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At the Feet of The Mother


The Mother Reads Selections from Savitri by Sri Aurobindo


Book 3. The Book of the Divine Mother

Canto 3. The House of the Spirit and the New Creation

The great world-rhythms were heart-beats of one Soul,
To feel was a flame-discovery of God,
All mind was a single harp of many strings,
All life a song of many meeting lives;
For worlds were many, but the Self was one.
This knowledge was now made a cosmos’ seed:
This seed was cased in the safety of the Light,
It needed not a sheath of Ignorance.
[p. 323]
* * *
None was apart, none lived for himself alone,
Each lived for God in him and God in all,
Each soleness inexpressibly held the whole.
[p. 324]
* * *
In these new worlds projected he became
A portion of the universal gaze,
A station of the all-inhabiting light,
A ripple on a single sea of peace.
[p. 325]
* * *
Endlessly she unrolled her moving act,
A mystery drama of divine delight,
. . .
An ardent hunt of soul looking for soul,
A seeking and a finding as of gods.
[p. 328]
* * *
There substance was a resonant harp of self,
A net for the constant lightnings of the Spirit,
. . .
Its bodies woven by a divine sense
Prolonged the nearness of soul’s clasp with soul;
[pp. 328-329]
* * *
All had not ceased in the unbounded hush.
His heart lay somewhere conscious and alone
Far down below him like a lamp in night;
. . .
In the centre of its vast and fateful trance
Half way between his free and fallen selves,
Interceding twixt God’s day and the mortal’s night,
Accepting worsihp as its single law,
. . .
To her it turned for whom it willed to be.
[pp. 331-332]

End of Book 3 Canto 3

three dots stand for omitted lines, three asterisks indicate also a separate page in the video presentation

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