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At the Feet of The Mother

The Sadhana of the Psychic: A Few Practical Hints

The sadhana of the psychic is best done through the practice of concentration in the centre of the chest with a will to discover the soul. To help facilitate the concentration one can start with a few deep breaths and take the help of an image of a fire or better still of the Divine Mother in the heart. One can use a short mantra to keep the mind steady. A mantra such as simply the Mother’s Name Maa or else Sri Aurobindo’s is enough or else one that you spontaneously connect with the idea of the Divine Presence within such as Om Namo Bhagawate. The initial practice can be anything from 15 to 30 minutes two or three times a day at a convenient time and place.  Regularity is however important in this as well as any high endeavour.

This of course is one side of the practice.  Another equally important side is to reject things that will stand in the way of this discovery. This is an inner rejection and an offering of everything to The Mother inwardly with an aspiration to change. As in any great endeavour, this will for discovery should become the most important element in one’s life.

Finally to learn to remember the Mother and offer everything to Her, initially in the beginning and at the end of every activity, later as a constant inner state. Calling Her Name should be the main support of the sadhana.

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