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At the Feet of The Mother

The Process of Evolution (TH 051)

The process of evolution is to absorb the past elements and give them a new form which is conducive to the new element. It is an adaptation, assimilation and integration. First there was matter on earth. When Prana or the life energy came, it gave movement and expansion to it. When Mind came, it tried to balance prana by regulation, by creating order, by imposing limits. This brought in complexity by defining elements and energies and forces in several categories and distinct movements. All this creates a real challenge when any new change is attempted in nature. It is not just about breaking free from the old habits and limits but also bringing in a new balance of forces. That is why the traditional yogas try to break free the soul by all possible means while leaving the nature as it is. Here in Sri Aurobindo’s yoga the whole orientation is different. It has taken up the whole nature and life as the field of yoga. Here it is not rejection but to purify the nature and feel the unity and Oneness of God in everything and everywhere. According to the stage of purification, the hidden powers of nature come out and help us to be wide, and ultimately manifest the divine nature through the transformed human instruments adapted to the New Power.

This talk was recorded in May 2012 in Nainital.

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