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At the Feet of The Mother

The Mysterious Recognition, p. 400

Opening Remarks
There is an instant recognition when Savitri meets Satyavan. This recognition is not based on anything outward but comes from some soul deeps cutting through the barriers of form.

The spirits met
Out of the voiceless mystery of the past
In a present ignorant of forgotten bonds
These spirits met upon the roads of Time.

Two souls met on the roads of time emerging from the past which they had forgotten. This past does not speak a human language. It emerges from the soul deeps and brings to us soul values that we have to carry further in our present life’s journey.

First vision
Yet in the heart their secret conscious selves
At once aware grew of each other warned
By the first call of a delightful voice
And a first vision of the destined face.

Though the outward sense could not understand yet they seized upon some outward sign, the voice that gave joy, the face that brought the sense of a recognition. The hearts thus met entering into each other, becoming aware of each other in the secret self.

The remembrance lost
As when being cries to being from its depths
Behind the screen of the external sense
And strives to find the heart-disclosing word,
The passionate speech revealing the soul’s need,
But the mind’s ignorance veils the inner sight,
Only a little breaks through our earth-made bounds,
So now they met in that momentous hour,
So utter the recognition in the deeps,
The remembrance lost, the oneness felt and missed.

The past is not remembered beyond one single lifetime. One feels the oneness within but the outer being misses it. The depths cry for each other behind the curtain of the senses and strives to find the meaning of this cry and the word expressive of the soul’s need. But the mind’s ignorance veils the inner sight letting only a little of it escape.

Closing Remarks
Savitri and Satyavan seem to experience a soul recognition when they meet.

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