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At the Feet of The Mother

The Power of Words

Words have a great creative power. When spoken in sincere faith and aspiration, they never go in vain. The words we speak to Thee, Mother Divine, in prayer, act as a great power for our inner transformation.

We do not realise the great power that is in words, and in our ignorant recklessness allow them to be wasted and abused; we thus dissipate their force and bring trouble on others as well as on ourselves. In order to organise our life, it is essentially necessary that we should first be able to control and regulate our speech.

Words are the symbols of all our outward expressions and activities; words give concrete form to our thoughts and sentiments; spoken in the silence of our heart, words exercise an immense influence upon the lives of ourselves as well as of others. If we can learn the right use of words, we shall learn the right use of life.

Give this right use of words and speech to me, Mother. Let not a single idle or unnecessary word pass out of my mouth; let me not utter anything impure or false even in the silence of my heart; let all my words be pure and true, let all my speech be wholly dedicated to Thy praise and Thy service.

When my words and speech, thus controlled and purified, will be used directly by Thee, Mother Divine, as Thy instrument, as a vehicle for the expression of Thy will, only then the creative power of words will be fully realised in me.



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