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At the Feet of The Mother

The Sole Aspiration Left, pp. 315-316. Closing for the Canto 2.

Opening Remarks
What else, what more can one seek having had the direct vision of the Divine Mother. But Aswapati embodies the anguish of the Earth. He has sought Her not just for himself alone but for earth and men.

A vast surrender
A vast surrender was his only strength.

He gives himself entirely to Her and places all his being in its totality in Her hands.

A Power that lives upon the heights
A Power that lives upon the heights must act,
Bring into life’s closed room the Immortal’s air
And fill the finite with the Infinite.

To embody Her in this house of clay he must surrender himself entirely since no human tapasya can ensure this. It is possible only as an act of Grace. He aspires for this One Supreme Power to act upon life and open it fully to Her immortal Presence. All his finite parts must be invaded by the Infinite.

The final offering
All that denies must be torn out and slain
And crushed the many longings for whose sake
We lose the One for whom our lives were made.

Aswapati is now ready to offer the last traces of hid old self that sill may linger unseen in the subconscious parts offering resistance to Her working. He is ready to tear out and slay all that denies the Divine and crush all the longings that mislead us whence we miss the one Goal for which we are born, – the Divine.

Only he longed
Now other claims had hushed in him their cry:
Only he longed to draw her presence and power
Into his heart and mind and breathing frame;
Only he yearned to call for ever down
Her healing touch of love and truth and joy
Into the darkness of the suffering world.

Now the claim of all other forces on his nature were hushed. There was only one longing left, – to draw Her Presence and Power into his heart and mind and body and life. Now he only yearned to call for ever down Her healing touch of love and truth and joy into the darkness of the suffering world. It is Her Love and Truth and Joy that alone can radically heal the darkness and suffering of this world.

Given to her alone
His soul was freed and given to her alone.

His soul, his life, his entire being belonged only to Her. Thus alone could She work freely in him and through him for the redemption of the world.

Closing Remarks
Such is the beautiful aspiration planted by Aswapati in the human heart. The aspiration that seeks to install the Divine Mother in the temple of our hearts and live our life in perfect obedience and surrender to Her Will.

Closing Remarks for the Canto
This remarkable and wonderful Canto is liberating and transformative as it reveals to us in a glimpse who the Divine Mother is. Just to know Her is so reassuring. To feel Her Presence in our hearts, to aspire for Her Force to act and transform us and the world we inhabit, to surrender to Her Will, to give oneself entirely to Her is the Path shown to man.

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