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At the Feet of The Mother

The Road of Fate, p. 465

Opening Remarks
Savitri is led by her Fate to the Shalwa forest where she must now live with Satyavan, her noble husband who is yet doomed to death in an year. Yet has she chosen to be with him and face the scroll of fate.

Foreseen immutable road
Fate followed her foreseen immutable road.

Fate has led Savitri along its roads to a predetermined end.

Unknown goal
Man’s hopes and longings build the journeying wheels
That bear the body of his destiny
And lead his blind will towards an unknown goal.

Fate is built by the energies of our hopes and longings that determine the future course and the face of destiny. These hopes lead our blind will towards a goal unknown to us.

Soul follows nature
His fate within him shapes his acts and rules;
Its face and form already are born in him,
Its parentage is in his secret soul:
Here Matter seems to mould the body’s life
And the soul follows where its nature drives.

Ordinarily, it is our fate that shapes our acts. Its face and form are already formed within our inner being whereas its parentage is in our secret soul. Here upon earth the law of ignorance seems to prevail and matter moulds the body’s life and the soul simply follows where our nature drives.

Free-will’s choice
Nature and Fate compel his free-will’s choice.

What we call as free-will is nothing but a compulsion of our nature and fate.

Greater spirit’s
But greater spirits this balance can reverse
And make the soul the artist of its fate.

But this ordinary law can be reversed by greater spirits. Instead of being driven by nature in ignorance the soul can free itself from ignorance and become the artist of its fate.

Mystic truth
This is the mystic truth our ignorance hides:
Doom is a passage for our inborn force,
Our ordeal is the hidden spirit’s choice,

The mystic truth that eventually our soul is the artist of our fate is hidden behind our ignorance. Doom is only a passage challenging and thereby awakening our inborn force through the ordeal. Our ordeal is the hidden spirit’s choice.

Ananke is our being’s own decree.

Even what seems an inevitable compelling necessity is our own soul’s choice.

All was fulfilled
All was fulfilled the heart of Savitri
Flower-sweet and adamant, passionate and calm,
Had chosen and on her strength’s unbending road
Forced to its issue the long cosmic curve.

Savitri’s heart was fulfilled. Flower-sweet and adamant, passionate and calm, she had chosen the road never travelled to force her strength to take the challenge along the long cosmic curve.

Once more she sat
Once more she sat behind loud hastening hooves;
A speed of armoured squadrons and a voice
Far-heard of chariots bore her from her home.

Once more Savitri sat in her chariot and led by the winds and the guards travelled to her far off Shalwa home where she must now live with her husband.

Closing Remarks
Savitri reaches her new home, amidst the sylvan grooves to enact the great drama of fate.

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.