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At the Feet of The Mother

The Mutual Debt (4) The Other, Our Side of the Story

But now it is our turn. We are co-sharers and partners in this tremendous labour. We too are at least partial creators. Therefore we too must rise to the occasion and fulfil God’s Purpose of creation which is to manifest all the Beauty, Truth, Wisdom, Power, Peace, Bliss,  Love, Perfection of God in terms of time and space. We too are in some way His representatives who are here on His behalf so that informed by His Wisdom and moved by His Force we can turn this ambiguous field of earth into a beautiful garden of God. In fact, we often complain why God has done this or why He has done that. We lament that He does not know what it is to be human. We grumble about the many challenges of earthly life while god sleeps in His Silence Above. This is an obvious misreading of the Creator. No doubt He transcends creation, – how else would He be God, but He also invites us to share His Kingdom, to be equally free and share His inalienable delight.  Not only does He invite, He Himself descends into the play, takes upon Himself all the difficulties and challenges and dangers of earthly life. He does so not only as a Presence Immanent within creation and man, immanent and yet immune, but He actually takes upon the grim burden of the flesh, becomes utterly human so that man may be shown the way in real time through his living example. This is the story of all Avataras, a story that reaches its climax in Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. They have done Their part. Now it is to us to heed the call and follow the lead or else choose the inevitable collapse.  The collapse is easy, we just have to continue along the same line of an egoistic selfish life where the satisfaction of desires and ambition with some strivings for knowledge is all we can achieve and dare. Yet there is another path opened for man. It is the [path of the great ascension, to be something or someone more than man, to be the divine superhumanity of the future rather than the half-animal, half-human, desire-ridden, ego-driven humanity of the present. It is the hour to make this choice, whether to belong to the humanity of the past or to take a bold leap towards the future. It is a leap of faith, a leap of aspiration, a leap of courage. The Grace is there to help us take the leap and go through the process of transmutation. The question now is not whether there is indeed a divine possibility for man, other than his launch into nirvana. The question rather is ‘Are we ready?’

But for this, we must first reclaim the divinity we have lost being buried for long in the soil. We must first put on the Divine Supernature and discard the discredit of our mortal state. This is the real purpose,  the one true goal of creation and of human life as well. All the rest is tilling the soil or feeding the soul. This is what is Savitri reveals to us, the secret Goal of creation and the way to arrive at it. Here are some of Sri Aurobindo’s magical lines that, like an immortal sunshine, remind us, inspire us, enthuse us towards this great tremendous purpose for which we are here.

The Absolute, the Perfect, the Immune,
One who is in us as our secret self,
Our mask of imperfection has assumed,
He has made this tenement of flesh his own,
His image in the human measure cast
That to his divine measure we might rise;
Then in a figure of divinity
The Maker shall recast us and impose
A plan of godhead on the mortal’s mould
Lifting our finite minds to his infinite,
Touching the moment with eternity.
This transfiguration is earth’s due to heaven:
A mutual debt binds man to the Supreme:
His nature we must put on as he put ours;
We are sons of God and must be even as he:
His human portion, we must grow divine.
Our life is a paradox with God for key.

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