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At the Feet of The Mother

The Opposition to the Human March, pp. 336-337

Opening Remarks
The human journey upon earth is full of danger and difficulties posed by opposing powers arisen from the abysses of darkness and inconscience.

Titan influence
Against his spirit all is in dire league,
A Titan influence stops his Godward gaze.

The human march is not a straight line. It curves through the zigzag of the gods and moves through heights and abysses that open before it as it advances. The titan influence obstructs his Godward gaze and stands in the way of his advance.

Immense implacable deities
Around him hungers the unpitying Void,
The eternal Darkness seeks him with her hands,
Inscrutable Energies drive him and deceive,
Immense implacable deities oppose.

His journey is assisted and opposed by forces beyond our reckoning. Around him there is the hungry void, the dark inconscient abyss that draws his soul towards itself. There are forces and energies that drive and deceive him.

Dim camp of Night
An inert Soul and a somnambulist Force
Have made a world estranged from life and thought;
The Dragon of the dark foundations keeps
Unalterable the law of Chance and Death;
On his long way through Time and Circumstance
The grey-hued riddling nether shadow-Sphinx,
Her dreadful paws upon the swallowing sands,
Awaits him armed with the soul-slaying word:
Across his path sits the dim camp of Night.

His soul inert under the conditioning of a mechanically driven material energy has built this world estranged from life and thought. It is submerged in matter and hence powerless and inert until it wakes up fully to its own divine possibilities. The Dragon that guards the abyss keeps unalterable the law of Chance and Death. He navigates a long way through Time and Circumstance whereby the shadow Sphinx waits to pounce upon it confronting his soul with the cosmic riddle. She waits upon his path to slay him in the swallowing sands by the powers of falsehood. The dim camp of Night sits across his path to draw and attract him and when he is thus off guard to steal and rob him of his spiritual wealth.

Prey of the minutes and the hours
His day is a moment in perpetual Time;
He is the prey of the minutes and the hours.

His life is just a brief moment in everlasting time. He is a victim of the moments in his march towards eternity. This is due to the state of ignorance in which man is caught.

Link between the demigod and the beast
Assailed on earth and unassured of heaven,
Descended here unhappy and sublime,
A link between the demigod and the beast,
He knows not his own greatness nor his aim;
He has forgotten why he has come and whence.

Assailed on earth and unsure of heaven, man descended from sublime heights into this unhappy world. He is a cross between the animal nature that he has inherited and the godlike state from where he has come. He has hence forgotten his greatness and his aim, his purpose and his origin. His consciousness has descended from great heights but it is submerged in a material body of an animal make.

His spirit and his members
His spirit and his members are at war;
His heights break off too low to reach the skies,
His mass is buried in the animal mire.

His soul and his nature are at war. Hence he is unable to fly too high. His physical and vital beings are buried in gross animality.

Closing Remarks
Such is the strange predicament of human life, opposed at every step by the forces of darkness that oppose his journey turning it into an inner and outer battle.

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