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At the Feet of The Mother

The Secret Plan, pp. 170-171

Opening Remarks
Though life, on the surface is full of ignorance, error and suffering, deep within us there is a luminous, happy core. Slowly the Light of the soul works to bring its radiance to the surface and fill our outer life with the joy and luminous Force of the Divine.

The hermetic envelope
In the sealed hermetic heart, the happy core,
Unmoved behind this outer shape of death
The eternal Entity prepares within
Its matter of divine felicity,
Its reign of heavenly phenomenon.

Behind the cover of matter and the bodily life a work is going on. It is preparing the emergence of a happier and luminous state. The soul is like the seed of the Eternal and the body is like the womb of darkness. This seed is slowly growing and pressing upon the surface from life to life. It is the full development of the immortal soul within that can create a heavenly life here upon earth.

Each part desires its absolute
Even in our sceptic mind of ignorance
A foresight comes of some immense release,
Our will lifts towards it slow and shaping hands.
Each part in us desires its absolute.

It is a long, patient work that is slowly shaping each and every part to its figure of divinity which it vaguely represents. Each movement within us is a shadow and an imitation of something truer and deeper of which we are unaware on the surfaces. Slowly we can feel the change as our sceptic mind begins to seek and discover some small little opening giving it a window glimpse and our will begins to strive towards higher and diviner states.

The Truth and its distorted appearance
Our thoughts covet the everlasting Light,
Our strength derives from an omnipotent Force,
And since from a veiled God-joy the worlds were made
And since eternal Beauty asks for form
Even here where all is made of being’s dust,
Our hearts are captured by ensnaring shapes,
Our very senses blindly seek for bliss.

This world is true since it has emerged from Truth. But what we experience here due to the limitations of our senses and mind is a distorted appearance. That is why we have a tendency to err and are ensnared by passing shapes. But even behind this ‘seeming’ error there is a truth sublime. It is the urge to make the very form, even the outer form and appearance aligned to the Truth within. Our thought and human strength are derived from a deeper Source. Here they are limited and distorted but their Origin is on the Spirit-peaks and hence they have within them the urge to climb back to their original state of Omniscience and Omnipotence. And since Bliss is our eternal home we seek for it even in the mud and mire of earth-nature for a few drops of this secret Joy that has built the worlds.

The saviour Light
Our error crucifies Reality
To force its birth and divine body here,
Compelling, incarnate in a human form
And breathing in limbs that one can touch and clasp,
Its Knowledge to rescue an ancient Ignorance,
Its saviour light the inconscient universe.

The saviour Light is within us, tied to the outposts of Ignorance. This bondage is itself a self-choice since thus alone could the transfiguration of darkness come about. Truth has tied itself deliberately to error since thus alone can the Inconscient and Ignorance which is the cause of all stumbles be transformed. Our soul has bonded with the body since thus alone can matter be impregnated and filled with the Spirit’s Light and a divine form and a divine body and a divine life be created here.

Closing Remarks
This is the secret plan of God since the soul first took a plunge into the Night of Inconscience and took upon itself the burden of the flesh. It is not a mistake or an accident but a deliberate divine action to tie the eternal soul to a transient body and passing breath that Time can sniff out any moment.

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