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At the Feet of The Mother

The Security Within

There is nothing like an ineluctable Destiny or a rigidly fixed Fate. All can be changed if our soul aspires and the Grace sanctions. Therefore the greatest security lies in discovering our soul. It is then that we can walk free, smiling in our hearts and with our heads held high in the face of danger and even calamity.

Even when death seems inevitable, the soul-realised person is conscious of his immortality and knows that it is nothing else but the changing of his robes for a better one for which he or rather his Master has already paid the price. Who would worry and fear about merely changing the robes? We may say what about those whom we leave behind. Well that will be one more illusion broken as all illusions must one day that anything or anyone ever belonged to us.

We lived like owners and possessors. Then we shall realise that we were only temporary guardians and trustees appointed by Him who alone owns everything. He carries all beings towards through the gates of Destiny towards Him who is endless Peace, termless Bliss, boundless Beatitude, fathomless Love. Why should one worry in handing over one’s loved ones in His safest hands and carry on to new lands and new domains where the Master of our life leads us.

We worry and fear because we lack trust and surrender. But once the eyes of the soul are opened we see how meaningless are all our worries and cares when it is the Lord Himself who is taking care of all creatures. True man is somehow the most worrying of all since unlike the animal he believes himself to be the Creator and perhaps partly he is or can be. But to translate this belief man needs to become one with the Creator. Not otherwise he can be the creator. He will simply believe that he is so while all the time being pushed by forces from behind whose nature he does not understand. What we have to do is to hand over not only our destiny but the destiny of all those whom we love and care for in His Hands and then be free. Each time we feel within us the pang of anxiety, we need to simply renew the process and make act of surrender even more complete and perfect.

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