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At the Feet of The Mother

The Mother’s Prayer for June 1967 – Mona Sarkar | TOD 86

The Mother on Her Prayer for June 1967, Recollected by Mona Sarkar

 Over a span of 25 years — from 1949 to 1973 — the Mother wrote about 100 prayers for Mona Sarkar to help him in his inner progress and to guide him. The Mother sometimes elaborated the meaning of what She had written. This is a recollection of two such conversations, recorded by Mona da.


Step by step, day after day,
by a constant and indefatigable effort,
I aspire that all in this body I call “myself”,
exists only for and by Thy Divine Consciousness.


… Do you understand what it means? You know what it means exactly?

            (Then Mother explains the prayer bit by bit.)

“Step by step”: It means, conscious of each step; each step forward that you take, it must be placed consciously, a deliberate step, a progressive step, a step upwards, a step placed just exactly where it should be, seen from before, guided by the consciousness.

Step by step, embracing all the parts, confident of success, conquering stage by stage in a constant movement full of enthusiasm, always forward, without any hesitation or doubt, without stopping to take a breath or having a thought about how to take the next step forward — no, my child, always confident of the Presence, assured of the victory, one must walk consciously, one step after another, towards the goal. 

“day after day”:  t each moment, at each instant, each day, continuously, without ceasing, one must aspire, one must live in the consciousness; the flame must be lit at each moment of the day, — one must want the Divine.

You must prepare yourself, open yourself so that the light can descend incessantly, so that you are able to receive it at each moment.

No, not to say, “Today I am not feeling well, I do not have sufficient zeal, that is why I can relax for the day. Tomorrow I will see if I have enough aspiration, I will think of You or call You tomorrow. I will work with greater enthusiasm. Today I do not feel the aspiration. Today I will rest so that tomorrow I can start again with more vigour.”

You must throw all these excuses far away. Your aspiration must be constant, and more intense and more living at each moment, ceaselessly. Day after day, you must feel this eagerness to progress always towards the goal.

by a constant effort”: The effort must be constant, uninterrupted, with more and more fervour, and a sustained effort that breaks down all obstacles. To feel this Presence that always impels you forward, constantly, without wavering. To follow the thread and to be in contact; to walk, to walk, walk, day and night in the quest of your goal till one has climbed to the summit, till one has found the result. To pursue tirelessly with an explosive effort that does not stop, which invades all, which leaves behind all that opposes. Even what is said to be impossible, what one thinks is beyond human thought, which has no reality for men — he cares not for all that, for he has a burning faith which can conquer everything, even what is impossible. It is because he has a portion of the Divine that he has the confidence of establishing Him, the Divine in himself. He must gather all that opposes and throw them out of himself paying no attention to all that prevents his march forward.

Having only one thing in front of you — that is your goal and nothing else — you must launch forth towards that, break all the oppositions obstinately and with persistence, to arrive at the goal. It is this impetuous will to conquer at all cost, it is this that is meant by ‘tireless’. It must be a constant and untiring effort, you understand.

“I aspire”: It is you who are aspiring; it is from there (Mother indicates the heart) that you aspire, an aspiration that surges up from the depths of your being with an intensity directed exclusively towards the goal.  

“All that is in this body that I call ‘myself’”: All that belongs to you, that is yours, your body, your possessions, all that has become one with your body, which is part of your being, all this, your thoughts, your actions, your movements, in a word, all that you call ‘myself’ — “It is I who have done this, it is I who am walking, eating, going, coming and sleeping”— all that belongs  to you, that is yours all this, all your attributes, your desires, all without exception . . .

“exists only for”: All this, all that I have just explained to you, exists only for the Divine, exclusively, without reserve. There is nothing that is done which is not for the Divine, which does not express the Divine. Let all your actions, all your movements be only for the Divine. All is an offering, and it is for Him that you exist. Your aim is only to serve the Divine. Your existence on earth is for Him alone.

“and by Thy Divine Consciousness”: That It is the Divine Consciousness that acts through you, that moves you, that makes you aspire. It is He who guides you. Your existence is nothing if it is not for Him and provided by Him. All that you do it is because He acts through you; you do nothing except moved by Him. That is the divine consciousness, that acts through you, that moves you, that makes you aspire. It is he who guides you, your existence is nothing. if it is not for him and provided by him. All that you do it is because he acts through you;you do nothing except moved by Him. All in you expresses the Divine, the Divine who manifests Himself in your life and your actions in full freedom.

When it will be like that, when you will exist only for and by the Divine Consciousness, then it will be the beginning of something, for blossoming in the Truth. It is a work for you, you, a hard work. When your life is offered exclusively to the Divine, completely surrendered, then you will begin to live a life. All the parts of your being will obey this single call, in every detail, that alone exist for him. it should be His impulsion that acts through you.

Nothing but He alone exists for you.

That will be something . . . when you acquire this consciousness …   

<continued on another day>

Do not presume that it will be a path of roses on which one can walk easily, smiling and watching casually all that is happening. No. I warn you once again that it will be a very difficult path, full of detours, full of blunders and adverse consequences, full of unexpected things, and very difficult to bear — even physically, to be followed with certitude, and to reject the unnecessary burdens.

One must be very alert, conscious at each moment, to avoid the catastrophes, the dangerous blows that could be very severe. Do not think that it will be a path of roses and spiritual delight. On the contrary, it is a very difficult path, it is like a sharp sword as it is usually said; there are not many who have the courage to face all these difficulties, not many; very, very few can surmount all that.    

But Mother, it will become a path of roses, will it not?

Ah, that is afterwards, when one has realised many things, when it is He who guides you. it is at that time, yes. Not before.         

Why, it can be even now, with Your help.

Yes, but only if one has an intense faith, a burning faith, a faith that does not change that is not dependent on external things and events, a faith that changes everything because it knows the law; because it has found the inner contact, it does not allow any doubt, any hesitation to penetrate within. It is firm and conquers everything. Yes, with this faith, the path becomes luminous and smiling; always it helps, and there are no more difficulties. The difficulties are transformed into touchstones. Then it is another thing altogether, this faith that renders the forward march always glorious and joyous as if the difficulties disappear and a Hand leads you, removing in advance the obstacles and the difficulties. And then it is no longer painful.


And he who has this faith, walks in the beatific splendour of the Divine.

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