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At the Feet of The Mother

The Return to Earth, pp. 347-348. Closing Remarks for the Canto

Opening Remarks
Aswapati now returns to earth back to the mortal state amidst the speed and rumour of terrestrial things.

His soul drew back
Across the light of fast-receding planes
That fled from him as from a falling star,
Compelled to fill its human house in Time
His soul drew back into the speed and noise
Of the vast business of created things.

The planes through which Aswapati had climbed withdrew rapidly as receding stars. His soul returned back to his bodily house amidst the speed and noise of time and the vast commerce of life.

Flaming he swept
A chariot of the marvels of the heavens
Broad-based to bear the gods on fiery wheels,
Flaming he swept through the spiritual gates.

Even as he returned to the body his soul shone as a chariot of the marvel of heavens bearing the gods and their splendour, flaming through the spiritual gates.

Mortal stir
The mortal stir received him in its midst.

He returned back to the stir of mortal life. He was received amidst the sir and cry of mortality. The constant harrow and burden of death and transience that we carry upon our shoulders creates a constant state of restlessness.

Material scenes
Once more he moved amid material scenes,
Lifted by intimations from the heights
And in the pauses of the building brain
Touched by the thoughts that skim the fathomless surge
Of Nature and wing back to hidden shores.

The beatific vision of the worlds beyond had ceased as he now moved amid earthly scenes now uplifted by the intimations from the heights. His brain received the luminous intuitions touched by the thoughts that rise from the fathomless shores of Nature where creation surges and then fly back to hidden shores. The shores of Nature where the fathomless surge of creation is taking place is the Overmind receiving the intimations from the Beyond. The Supermind is the hidden shore. Thus after his return Aswapati has begun to receive intimations from the supramental realm.

The eternal seeker
The eternal seeker in the aeonic field
Besieged by the intolerant press of hours
Again was strong for great swift-footed deeds.

The eternal seeker Man, labouring through the aeons was once again besieged by the intolerant press of hours. He was engaged in strong and great swift-footed deeds.

Awake beneath the ignorant vault of Night,
He saw the unnumbered people of the stars
And heard the questioning of the unsatisfied flood
And toiled with the form-maker, measuring Mind.

In a world asleep under the spell of ignorance and driven by blind fate Aswapati was awake within and saw the unnumbered people and heard the questioning of unsatisfied murmurs rising from the subconscient mind of man. He toiled to create new forms and release new idea-forces along with the form maker Mind.

Empire of the soul
A wanderer from the occult invisible suns
Accomplishing the fate of transient things,
A god in the figure of the arisen beast,
He raised his brow of conquest to the heavens
Establishing the empire of the soul
On Matter and its bounded universe
As on a solid rock in infinite seas.

A wanderer now from the occult supramental realms and determining the fate of transient things, Aswapati has now taken up the labour of the Gods. A conqueror of heavens he established the empire of his soul on the terrestrial matter and its bounded universe as on a solid rock in infinite seas.

The Lord of Life
The Lord of Life resumed his mighty rounds
In the scant field of the ambiguous globe.

The Lord of Life was once again on his mighty rounds in the scant field of the ambiguous earth.

Closing Remarks
Aswapati has now returned back to earth after a long and tremendous journey that he had undertaken to find the key earthly change. That key he has found. It is the Divine Mother from whom he has already secured the boon of boons for earth and men.


Closing Remarks for the Canto
This Canto is among the most wonderful ones where we see Aswapati arriving at the Goal of his tapasya. He is face to face with the Divine with whom he has a marvellous exchange of the human and the Divine. He pleads on behalf of humanity to descend to earth and change the destiny of mankind hastening the advent of the divine life upon earth. It has already been foreseen by him as the ultimate and inevitable destiny of earth. But ordinarily man would have to wait for millions of years fr this destiny to be realised through much suffering pain. The superhuamanity of tomorrow is bound to emerge of which man is an intermediary. But Aswapati aspires to compress the time and hasten the advent so as to avoid long delay and hazarduous journey and the immense struggle and pain. Then is finally granted and Aswapati returns with the assurance that the Divine Mother will indeed assume a human birth and unlock the doors of fate for earth and men.

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