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At the Feet of The Mother

The Prayer and Invocation of Life, pp. 199-200

Opening remarks
Life refuses to give up. She raises her hands in hope turning towards heaven for her redemption. She waits for the extended and uplifting arm of God to save.

Worshipping eyes
This wave of being longing for delight,
This eager turmoil of unsatisfied strengths,
These long far files of forward-striving hopes
Lift worshipping eyes to the blue Void called heaven
Looking for the golden Hand that never came,
The advent for which all creation waits,
The beautiful visage of Eternity
That shall appear upon the roads of Time.

In her incessant search for delight and strength that shall never fade nor fail she raises her eye of hope towards the heavens. Worshipping the unseen Gods hidden in the higher hemisphere she longs and waits for the redeeming touch of the supramental Avatar, longs to behold His beauty and glory that shall descend amidst life and rescue life from the clutches of darkness, ignorance and death.

One day
Yet still to ourselves we say rekindling faith,
“Oh, surely one day he shall come to our cry,
One day he shall create our life anew
And utter the magic formula of peace
And bring perfection to the scheme of things.

We wait with faith in the future. We wait for the Divine Advent who shall one day respond to our cry and reshape our earthly life. We wait for the day when all here shall be peaceful and perfect.

A world that cries for help
One day he shall descend to life and earth,
Leaving the secrecy of the eternal doors,
Into a world that cries to him for help,
And bring the truth that sets the spirit free,
The joy that is the baptism of the soul,
The strength that is the outstretched arm of Love.

We wait with prayer upon our lips and hope in our hearts that one day the Divine shall establish His kingdom here upon earth. He shall come to our cry for help and set our souls free in the Truth. We wait for that new birth that shall bring out the joy that is already there within our soul and the saviour strength born out of Love.

Dreadful veil
One day he shall lift his beauty’s dreadful veil,
Impose delight on the world’s beating heart
And bare his secret body of light and bliss.”

Indeed one day He shall lift this dreadful mask of evil and suffering and pain that He has spun around Himself and fill the striving world His light and delight. One day we shall behold His body of Bliss now hidden behind the dolorous mask.

Closing remarks
This is the hope that Life carries within her heart, a hope and a longing to be freed in the spirit and taste once again her lost glory and delight.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.