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At the Feet of The Mother

The Peaks and Summits, p. 299

Opening Remarks
Aswapati stands at the apex of creation from where he can see and experience all the peaks that climb towards the Unknowable. We are now given a glimpse of his experience at those unreachable summits, unreachable except through a rarest arduous tapasya as Aswapati has been engaged in.

Mystic peaks
There Knowledge called him to her mystic peaks
Where thought is held in a vast internal sense
And feeling swims across a sea of peace
And vision climbs beyond the reach of Time.

These mystic peaks are the highest points of earth nature disclosed to the very few. It is the very origin of Knowledge from where it descends and clothes itself in thought and word and speech and sense. One can have a glimpse of this when the Idea is held within the consciousness of the seer and thence reveals its deeper truths. All feelings there arise in a sea of peace and sight travels towards far end of Time and strives to go further beyond.

First creator seers
An equal of the first creator seers,
Accompanied by an all-revealing light
He moved through regions of transcendent Truth
Inward, immense, innumerably one.

The first creator seers are powers of the Divine that are stationed in the Overmind. They oversee creation and mediate between the movements of the world and the Lord. Aswapati is now part of this luminous and august company. There he moved through regions of immense and transcendent Truth that is One and the Many at the same time. He could thereby see things by an all-revealing light with no scope or possibility of error.

Time’s triple dividing step
There distance was his own huge spirit’s extent;
Delivered from the fictions of the mind
Time’s triple dividing step baffled no more;
Its inevitable and continuous stream,
The long flow of its manifesting course,
Was held in spirit’s single wide regard.

It is the point from where Space is created as an ever expanding sphere through the extension of Self. There Time originates to work out the eternal dreams of the One. The triple division of past, present and future vanishes as one knows there everything in its essence and its progressive unfolding through time. It is seen as a single stream and not a disconnected series of events and circumstances. The entire journey of creation and of each aspect and force and person was seen there in the sweep of a single vision.

Universal beauty
A universal beauty showed its face:
The invisible deep-fraught significances,
Here sheltered behind form’s insensible screen,
Uncovered to him their deathless harmony
And the key to the wonder-book of common things.

There he discovered the self of formless universal beauty and its law. He could thus see behind the screen of sense and form its deathless harmony manifesting in the commonest of things.

Uniting law
In their uniting law stood up revealed
The multiple measures of the upbuilding force,
The lines of the World-Geometer’s technique,
The enchantments that uphold the cosmic web
And the magic underlying simple shapes.

There Aswapati discovers the law the World-Geometer’s technique, the Divine Builder who links the different elements and patterns in creation through a set of intricate and interconnected laws. Thus He unites the different forces operating in creation together in a wonderful dance and harmonious rhythm thereby upholding the cosmic web in which the simplest of forms is a magic and a wonder.

Rhythmic metres
On peaks where Silence listens with still heart
To the rhythmic metres of the rolling worlds,
He served the sessions of the triple Fire.

The wonderful and enchanting Divine Dancer has set this world into motion by the rhythms of his dance. On these mystic peaks the word of creation is received in the silence of the still heart. It is this mystic Word that initiates the great cosmic yajna where all is linked to all. The Fire is the Divine Energy in its dual aspects of Heat and Light, Knowledge and Will that expresses Itself simultaneously at the base in Matter, at the Apex where Its home lies in the Supramental Truth and in the middle in all the mid worlds.

Closing Remarks
All the profoundest secrets of creation and its very beginning are being revealed to Aswapati as they did to the rare seers of the Vedas in far back times.

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