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At the Feet of The Mother

The Only Thing That Really Matters

Remaining single or marrying is not the main decision of life. Even joining an Ashram or not is not so important. All the so-called major events of our life that are traditionally given so much value are hardly of consequence. Their importance derives from what we inwardly are and can become, and one can safely leave such things for destiny to unfold while offering everything to Her with the trust that Her Grace will carry us through everything.

So the most important thing is the goal that our soul has chosen and the aspiration that flames within. When we feed our aspiration with our heart and prayers, help it grow through offering everything to Her, nurture and nourish it as one cares for one’s child, guard it as the most precious treasure that you would never want to part, then this flame grows, the outer life and circumstances change and adjust themselves to this new found reality which is the true truth of our being.

All the rest such as marriage, job etc. will help or hinder depending upon the attitude we take towards them. In themselves these things, mostly related to our outer being in one lifetime have little importance given the breadth and scope of our journey spanning through many lifetimes.

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