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At the Feet of The Mother

The Psychic Being

The year 1933

It seems to me that you must know by this time about the psychic being — that it is behind the veil and its consciousness also; only a little comes out in the mind and vital and physical. When that consciousness is not concealed, when you are aware of your soul (the psychic being), when its feelings and consciousness are yours, then you have got the consciousness of the psychic being. The feelings and aspirations of the psychic being are all turned towards truth and right consciousness and the Divine; it is the only part that cannot be touched by the hostile forces and their suggestions.

But how to remove that veil and get the psychic in front?

You have to aspire for it and it can only happen when you are sufficiently advanced.

Usually the mind opens first or the heart — the psychic centre opens afterwards.

From where does the mind or the psychic receive the power of discrimination?

It belongs to them by nature — only the mind can err, the psychic does not.

Is it not the Mother who warns us indirectly, through the mind or the psychic?

It is only when the Mother speaks directly that you can say “The Mother has said”.

Nowadays, I notice that when I do not check the useless thoughts and impulses, some part within feels a sense of uneasiness.

It may be something psychic-mental, that is, an influence of the psychic put out into the mind.

When the psychic has put its influence into the mind, why is it so weak that it cannot prevent the wrong thoughts and impulses coming in, but simply tolerates them with an uneasy feeling?

The mind and the vital have always been dominant and developed themselves and are accustomed to act for themselves. How do you expect an influence coming forward and for the first time to be stronger? The psychic is not uneasy, it makes you uneasy when you do the wrong thing.

The uneasiness created by the psychic is not depression — it is in the nature of a rejection of the wrong movement. If the uneasiness causes depression or vital dissatisfaction, it is not the psychic.

The uneasiness is simply a reminder to you to be more vigilant in future.

In what way am I going so wrong that the psychic becomes too feeble to control my vital and its wrong movements?

You have been keeping the psychic in the background during a thousand lives and indulging the vital. That is why the psychic is not strong.

Is not our psychic being in itself surrendered to the Divine?

It has to be surrendered consciously and with more knowledge. The psychic aspires to the Divine or answers to things divine, it is surrendered in principle, but it has to develop its surrender in detail carrying with it the surrender of all the being.

Is it true that unless each of our parts — mind, vital and physical — aspires for transformation there cannot be a total surrender?


Does your answer mean that all our being must come under the psychic influence and obey it?


Does the psychic aspire through the mind only?

Why should it aspire through the mind only?

Because the mind has a greater purity and openness to the Divine than the vital and the physical.

The psychic can aspire from itself. It can aspire through the vital and the physical also.

When the mind, vital and physical are not awakened, how does the psychic manifest its influence on the material plane?

You do not seem to have understood my answer at all. In the ordinary consciousness in which the mind etc. are not awakened the psychic acts as well as it can through them, but according to the laws of the Ignorance.

This evening I saw young D doing Pranams to your photograph and then prostrating himself before it. Is it not rather supernatural for such a little boy to do that?

There is nothing that can be called supernatural. There are children in whom the psychic is already awake.

In the evolution, the animal is at a lower stage than man. How then do we sometimes find dogs and horses so faithful and skilful that even for a human being it would be difficult to act like them?

Faithful yes — but how skilful, except in the special connection of dogs and horses? These are faithful because of the psychic part in them, but in mind they are inferior.

Why do I not feel love and Ananda every time I see the Mother?

Does the psychic consist of a centre as well as a plane?


As for the love and Ananda, it depends on the psychic coming up.

On the Darshan Day (15th August) and the day before it, I felt an intense love for you and for the Mother. It possessed my whole being for some time. And then a high and profound reverence for both of you — and “a happiness that no worldly pleasure can give us”.

That is obviously psychic.

Along with the ascending movement in the spine, there has been an immense intensity in the area of the heart. Something from there rises up ardently. Is that the soul?

Something from the psychic at any rate.

Does your answer mean that the psychic has unveiled itself now?

It is trying to open.

It seems that the psychic being has begun to work directly on the outer consciousness, with love and devotion as its main means.

Yes, certainly that is the working of the psychic.

A thrill comes from above and passes through my body, making the adhar stilled for a while.

Of course it is the thrill of the Mother’s touch coming from above and felt by the psychic and vital together.

Day by day it is now becoming obvious that the Mother is bestowing upon her child a psychic and spiritual realisation simultaneously.

It is an immense progress.

Through my forehead something has definitely been coming from above. The descent is powerful as well as rapid.

It is the higher consciousness sending its force down into the inner mind centre.

The descent felt today has not been confined to me alone: it has been rather general. Will it not change the whole atmosphere?

There is an increasing Power descending — but to change the whole atmosphere will take time.

The descent felt before on the forehead is now coming further down as if passing through the nose.

It is coming down towards the externalising mind centre.

After returning from the Mother, I feel as if there is something like a burning fire within. As I did not have such an experience before, I am not sure if it is exactly a fire, but the feeling is constant.

That state pulls me inward, plunging me deep into the peace and silence.

It is all right. It is the fire of aspiration and purification with the beginning of the true inner experience which, if it continues, creates the Yogic consciousness and in the end replaces by it the ordinary outer consciousness.

The central fire is in the psychic being, but it can be lit in all the parts of the being.

There is aspiration during the whole day. Now I feel that it is not my mind alone that aspires but also some being from within joins with it! What is more is that it aspires more constantly than the outer mind. What is that being?

It may be the inner being or part of it — may be the psychic.

What should be our preparation to bring out the psychic from its veil?

Aspiration for devotion, and refusal of egoistic movement.

I feel as if something from inside presses my outer being constantly for a change.

I suppose it is the pressure of the psychic.

But why has the psychic to press thus?

Your question has no meaning. If the psychic did not press, there would be no sadhana.

My consciousness feels that M’s psychic being is much in front. His nature is inwardly well built. Is it a correct observation?

He has a good psychic being — well developed.

A lady visitor was leaving the Ashram today. No sooner did the Mother finish the Pranam ceremony than this lady began to weep. In fact she tried hard to check herself as we all were still there, but it seems she could not help it. Was it not due to her psychic coming in front for the time?

It is not a question of the psychic coming in front. She has a psychic being which is awake and has long been in connection with the Mother on the inner plane.

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