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At the Feet of The Mother

The Possibility of a Higher Life, p. 123

Opening Remarks
Our human life could be lifted far above its present pitch and bring in some fresh air from diviner heights if matter could open to the Spirit’s influx.

 Half-way to heaven
But here were worlds lifted half-way to heaven.

Lifted far above earth nature, yet they are not the highest peaks that man’s soul can climb.

Veil but not the Wall
The Veil was there but not the Shadowy Wall;
In forms not too remote from human grasp
Some passion of the inviolate purity
Broke through, a ray of the original Bliss.

A bright curtain hung between these high Life-Worlds and the highest Ecstasy. Yet something of the ultimate Bliss could still enter these realms through the thin veil. A contact still was felt and not a rigid wall separating the two.

If earth were pure
Heaven’s joys might have been earth’s if earth were pure.

These high Life-Worlds were bathed in purity and could gift something of their joy and beauty if the earth too could be pure enough to hold their energy without distorting or spilling and misdirecting it.

All love could play
There could have reached our divinised sense and heart
Some natural felicity’s bright extreme,
Some thrill of Supernature’s absolutes:
All strengths could laugh and sport on earth’s hard roads
And never feel her cruel edge of pain,
All love could play and nowhere Nature’s shame.

Earth too could have tasted this bliss of the higher worlds and felt the touch of a joyous love and strength without the edge of pain if our sense and heart could be divinized.

Doors are barred
But she has stabled her dreams in Matter’s courts
And still her doors are barred to things supreme.

But here upon earth the dreams and force of life is tied to matter whose doors are closed to diviner things.

Closing Remarks
Matter must be prepared for the Divine Life to be established upon earth. Until then these greater possibilities of life will remain mere dreams.

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