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At the Feet of The Mother

The Search for Security

The need for security is in-built in human nature. In fact, each part of our complex nature has an in-built security system. This security system acts like an automatic filter that throws out a number of things that may be harmful for our bodily existence. As to things that enter our body, they are scrutinised and assimilated or attacked depending upon how our body has been conditioned in the course of evolution. However, this bodily defence has certain natural limits. If the entering pathogen is very new or overwhelming then the body may take time to work out a strategy or even may succumb under the pressure. Much of medical science has developed along lines that compliment this natural defense system of the body. Very little work if any has taken the route of augmenting our natural defences which would then work against a number of diverse pathogens. This would however mean giving back the power of healing in the hands of the patient rather than, as it now rests, in the hands of the doctors and drug companies.

The ancient Science of Ayurveda, now largely lost under the overwhelming pressure of allopathy and its aggressive campaign, worked around this method of augmenting the body’s defences. Instead of tackling separate and distinct diseases, studying their micro-processes in great detail, it focused on how to equip the body to deal with a diverse range of diseases. After all the body does not attack an unwanted pathogen after studying a whole lot of research on it. It does it naturally, spontaneously by an intuitive knowledge inbuilt into our system. It is this intuitive knowledge we have lost through a process of hyper-mentalisation and analysis of components as if they existed in isolation.

Perhaps it is time to correct this imbalance and one-sided development and look right into the possibilities of body itself to deal with the various challenges. That is the line that our medical science needs to seriously consider. Otherwise we shall only be changing old drugs for the new and yet remain insecure due to new surprises sprung upon us by nature. Perhaps this is one of the things that nature is trying to hint at. She is playing with us and her play may seem hard but, in the end, it is to teach us something crucial and important. She would rather have our body evolve in such a way so that becomes plastic to old and new challenges and can adapt to all that yet may threaten our individual and collective existence.

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