them, with co-ordinated movements, and each one of them doing his little work. And those passes, and those unexpected feints and, especially, the anticipation of what the other was going to do. On the whole, it was vigorous but neat and precise. And also, without nervous brutality. To me, it seemed to be a complete game in itself. I liked it very much.

It must be played like that, without collisions or brutality. Then it is good. And how can I stop the game when so many people like to play football? It is not possible. I cannot do something that would hurt everybody. Moreover, it is a game which requires much talent. Better to find a way to avoid any accident.

And it is not football alone, but gymnastics, sports and everything…. I am only asking you to become a little conscious, a little more conscious without getting excited. Then you will avoid many accidents. Every minute I am watching over you and giving you the Peace and the Force needed so that you may be conscious, conscious of your surroundings and of yourselves. But without result. It is not just football that I blame, but it is so in all the activities.

I do not want anybody to get hurt, because I am protecting my children with transparent cocoons, like a glass case put on each one individually, so that the adverse forces cannot touch them. You are so well surrounded by the Force and the Light that nothing can penetrate. It is a complete protection I have put around you all, and in spite of all this, you get hurt. I do not know what to do. Perhaps it is a lack of faith and an excitement of the body. Let us see what I can do. In any case, these accidents must be avoided. And I do not want anybody to get hurt. Once again I give you the Force and my blessings so that you become conscious. These children have to be raised out of this unconsciousness, out of this tamas and this excitement; above all, never get excited.

I am there to help you. Let us see. Bonne chance!


The Power Behind Her Words



Bonjour, Sweet Mother.

Well, what is it?

Mother, there is a match…

A football match?

Yes, Mother.

So, what must I do?

Mother, You have to give Your permission, if You want us to play and then put Your signature here.

Hmm… I sign it on condition that there are no accidents, and no injuries. I do not want any accident. Well? Is it all right like this?

Yes, Mother.

No hesitation, and no doubt. Will you not come back and tell me: “We tried our best, but in spite of that we could not avoid this accident?”

No, Mother, I will not say that.

So, do you promise me that?

Yes, Mother.


Mother, because…

Look here, I am not joking. I am serious. I do not want any accident.

No, Mother, there will not be any accident; that I can tell you. I am going to explain to the boys to play with moderation, and then tell them what Mother has said.

But if by chance something happens?

No, Mother, nothing will happen.

What audacity! Are you so sure of yourself and that there will not be any accident?

I think, Mother, that this time I can say that.

But how can you?

Because Mother has willed and She has pronounced that there will be no accidents. That is why there will not be any accident. And no one can contradict that. It is categorical, since You do not want any accident.

You clever fellow. Truly you are infuriating. You are incorrigible…. You have such a way of thinking…. You want me to do everything for you. Leave that aside, I was just teasing you….

And now I congratulate you. If you have the faith that nothing can contradict my word, then, remember that nothing can annul your effort and your work. You will be crowned with the ultimate victory. It is good, my child.

You know, all that I say can be realised immediately, if one has a true faith. My words have a power of realisation and nothing can stand in their way. But if the adhara, the circumstances and the atmosphere are receptive, then the result can be seen at once. It is all right, it is good. The attitude is good. I am very happy to hear this. And in addition, I give you my protection and my love to protect you all against accidents. It is all right, my child. I shall be there to see that no accident occurs.



The Mother inaugurating a special football match.


And you know, the best way of protecting oneself or avoiding accidents, is to have the right attitude, and a correct attitude towards the game and the opponent. It is a very practical method. If one has a right attitude, and if one tells oneself that the game has to be played well, as a sportsman, without hurting the others, then this also makes things simpler. Or, without being frightened, without getting nervous or irritated, above all, not to get excited whatever happens, — if one can keep the inner calm, then nothing can happen. If one concentrates a little before the game, and tells oneself that ‘nothing wrong can touch me,’ and if one knows how to remain calm, then one will never be a victim. Because my protection is always there for him who can remain calm and use his goodwill as a true sportsman. Have you read the booklet, Code of Sportsmanship?

Yes, Mother.

If one has the right attitude, not only does it influence but it acts against the bad attitude or the wrong that an opponent wants to inflict. This has a miraculous effect. When you play with the right spirit, the right attitude, it creates such an atmosphere of goodwill around yourself that nothing can harm you, a sort of magnetic ‘grip’ which can change even the attitude of an opponent who has a bad intention. It is as strong as that. And with this, the game becomes pleasant, harmonious, a collective understanding which compels us to bring out the best in us. And you can be sure that there will never be any accidents. But if you have something in your mind, even a thought or a hint of a bad intention, or revenge, then you have had it. It is the end of the matter because it rebounds on you.

It is a thing that is very much appreciated, but rarely practised — the value of the sportsman spirit. It is something essential, even in daily life. At each moment, at each step one has to know how to give or persevere in order to receive better all that life gives us in return. This teaches you self-control and a mutual and harmonious interchange.

There are so many interesting things that one learns while playing, and at each step there is a conflict, a doubt, a difficulty to be overcome, or a decision to be taken in a thousandth of a second before one acts, and this has to be done quickly so that it is a movement disinterested, harmonious and in collaboration with the others. Not an impulse or an egocentric or conceited movement which excites the vital and the body, it is this that is the cause of the accidents. On the contrary, you have to be calm and very well poised so that you may give the best of yourself.

And I tell you, with the protection which is around you all, if you make the least effort to remain a little quiet and conscious, then nothing, nothing can touch you. Absolutely nothing. You remain far from accidents….

You are not aware of who is protecting you, who is surrounding you with such care, tenderness and compassion, what a Grace is bathing you constantly and is at your disposal. With all that, if you do not make some effort to open yourselves to the Consciousness, sometimes I wonder… what for all this, all this effort, and this useless work….(silence)

Do not be disheartened. I shall be there to see that there will be no accidents. Let it be the answer to your faith, I am convinced of that. It is good, my child. Keep intact this faith that nothing can shake. An invincible faith in the Divine Will!




(Sometimes when there was some additional work to be done, like carrying logs, harvesting, shifting a generator, night vigil etc., the Mother would ask me to organise it with the help of the boys of Group C((( Now called group D.))) and others. And She would give Her protection and blessings for the work. On one occasion something went wrong and I asked pardon from the Mother for not being able to do the work in the proper manner.)

Mother, forgive me. You had given me the responsibility, and even then this has happened. I…

What? Responsibility!

Yes, Mother.

Responsibility of whom, of what, when? Have I lost my senses that I have given you the responsibility of these people? To you? What are you talking about? You, responsible? Are you mad? (Mother laughs) But what do you think you have become? Hmm?

But, Mother, You gave me the charge of this thing. And You asked me to organise it, and You asked me to see that all goes well.

Yes, it is true.

That is why I am responsible.

Ah, my child, I only asked you to organise and to accomplish a duty. But I have never given you the responsibility of these people. It is absurd to think like this.

But, Mother, as they are under me, I am responsible, am I not?

My child, nobody in this world is responsible. The Divine alone is responsible for us, (in a teasing tone) unless you have become the Divine!

No, Mother. (We laugh)

Nobody is responsible. Only the Divine is, for He has the power to change our destiny. What are you all? Nothing but puppets in the hands of Circumstance. You are completely subject to your destiny. You do not have any power to change it. What is written above, that is what you follow. Not even a step is different. You are bound entirely by karma. You do not even receive an indication of an imminent danger, or of an accident that awaits you. You have no power at all, leave aside the means of avoiding a catastrophe, or else to intervene to change your destiny at a given moment. Do you still believe that I would give you the responsibility when you do not even know what is going to happen to you the next minute? And still less for others. Well, you know nothing, nothing, not even what is at the tip of your nose. How can you then change your destiny? It is not possible for man, with this limited and incomplete knowledge, a knowledge that begins with the sensations, and then you add the bits, trying to give a meaning. You think you are doing well, but you only distort it. It is exterior knowledge lacking in truth. This is not the method, and that is much deeper.

It is only the Divine who can take the responsibility, for it is He who possesses the knowledge. It is He who knows the secret. It is He alone who can intervene or give indications to avoid the consequences of the destiny because it is He who has formulated them. The destiny of man is to exceed himself. It is to hasten the march towards the goal. And if the Divine sees that it is necessary, then He intervenes. He alone is responsible, because He alone can guide man. To take the responsibility means to take the destiny in one’s hands, to have the whole charge of one’s life, to guide it, to lead it to the goal of one’s existence. That is what taking responsibility means. And the Divine alone is capable of doing it, nobody else.

You see, it is not an easy thing. What you usually do is to obey a few moral and practical laws in order to do a given work, or to accomplish a task. And you do that without knowing what the result will be, what are the stages to be followed, what determines the result. You have no control over the circumstances which act…. So how can you mould something in the way you want? It is not possible. That is why you cannot take the responsibility. How can you?

Wait patiently. When you have acquired some divine qualities, then I shall give you some responsibility. (Mother smiles, showing a tiny little space between Her fingers) Not much. A little!


A Privilege


Mother, do You have any objection if we go to the ‘Lotus pond’, about thirty-five miles from here? If You do not want that, we shall go happily to the ‘Lake’((( An Ashram farm adjacent to a lake about 10 km from Pondicherry))) instead.

No, my child, I have no objection. I said that if they wish to go on foot, they could, but I will not give any transport because the vehicles are not in working condition and yesterday X spent more than two thousand rupees to repair them. And I do not want to spend more on this long excursion; besides, six vehicles are out of order.

If You give us Your permission, we shall manage. Some will go on cycle. We have Y’s jeep and another of Z…

Z has given you his jeep, that’s very kind of him! By the way, that too belongs to me. (Mother smiles) It is all right.

And another car, the one that belongs to A’s friend.

But why do you want to go so far? What is not there at the ‘Lake’?

Mother, we have been there so many times, that we have seen everything at the ‘Lake’.

Everything! Really? You, who do not see farther than the tip of your nose!

No, Mother, do not say that. It is because this is a new place and not so far. And we can have some adventure.

My child, I ask you, if all the energy you have, instead of scattering it here and there, if you knew how to use it exclusively for the Divine, use it with reason, with understanding, with tact, and not just vaguely, thoughtlessly, in external things, you could do miracles. What could you not do with this energy? Good God! You do not know what you have at your disposal; it is an all-powerful energy — nothing, nothing can resist its advance. It can break down all obstacles. You could do things (the Mother snaps Her fingers) like that. If only you could channelise this energy to do something good, something lasting and true, to turn towards the Divine, to find the purpose of your existence.

This abundance of energy you have — if you consecrate it to the Divine, it will be a great gain for the Divine. Instead of following your impulses and being tossed about like a cork upon the waves, if you would think for a moment about the importance you attach to these small worthless things.

I am not telling you not to go on your excursion. I am saying: My child, if you made the slightest effort to become conscious, conscious of your surroundings, to blossom in a harmonious and well-ordered life…. Life is not what you think. It is not what most people live — without an aim and without any charm. I know very well that many people are here because they happen to be here, without having even the slightest *inkling* why they are here. They give themselves to what pleases them. But you who understand, don’t you see the opportunity?

You know, my child, from the beginning of the world, the Supreme had only one purpose — to use all energies for one single aim — that each one may find his soul. Yes, that is the only reason why all the stars and these thousands of things which you see or do not see, were created. Everything aspires, consciously or unconsciously, to find its soul. And everything culminates in that.

You do not know how privileged you are. For it is He — the Supreme — who is with you, who is guiding you, showing you and watching over you, telling you so many things, teasing you and playing with you. He is always with you. A fall does not touch Him…. If only the effort is there…. It is He who has descended in your midst to transform you and lift you out of ignorance.

Now is the time, my child, to try to do something truly for the Divine. Above all, to be conscious, to do something different, which others do not do. Yes, my child, one must go forward, full of energy, for we are travellers on the same boat. Without slackening, one must go on to the very end. If your surrender is complete, nothing can impede your advance.




Transformed Body



Bonjour, Sweet Mother.

You know, when people come to see me, I do not look at the outer appearance, but what they have within, their soul, the aspiration, the effort for progress, whether they are conscious of their inner being, whether they have an urge to perfect themselves, or whether they are very developed mental beings and who are exclusively guided by their mental ideas; then I see only this force, this consciousness and what they are capable of. I see their soul, their capacity to hold the consciousness. I never see the exterior of a man, but all that he has potentially, what he can truly make of his life, if he has a possibility or not. This is what is important for me. Not like you who loves only this, (the body) who wants only this. But it is stupid.

You know, I speak to so many people, all the time; even when I am working I can always talk with them. At night, I go to each one to see and to talk to them. I visit them, but most of them are not conscious. But I do not remember everything because I see so many people. I see and talk even when I am working, it does not prevent me…. You see, for these visits I need not give an appointment or fix the place, the day and all that, it goes on continually before me in the subtle world. Whereas to come physically before me, the place has to be indicated, instructions have to be given, I have to choose the time in between my work, only then will I be able to see him, and that too not for a long time. Some days I have no time to see them, so it has to be arranged for another day, — and so much trouble.

But for the other visit, I am always free and it is much more real for me, because it is with the true being that I come in contact. And there is no need to fix the time or the day. I am in contact with many people in this way and, moreover, I am much closer to them and not with those who are always with me.

People whom I do not see physically like this in front of me are those with whom I remain almost all the time. It is not by coming here that they come nearer to me, but only by opening and by concentrating upon me that they come nearer to me. To know somebody I do not need his presence before me, but I can easily do everything even while I am very far from him physically, because I receive his vibration.

Now if I have to establish a contact with your true being, I have to pass through this body that resists, that distorts the truth, because it is through this ignorant, false and obscure body that one must pass to reach the soul. That is why — it is an obstruction — it alters the direct movement of a true contact. Whereas for the other form, it is a true contact, direct and without intermediary. I can work much better and transmit the Truth directly. That is why, I tell you again, it is not by this physical contact that I can lift you towards higher regions, but with this inner contact. It is much more important.

But, Mother, it is this body of Yours that I love because You always come in this form. I receive the vibrations from this body, when I touch You. That is why I love this body.

Yes, it is true, but this body (Her body) is not yet what I want, it is not transformed, not entirely conscious like the other body, the subtle body which is not confined in a physical cage like this — it is not yet plastic. This body is not fully conscious, not luminous enough, not yet… how to say it… that which can be everywhere at the same time and is not subject to inconscience. It is not yet ready for what it should be. Even physically there will be many changes, many useless things must disappear. It must be malleable, plastic, and be able to do many things at the same time, and more… about which we do not know. It will not be limited like this body, (gesture) and there will be much more power, force, capacity which are not present now.

You know, if there is something on the window and if I want to take it, I stretch my hand and it becomes, phou!… long, and I have the thing without even having to get up from my chair. You see how easy it becomes, like this — we could do so many things, and we will be able to do other things which seem strange. Physically, I can be at the same time here and there. I can be in many places. I can communicate simultaneously with many people. To have something in my hand, I have only to wish and I shall have the thing in my hand. With this transformed body, I shall be free from the fetters of ignorance, and the inconscience. I could do many things at the same time. The body transparent, luminous, light, elastic will not need material things to subsist on. It is an altogether new concept. When I need something, I only have to wish for it and immediately I will have the thing in my hand. If I want to be in some part of the world, in a place like… anywhere… I shall ask to be taken there and I shall be there immediately.

The body can even be stretched if one wants it to become big, or made small, in any circumstance. If one wants to pluck something from a tree, one stretches the arm and just the arm, becomes long like a phantom, to pluck it. It is so funny and so interesting; at that moment one would be frightened to see someone with a small body and such a long arm! There will be all kinds of changes and unlimited powers. And it will not be something funny; of course I am giving you somewhat childish examples to tease you and to show the difference.

It will be a true being, perfect in proportions, very, very strong, light, luminous or else transparent; it will have a supple and malleable body capable of doing everything, a creation of the New Consciousness or else a transformed body which was never conceived. It will have nothing in common with the human being, I mean man with the mind, the vital and all that. All that is human, encased, limited, egocentric, small, mean, obscure and ignorant will have no place in this new transformed body. All that surpasses man will be within his reach. He will be guided by the Truth alone and nothing less. It is this and much more than what has ever been conceived.

You have never thought that all this could be done?

Never, Mother. I only knew that the body of a transformed human being will be luminous, supple, and above the dualities of the ignorance and the effect of the inconscience. And it will be able to subsist without food.

This much only? But don’t you want to be a transformed man, a creation of the New Consciousness?

Yes, Mother, very much.

Then you have to want it constantly and get used to this new process. (silence)

You know, like this, (gesture) to stretch one’s hand as if to hold something, and it becomes long, and, it is naturally frightening for those who are not used to it. And we shall be able to do things like that, (Mother laughs) by the plasticity of our bodies. And in this new world we shall all be conscious and it will be something that none could ever imagine. We can be master of everything. But not with this body, it is not yet fully conscious, and it is more or less guided by the ignorance. It is not as yet what it should be. It is like an animal’s; there is no difference between the human body and an animal. The human body is closer to the animal than to the other body. It reacts like an animal, subsists like an animal. There is almost no difference between a man and an animal. Only man has the power to think, but with this higher power he has done more stupid things than the animal. What difference is there between a cat and a man? Almost none.


The Mother, 1968


Only in the terrestrial evolution, we place man as the highest of the animal species, because he possesses a mental power greater than the animal. But man has not used this power for some higher ends or to strive towards the heights. He has remained the same since the stone age. He is still unconscious like a stone. He has never tried to let go of the instincts and the manner of living of an animal. In fact, there is no difference, he has remained what he was. He has never tried to find or use the powers and faculties at his disposal which are infinitely superior to those of the animal.

It is only to man that this power to become conscious of his self is given, not to the other animals. But he has never turned towards this path. He has remained like a cat…. This (Her body) too is of the same stuff.

No, Mother, not Yours; ours, yes, it is still animal; but You, You have a conscious body. You told me that You were transforming the cells.

Yes, it is rather conscious, this body, but it takes time, enormous time, to work for the transformation. It goes on, but there is still a long way to go. It is not yet done. No, no, not yet, but this… (Her body) there is a difference, it helps, it helps people. Yes, my presence helps people.

You see, Mother, it is because it helps that I want to come to see You and touch You.

Naturally it helps people. It helps the terrestrial evolution, that is why I am here. The true reason I am still here is that my physical presence helps humanity to progress. I hasten the evolution with my presence. I have been given the charge to lift man out of ignorance.

You see, Mother, this is the big question You have Yourself answered, — because Your Presence helps humanity.

Yes, it is true, and that is why I am still here. Otherwise, I would not be here. I would have left earlier. But because my presence helps humanity to progress, — it is because of me that the Supramental descent was possible — that I am still here upon earth, otherwise, I would not be here. It is not worth spending my time uselessly here below if my presence does not help the decisive progress of humanity. I do not have time to spend uselessly, I have many important things to do in other worlds; but it is because my presence helps that I am still here, otherwise I would have left earlier.

Yes, Mother, it is because this helps that I want to come to You. I love this body, that is why I want to come. When I touch this, (the Mother’s hand) I receive a vibration and I know that this direct contact is the cause of all progress, and not what I see in some other forms.

Yes, it is true. From a certain point of view, yes, but for me this inner contact is much more true. This is the raison d’être of man, to find the true Self that is within.

Mother, for us, Your body is very important because it is this that we adore, it is this that is so close to us. It is this which helps us.

Yes, it is true, it is true…. Materially, it is the terrestrial support. It is the form that man has always need of — to adore, to love and to which he can surrender himself, in which he can have more trust. It is the concrete symbol that man has always need of — to satisfy himself. And it is the terrestrial guardian of that which is within. One must become conscious of that being….

But you are much too attached to the physical and you want only this external contact. You are satisfied only by the physical effects. That is why you do not want to believe, or it is difficult for you to adapt yourself to such experiences. Anyhow…

I remember… I shall tell you a story. It is something that happened here not long ago. A gentleman, a lady and two children came to see me. It was a family, and the lady was full of devotion. It was A who had brought this family. Then a strange thing happened…. This is to show you how the divine entities or else the beings of the other worlds visit us. For me it was nothing exceptional, because there is always someone who visits me from time to time. This time it was Durga who had come.


Terrace Darshan — February 21, 1967


You know, these gods come to visit me from time to time. Sometimes it is Durga, sometimes, the others. I shall simply say ‘they’, because there are all kinds of gods and goddesses who come and talk to me. But I do not have much time to receive them as I have my own work to do. So, when they come, I do not pay much attention to them because they come to tell me: “If you do this for us, we shall be very happy,” and so on. And you remember, each time I came down for “Blessings” on the Puja days, there was always someone who accompanied me, either Durga, or Lakshmi, there was always someone on those days. And when I need them, I call them. But on that day, when I was waiting for the family — there were others also whom I had already seen — but when they came in, I felt a strong presence of Durga. I was not ready for this intrusion of Durga at that moment because each time these gods come, I know it beforehand. But this time I was not prepared and I said to myself: “What is this intrusion?” Durga came, she descended like a mantle, from above, and entered into me, like this … and to my surprise, I see her talking with this lady who was in front of me. This gentleman, the lady, and the children with A, were in front of me. And they remained for some time. And it is then that I understood why Durga had come. This lady was a worshipper of Durga and it was she who had called Durga. I won’t mention the name of this family, but the lady was full of devotion and, while she was with me, I felt that Durga was communicating with her. Then I told myself: “Yes, she was an exceptional lady who could bring Durga with her, even when I did not know it.” It was very interesting, because I was there, and Durga was within me and, maybe, she was seeing Durga.

I came to know this later, when A came back. He told me that this lady who was here, was a fervent worshipper of Durga. She had some experiences also. For example, when she was working, Durga used to come to help her, and she remained from time to time under the protection of Durga, and her life was moulded by the influence of Durga. And A said: “And today, when she was there before you, she saw Durga and it was Durga who was speaking with her, that’s what she felt, Mother.” It is true, yes, Durga was with me here. You see, how in this world there are no barriers, and one can meet anywhere, or at any time, nothing is limited in these regions.

And you know who is Durga? The relation between us is that of the father and the child. Not quite, because between the father and the child, the relation is not so supple, it is a little restrained, whereas between me and Durga it is a more intimate relation; she is like my daughter and it is more like this, (fingers interlocked in a gesture of intimate union) I mean… more complete, plastic, and something from beyond which is not found here, — a true and a complete relation in a perfect understanding. It is so sweet, loving and intimate and at the same time infinitely vast and spontaneous. It is very difficult to express this relation. But you see the difference, how one can always be near what one adores. One can talk to him, one can find him anywhere, one can take him everywhere without any question of time or place. Nothing can prevent this meeting if one can keep this in one’s consciousness. (silence)

But this (Her body) is still dependent on what is around it. It is conscious but it is not yet what it ought to be, it is dependent on all these (pointing) bell, pencils, table; on all the material needs — eating, sleeping, dressing, on time and on space; on all that develops, decays; in short, all the mutations because of the inconscience, the ignorance, and the ego that wants to impose itself, and the result — all this misery. Whereas a being of the other world is perfectly conscious, perfectly balanced, joyous, is not subject to these terrestrial needs, of eating, sleeping, dressing and thinking, like a human being. It is not encased in its little body, but it is everywhere and wherever it wants to go. It has extraordinary capacities, it can do many things at the same time. It is beyond time and space, it is unseizable, ephemeral, but at the same time it exists. For me, it is this which has a value. And the one who finds me there, lives constantly in my consciousness and has no need of this external contact. Only, from time to time, he needs to recharge himself with a physical contact.

He who constantly lives in my consciousness is always guided by me, and my help and my protection are always with him, and he is perfectly satisfied with these visits because what he receives with the physical contact is enough to last for some days and he comes back to recharge himself, and it is perfectly all right. For you too, I see you once a week and I think it is enough. Only, you have to try to go a little more within to find me there.


What She has Done for Us


All that I say, all that I do, projects itself up there. It is like a well-prepared niche with all that is needed for the realisation in the world of being, in the world of becoming. Here, one does not see the result…. But there, in the world that is preparing to manifest itself, it makes all the difference.

Whatever I do, the least gesture, whatever I say or utter, has a stupendous effect in the other world. The vibrations that emanate from me become realised realities up there. Outwardly, you do not see anything here, any result of what I say. But up there, there is a whole world of difference… if you have the opportunity to visit that place, it is the next stage of your *journey towards the Truth.* Besides, it is after you have made an effort to overcome your ego that you will find yourself there. And you will be astonished to see the work I have accomplished for you all — for each one, his own path, clearly chalked out, well chiselled, all the obstacles, all the impediments removed, all that was blocking the way demolished, — so that you may walk freely towards the Truth in the full light of the New Consciousness. Once there, you have nothing to worry about, you can now walk straight ahead.

But it was quite a work that had to be done in this virgin forest where nothing existed, where nothing could be seen. But now it is all transformed, well-built and ready-made. There was some work to be done, and that is what I was busy with. It is as if I have removed all the difficulties from your path so that you might walk freely in the full light. That is why I tell you, you know nothing of what I have done for you. I have reduced the work of many lives, shortened the way, removed all the difficulties, and now you have only to walk without any worry. It is as if I have prepared and brought the food to your mouth so that all you have to do is to take the trouble to eat it. That is what I have done, prepared a niche for you up there.

And all that I am doing here below is reflected a thousand times more up there and is immediately realised. This is the way to reach the New Consciousness.




You know, the Grace is something that pushes you towards the goal to be reached. Do not try to judge it with your mind — you will get nowhere. For it is something tremendous which is not expressed in words or in feelings.

You know, when the Grace acts, the result could be a death or misfortune or happiness; it could even be a catastrophe but it is always the best for the individual. It is a blow sent by the Divine for a bounding progress. The Grace is that which makes you advance rapidly towards the realisation.

(Then, Mother speaks about a letter I had written to Her about a dream concerning a friend who was seriously ill.)

I have read your letter but you should not take it in that sense, and not allow your sentiments to be affected. You must know that what has happened was bound to happen and it is for his good that this has happened. It may be a death, a resurrection or even immortality but when it is the Grace that works, there is nothing to worry, for it is always for his good and enhances his progress. And such dreams one sees in a thousand ways; naturally, they have some truth but one must not use one’s mind or sentiment to judge them.

You know, once I have taken his charge, whatever may happen to him, it may be some painful or disagreeable thing, you understand… but the Grace will protect his soul and carry him nearer to me. There is nothing better one can expect.

The Grace is the greatest protection and the quickest means to come closer to me. It is invincible and does not follow the slow natural route but jumps, takes a leap, towards the goal. Whatever may be the outer consequences, the Grace carries you directly to me.




Blessed be this air that quivers with joy, having touched Her robe or lightly stroked Her face, or, having caressed Her hair, stolen a little of Her fragrance and Her sweetness.

Blessed be the feelings and emotions that ardently aspire to be identified with Her, wherever Her glory is sung or a sunlit future is in the making.

Blessed be the still moaning earth; but, having borne the Divine Mother, it cannot restrain this Ananda any longer and wants to burst its shell of unconsciousness and breathe Her plenitude.

Blessed be those whose hearts are still vibrating with that felicity and still remember that unique happiness.

Blessed be the day, blessed the auspicious hour, blessed this body, these eyes, the touch and the senses that have participated in that extraordinary phenomenon.

Blessed be the soul in me that, having so faintly known Her love, seeks untiringly to pursue this purifying flame.


What is this wonderful Grace whose compassion protects us forever? And is there any one among us who has not, more than once, felt tangibly its effect? Who has not been in a wonder of gratitude, for the life itself that has been given, the path traced, the assurance granted? The trivial events of our daily life when Grace holds out its hands, — can one count them?

As soon as we remember any of these moments that the Mother filled with delight, as soon as we hear the music or the voice of the Mother, when we are studying, meditating, when we are deeply moved, then we tell ourselves: “Now, I will not forget the Mother, even for a moment. I will take the firm decision, so that nothing will mislead me, I will try my best. I will, I will…”

And then, we know not when, without our being aware of it, without truly realising it, our eyes wander among the thousands of things that surround us, born from a ray of light or from a sound, and we are distracted, we go astray.

This is how we are at once so weak, so desolate and impotent before the Grandeur that has to be realised.

But the sweetness of a new light has descended, pouring down from the sky, dispelling the darkness and falsehood, and bringing with it the Blessings of the Supreme Grace. Now among us is the compassion that acts, the mercy that answers and the love that purifies. Now the Soul that speaks to our soul has come, announcing the end of the ignorance, to establish a new life in Her light and Her love. Now the assurance and the certitude of the victory have been given. The atmosphere radiates with Her presence and the whole universe thrills to Her Divine touch.


Blessed by Her, freed from all care, we can walk untiringly upon the lighted path She has built for us, from which She has removed all obstacles.

She only says to us: “Trust me and I shall lead you to the ultimate goal.”

Then each one of us answers:

“Joyfully I am Thine.

O Thou who hast made me enjoy, in all its purity, the beauty of a joyous and mysterious life,

O Thou who hast made me taste the power of a life that progresses,

O Thou who hast made me feel the light of a transforming life,

O Thou who hast led me to the sanctuary of the Truth of my soul, how could I not follow Thee? How could I not know Thee? How could I not trust Thee?

O Thou who hast done everything for us, Thou who art immutable, I give myself to Thee, imploring Thy Blessings.

O Love, Supreme Lord, may I be blessed by Thy Supreme Splendour.”