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At the Feet of The Mother

The Seed of Life in the Womb of Darkness, p. 133

Opening Remarks
This tremendous journey of life climbing from matter through mind towards the Spirit starts with one small infant step. It is the seeding of matter and, as a result, the bursting forth of life out of seemingly dead and unconscious material existence.

The seed of Life
An eyeless Power that sees no more its aim,
A restless hungry energy of Will,
Life cast her seed in the body’s indolent mould;
It woke from happy torpor a blind Force
Compelling it to sense and seek and feel.

This seed of life should not be imagined as some kind of life form entering planet earth from outer space. It is rather an inner space within which the power of life is asleep having fallen from its heights into the nether depths and darkness of matter. It is this involution that creates the possibility of evolution. But at first this emergence takes the form of a blind will to live and be, a restless urge to feed its force and survive and grow. With this is born sense and feeling in their rudimentary state.

Mighty prisoner
In the enormous labour of the Void
Perturbing with her dreams the vast routine
And dead roll of a slumbering universe
The mighty prisoner struggled for release.

Even as a seed labours in the dark soil to release the energies hidden within it through the plant and the tree so too life imprisoned in Matter struggles to emerge and assert itself. The forms built by matter adapt to express and manifest the dreams and possibilities contained within the seed of life.

The yearning within matter
Alive with her yearning woke the inert cell,
In the heart she kindled a fire of passion and need,
Amid the deep calm of inanimate things
Arose her great voice of toil and prayer and strife.

With the awakening and emergence of life within inanimate forms of physical nature, there is born a yearning to live and be, a passion to acquire, possess and enjoy, a prayer and labour that climbs towards the heights to bring down a greater Life.

A groping consciousness
A groping consciousness in a voiceless world,
A guideless sense was given her for her road;
Thought was withheld and nothing now she knew,
But all the unknown was hers to feel and clasp.

Here, upon earth, life is an ignorant consciousness using senses for knowledge. Though is not yet born to illumine and the adventure of the unknown tremendous Vast calls her to clasp and know.

Closing Remarks
This is how life begins to emerge from the hidden depths of matter. It has entered here from another plane of consciousness, another domain of existence and buried itself in matter as a seed. Slowly it begins to emerge under conditions of obscurity and darkness imposed by matter.

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To be spontaneous means not to think, organise, decide and make an effort to realise with the personal will.