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At the Feet of The Mother

The Occult Forces behind Creation, pp 83-84

Opening remarks
With this transformation Aswapati grows aware of the occult forces that stand behind creation and weave the texture and curves and circumstances of our life. This knowledge is part of the Integral Knowledge for without it we may be free but ineffective in our action in the world-play.

Sealless eye
All was uncovered to his sealless eye.

The power that work for the transformation, opens by its descent, new ways and modes of knowledge in us. Nothing remains hidden before its Light. All layers that hide and veil the inner working of cosmos have been stripped bare from Aswapati’s consciousness even as the sun of Knowledge is rising in him showing things that were hitherto hidden.

Burning splendor of his will
A secret Nature stripped of her defence,
Once in a dreaded half-light formidable,
Overtaken in her mighty privacy
Lay bare to the burning splendour of his will.

As the fire grows and the will grows luminous and united with the Divine Will and Power then nothing can remain hidden however thick and dense and dark the veil may be. Their formidable powers are subdued in their own den by the presence of Aswapati, the seer-yogi experiencing the mighty transformation.

Mastering Mind
In shadowy chambers lit by a strange sun
And opening hardly to hid mystic keys
Her perilous arcanes and hooded Powers
Confessed the advent of a mastering Mind
And bore the compulsion of a time-born gaze.

The occult forces and powers, the dangerous energies of perilous domains begin to be mastered by the growing Light and Power in Aswapati. They showed up their secret truths and yielded to his will grown one with the Divine.

Earth-nursed might
Incalculable in their wizard modes,
Immediate and invincible in the act,
Her secret strengths native to greater worlds
Lifted above our needy limited scope,
The occult privilege of demigods
And the sure power-pattern of her cryptic signs,
Her diagrams of geometric force,
Her potencies of marvel-fraught design
Courted employment by an earth-nursed might.

As consciousness grows and expands, as the transforming Force works in us, the powers and energies of higher and occult world begin to pour and seek expression through the seeker. The truth behind occult designs and patters, the powers of greater and hidden worlds offer themselves up before the transforming Force and Her human instrument.

Seeing Mind and free soul-force
A conscious Nature’s quick machinery
Armed with a latent splendour of miracle
The prophet-passion of a seeing Mind,
And the lightning bareness of a free soul-force.

As Nature grows conscious of the Lord within our mind and life become conscious instruments of the soul that moves them freely. Freed from the veils of ignorance and bondage to lesser powers, the soul can now act freely upon creation pouring upon it the Light and Power of the Divine Consciousness.

A new domain of normalcy supreme
All once impossible deemed could now become
A natural limb of possibility,
A new domain of normalcy supreme.

New and divine possibilities begin to emerge and manifest spontaneously as the instruments of Nature are heightened, refined and progressively transformed.

Closing remarks
This is part of the spiritual transformation experienced by Aswapati as a result of the descending Force.

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