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At the Feet of The Mother

The Peace and Bliss of Brahman, p. 297

Opening Remarks
Aswapati has now experienced the Peace that comes from the Self through Its reflection in his mind. He has experienced the Bliss of cosmic Spirit that holds this world in its arms. He has seen the face of the Divine Mother who now bids him to move further.

Tread of the hours
After a measureless moment of the soul
Again returning to these surface fields
Out of the timeless depths where he had sunk,
He heard once more the slow tread of the hours.

Aswapati now emerges from these soul-depths where he had sunk. Emerging out of the state of timelessness, he slowly returns to the surface fields of life and hears the tread of Time.

Himself to himself
All once perceived and lived was far away;
Himself was to himself his only scene.

Everything in this state seemed far, far away. Even his own body and mind seemed as if something he was experiencing outside himself as a scene that one sees.

Boundless silences
Above the Witness and his universe
He stood in a realm of boundless silences
Awaiting the Voice that spoke and built the worlds.

Going beyond this Witness state and its unreal universe he stood in a realm of boundless silences waiting for the Voice that built the worlds.

Bare and infinite ground
A light was round him wide and absolute,
A diamond purity of eternal sight;
A consciousness lay still, devoid of forms,
Free, wordless, uncoerced by sign or rule,
For ever content with only being and bliss;
A sheer existence lived in its own peace
On the single spirit’s bare and infinite ground.

A light, absolute and pure surrounded him and his sight had gathered the purity and power of the supramental light. He experienced pure consciousness devoid of all forms, free and mute, without any sign or rule. Existence was a state of utter contentment and bliss. It dwelt in Its own peace on the formless infinite ground of the One Spirit.

Self’s colourless purity
Out of the sphere of Mind he had arisen,
He had left the reign of Nature’s hues and shades;
He dwelt in his self’s colourless purity.

Aswapati had risen above the Mind. He had left behind all the many colours and moods of Nature and dwelt in the signless, colourless purity of the Self.

Closing Remarks
Aswapati is now preparing for yet another journey. He has reached to the highest point where the Mind could climb. Now he must climb further to the very home of the Eternal.

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