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At the Feet of The Mother

The Purpose of Man’s Life (TH 088)

We accept life at it presents itself to us and hardly ponder over anything deeper by way of purpose and meaning other than what we are commonly accustomed to think. This sealed and secret purpose is engraved within our soul which is the divine portion in us. Our ancestors, the great rishis and mighty souls like Anusuya, Markandeya, Nachiketa, Satyakama, and Savitri achieved this great truth and demonstrated the way to the humanity.  The play of light and darkness is the story of our life. The victory of Light against death is the work given. And the victory is certain even though the path is difficult. Knowing this the Divine Mother Herself has come and seated herself in the human heart. She has put within us a portion of Her all-powerful Love which becomes the psychic being in man through evolution. That is our psychic being. But we have to discover it first and unite with it. Then the real life, the true life starts for us.

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Hypnotism is a form — a form modernised in its expression — of occultism; a very limited, very small form of a very tiny power compared with occult power.