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At the Feet of The Mother

The School of Life, pp. 360-361

Opening Remarks
Savitri now develops her mind and life parts and the body and her instrumental nature in different directions.

Nature’s school
All her life’s turns led her to symbol doors
Admitting to secret Powers that were her kin;
Adept of truth, initiate of bliss,
A mystic acolyte trained in Nature’s school,
Aware of the marvel of created things
She laid the secrecies of her heart’s deep muse
Upon the altar of the Wonderful;
Her hours were a ritual in a timeless fane;
Her acts became gestures of sacrifice.

Savitri learned quickly from the school of Nature where teaching and learning is through experience. Powers unknown to man so far awakened in her leading her through hidden doors towards truth and initiated her into the ways of bliss. Her life and acts were a worship consecrated at the altar of the Wonderful where she offered all the secrecies of her heart.

A Rhythm of higher sphere
Invested with a rhythm of higher spheres
The word was used as a hieratic means
For the release of the imprisoned spirit
Into communion with its comrade gods.

She embodied the rhythms of a greater existence and released them through word and speech to grow in communion with the cosmic powers.

New expressive forms
Or it helped to beat out new expressive forms
Of that which labours in the heart of life,
Some immemorial Soul in men and things,
Seeker of the unknown and the unborn
Carrying a light from the Ineffable
To rend the veil of the last mysteries.

Her thought brought forth new Idea forces into the world of still unknown truths that work in the core of creation since times sempiternal. Seeking for the unknown and aspiring to bring down the unborn from the Transcendent sphere She carried a light from the Unknown Source beyond that could pierce the last veils of the Supreme Mystery.

Earth mind to superhuman heights
Intense philosophies pointed earth to heaven
Or on foundations broad as cosmic Space
Upraised the earth-mind to superhuman heights.

Her mind soared towards the inaccessible heights and widenesses uplifting philosophy to superhuman levels of thought.

Figure of the Invisible
Overpassing lines that please the outward eyes
But hide the sight of that which lives within
Sculpture and painting concentrated sense
Upon an inner vision’s motionless verge,
Revealed a figure of the invisible,
Unveiled all Nature’s meaning in a form,
Or caught into a body the Divine.

Sculpture and painting came naturally to her but even here she put into form what was not visible to the outer eye, the soul that dwells within the form. The significance and meaning of a form was revealed through these arts or the presence of the Divine in a bodily form.

The architecture of the Infinite
The architecture of the Infinite
Discovered here its inward-musing shapes
Captured into wide breadths of soaring stone:
Music brought down celestial yearnings, song
Held the merged heart absorbed in rapturous depths,
Linking the human with the cosmic cry;
The world-interpreting movements of the dance
Moulded idea and mood to a rhythmic sway
And posture; crafts minute in subtle lines
Eternised a swift moment’s memory
Or showed in a carving’s sweep, a cup’s design
The underlying patterns of the unseen:
Poems in largeness cast like moving worlds
And metres surging with the ocean’s voice
Translated by grandeurs locked in Nature’s heart
But thrown now into a crowded glory of speech
The beauty and sublimity of her forms,
The passion of her moments and her moods
Lifting the human word nearer to the god’s.

Art an architecture, music and singing and dance all became a wonderful means of expressing the Divine. Music brought down yearnings of the gods and the rapturous heart of the ecstasy above. Dance was driven by the higher rhythms and expressed the cosmic movements. Even postures and the delicacy of form revealed gestures of divinity. Poems in great metres surged from her depths and speech expressed the glory held back within. Thus the human word was lifted nearer to the gods.

Inner realms
Man’s eyes could look into the inner realms;
His scrutiny discovered number’s law
And organised the motions of the stars,
Mapped out the visible fashioning of the world,
Questioned the process of his thoughts or made
A theorised diagram of mind and life.

Mathematics and astrology and the secret of numbers discovered by man, the cosmic laws and diagrams of the patterns of life discovered by man came all naturally to her.

Closing Remarks
Thus do we see here a many-sided growth and development of the instruments of nature along the lines man has developed so far and yet surpassing them.

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