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At the Feet of The Mother

The Shoreless Infinite, pp. 320-321

Opening Remarks
Aswapati now sets his sail towards the mysterious realms of the Infinite. He launches himself into an infinite adventure so to say.

Mysteried shores
As one who sets his sail towards mysteried shores
Driven through huge oceans by the breath of God,
The fathomless below, the unknown around,
His soul abandoned the blind star-field, Space.

A new and unknown world disclosed itself before his sight. It is towards this mysterious world that Aswapati sets his sail driven by the Force of God. Below him was the fathomless ocean of the lower creation emerging out of the Inconscient. Surrounding him was the Unknown as his soul ventured beyond the fields of Space and Time.

Omniscient sleep
Afar from all that makes the measured world,
Plunging to hidden eternities it withdrew
Back from mind’s foaming surface to the Vasts
Voiceless within us in omniscient sleep.

Afar from measure of space and the divisions of time, Aswapati plunged into hidden eternities. He withdrew from the foaming surfaces of the mind to the Vasts that is voiceless within us in its omniscient sleep. He has gone beyond the ladder of consciousness through which being descends and climbs back to its own eternity.

Sempiternal base
Above the imperfect reach of word and thought,
Beyond the sight that seeks support of form,
Lost in deep tracts of superconscient Light,
Or voyaging in blank featureless Nothingness,
Sole in the trackless Incommensurable,
Or past not-self and self and selflessness,
Transgressing the dream-shores of conscious mind
He reached at last his sempiternal base.

The ultimate, eternal, everlasting and unchanging Truth was found where our imperfect thought and word reach not nor does our mortal sight entangled with the forms its builds. Lost in deep tracts of superconscient Light, or voyaging in blank featureless Nothingness, sole in trackless beyond reckoning, going past self and not-self and selflessness, transgressing the dream shores of mind he reached at last the Eternal Truth, the base of all things. This is the Superconscient Truth that shines Beyond all creation.

Spirit’s hushed immobile air
On sorrowless heights no winging cry disturbs,
Pure and untouched above this mortal play
Is spread the spirit’s hushed immobile air.

He entered the realm of the Spirit’s immobility beyond the reach of grief, beyond the touch of mortality, in the still ocean of the

Eternal’s Peace and Light.
Aeonic labourer is at rest
There no beginning is and there no end;
There is the stable force of all that moves;
There the aeonic labourer is at rest.

There ceases the labour of the worlds and Nature, the aeonic labourer is at rest absorbed in the Almighty Omniscient Calm. There no beginning is and no end since it is the realm of the Infinite and the Eternal. There is the stable force, the original Power that drives all things.

Closing Remarks
Aswapati has reached the ultimate seat of Truth. Now he waits for the word of Truth.

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