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At the Feet of The Mother

The Negation by the Physical

Why is there such a mad revolt in the lower Prakriti? No one has put any pressure there for a change.

It is probably after the progress made about the inner consciousness receiving in spite of the inertia that the tamas rose so strongly in order to assert its right to obstruct the progress.

There is an attempt in my being to support and help the working of the Mothers Force. If it succeeds sufficiently the tamas would hardly be able to delay the journey; it would be transformed into peace.

Yes, that is how it should happen — but it is difficult so long as the inner being is not conscious and receptive at all times and in all conditions — and it is difficult and takes time to establish such a condition.

Yesterday you spoke about the inner being. Today when the tamas began to rise as usual it stopped it. I would like to establish such a condition for good. Shall I succeed?

At any rate you have now the way and the power to do it.

This morning when I woke up I found myself already besieged by the army of the lower forces. Till yesterday I had at least some periods of relief when I could retire for a rest. But since this morning the whole time has been filled with the attacks. It is obvious that those forces are marching forward.

You do not say what the battle was about. However, whatever it might be, it has to be fought out and the main thing is to keep the inner quietude and faith.

What is ‘the battle about’? The only thing these forces mind is my inner relation with the Mother. They object to it.

Of course they have very strong objections.

I felt that some people around me were used by the lower forces to upset me. Was it really so?

It may have been the lower forces working in them as well. But in what form did they come up, these lower forces?

What is the intention of the forces in their continued inroads?

They hope by persistence to tire you out or to get in by sheer obstinacy — or at least to delay the realisation by their attacks. That is always their method. If they can shake the faith, the peace and samata (equality), they think themselves richly recompensed.

I intend to sweep out the lower forces before meeting the Mother tomorrow. Failing in it I do not like to show my face to her.

That is a suggestion of the lower forces. They want to create an excuse for your remaining aloof like that.

Now I find it difficult to maintain even a mental aspiration.

It is a result of the adverse pressure.

I think H had not to pass so many days in sheer darkness like me.

Your difficulties are not worse than those of H or others.

You wrote two days back: “In what form did they come up, these lower forces?” Well, I don’t know that. They simply come up.

What forces? what form do they take? tamas? ego? sex? dissatisfactions? wrong suggestions? Your descriptions speak only of attacks and suspension of the realisations — but what is the nature or form of the attack?

These forces want me to remain below, that is, in their own domain of darkness.

What is this darkness then? Is it merely a negative condition or is there active disturbance and if so, of what kind? If it is only a negative condition, then you have to go on aspiring steadily till something does come down.

It is a condition of sheer darkness. The adverse forces did fry to introduce active disturbance — ego, sex, dissatisfaction etc. — but they could not succeed. For wherever I may be, fallen or besieged, the Mothers protection always follows me. It is there even when I do not or cannot notice it.

If it consists in that negation alone — then you have to aspire, get back the full quietude and silence and throw out the invading unconsciousness.

Even now I am unable to understand my present sadhana. What is the matter with it? — one after another, attacks are persistently coming. Am I pushed into a region of attacks? No sooner do I conquer one than I see already another approaching me!

This negation is the very nature of the physical resistance and the physical resistance is the whole base of the denial of the Divine in the world. All in the physical is persistent, obstinate, with a massive force of negation and inertia — if it were not so, sadhana would be extremely cursory. You have to face this character of the physical resistance and conquer it however often it may rise. It is the price of the transformation of the earth-consciousness.

What is exactly meant by negation here?

Negation of deeper peace, Mother’s presence, self etc. as opposed to a positive attack of lust, ego, vital turmoil etc.

The same negative state prolongs. I was sure to overcome it. But suddenly I received threefold more work than usual. So no time to work it out.

The negative condition should not alarm, if it is only negative, not accompanied with a disturbance. Some perseverance is all that is needed to get out of it.

My getting up from the present fall might begin from the silence. For that seems to be the nearest branch I can catch from the ground.

Probably you are right.

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