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At the Feet of The Mother

The Mutual Debt (1) Creator and the Creation

The ascent to the divine Life is the human journey, the Work of works, the acceptable Sacrifice. This alone is man’s real business in the world and the justification of his existence, without which he would be only an insect crawling among other ephemeral insects on a speck of surface mud and water which has managed to form itself amid the appalling immensities of the physical universe.

Sri Aurobindo [CWSA 21: 48]

Creator and the Creation

Creation is a mystery, one of the most fascinating mystery. The very fact that anything exists at all implies that there must be a Source of all this existence. It is this Source that is called God. Equally, we may say that since consciousness exists, to whatever extent and degree, there must be somewhere a Consciousness of which all these diminished aspects of consciousness that various forms of existence experiences are derived from and are a part of. The same would hold true of every other experience that we can have while moving through the various shades of creation – the experience of joy, love and light and knowledge. It is this utmost Truth of all these things to which we give the term God. And since we carry the Source always within us it is but natural that we seek these things in whatever measure.

If this were all there would be no difficulty in logically understanding God. He would be an Absolute of all that we see scattered here in various forms and aspects. But since the Source is One we may well say that all these scattered aspects and qualities and powers are found in Him in a state of perfect Unity and Harmony. This state of Being in which all the various aspects exist in their absolute form and in complete harmony is called a Perfection, a Divine Perfection so to say. We could even go a step further and say that beyond the Perfect Being of God there is the Non-Being. The Non-Being is not a non-existent reality, – for such a thing is an impossibility, it is rather a state of which nothing can be said. It is an Ultimate so to say. The Being of God is what emerges out of That for Creation. It is with this Supreme Being that we can connect, relate, even become one with and like Him in whatever miniature way. In our essence we are Himself but not so on the surfaces of life. It is like the seed buried in depths of mud whereby one cannot understand the nature of this seed, which is the most important element by examining the nature of the mud in which it has been buried. This seed of God within us is what is called the Soul. The soil that surrounds it, feeds it, nourishes and nurtures it, holds it so that it can be rooted to the earth is what is called Nature. Right now this divine seed within us is buried and goes unnoticed. But it grows silently from life to life until it is ready to start its journey towards the Light of the Sun and the free expanse of Space.

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